Dario Arturo Cortez ( Dario vs Dark Tiger OD53 rp)

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen our opening contest is scheduled for one fall and is a SCW North American Championship Number One Contender Series match. on their way to the way first from Roanoke, Virginia.
* we then hear a voice say* ..boring…* we then see Hell Kat’s music play a lot quicker than usual*.
Bite Me by Razakel plays over the speakers as the lights dim. A red light comes on near the entrance. On the tron a video plays showing a woman in a hooded robe walking a dimly lit street in a ghetto before she turns around to face the camera. A spiked black mask sits over her mouth and nose. The words: ‘Hell Kat’ appear in bloody letters under her face.
Just as the words ‘Hell Kat’ appear on the video she comes out at the top of the ramp and makes her way to the ring. She climbs the stairs into the ring, takes off her hooded robe revealing black slacks and a black shirt. .
Hell Kat removes her black spiked mask. she faces the entrance waiting for her opponent.
” That was a LONGGG introduction. it was nice for someone who would seek attention.”
Just then ” into the Animal by Disturbed “The lights go out and Miseria Cantare starts to play and Dark Tiger comes to.the ramp. Right before Danny Havok starts to sing it transitions into the Animal by Disturbed and a purple spotlight shines on him. some in the crowd start chanting his name..Dark Tiger…Dark Tiger..

” ugh, and to think I actually like disturbed. just not that song..* a sigh is heard* yes, yes the people know who you are? am i jealous? No. It is annoying.”

* we then see Dark Tiger walk to the ring a lot quicker. We then see the words MUTE & ten the pause icon is displayed. The camera back up and it is indeed a TV that says SONY on it that we have been watching. The TV is a very long one whose inches can only be guessed without knowing beforehand. We then see a nicely dressed man in a casual collared shirt with a nice pair of pants with no shoes sitting on a darkened green couch *

” Feel free to sit on the chair to your left and turn right to get my shot. “

* The camera turns and we see a big darkened brown “easy boy” looking chair with a dark brown handle on the side. the camera man sits down and turns the camera to his right to get a good shot of  who by the sound of the voice is a mans. We see who most would consider a “Hispanic and or Mexican American sitting. he flashes a smile, his white teeth look good.*

” Hello SCW fans. I am Dario Arturo Cortez. I would like to clarify something before we begin. i am not a Hispanic and or Mexican American. I am a Latin American as i was born and raised for a short period of time in Madrid, Spain. The announcer will say San Diego , California. Now that is where i now reside. however it is not my true home.I am also a dual citizen.. now that that is out of the way. I will be having my first match against Scw’s SECOND tallest person. We have three men that are all in the seven foot and taller who beat out each other by an inch. however inches do not mean much in the ring”

” Now Dark Tiger. i have faced big men such as yourself. of  course I consider big men to be above six foot eleven. make no mistake six foot ten to six foot..say..four is pretty tall in itself. but they are no big men and You ARE one of them. I have also beaten big men. Do not underestimate me. What I lack in height I make up for in skill and yours is..ahh not shabby for a big man. and that is being nice. you however WILL NOT be facing this nice version of myself. i will as the saying goes, Just Bring It. That does not end with you of course but to anyone that I face.

” The commentary team is not necessary. that is why the tv is muted. i should not have to point out such things. however in these times we live in, it seems that it must be done.”
* he shrugs and Un pauses the tv *

The much taller and with the longer reach Dark Tiger grabs hell kat by the hair and pulls her to him the referee steps in and warns him to let her go. hell kat takes this opportunity  to stomps on his foot catching the big man off of his attack and uses this opening to her advantage by hitting him with a chop to his chest .she follows it up with a right to the jaw. she goes to grab him by the neck to set him up for a ddt but he powers out by pushing her away and delivering a big boot to her face.He follows it up with a keylock suplex.

” Seems your much shorter opponent was able to get to you. Aren’t big men like yourself supposed to dominate from the start and ending of the match? i am aware that it is easy for me to say this from where I am sitting.”
Dark Tiger goes to grab hell kat for a powerbomb but she slips out and hits him in the back with some straight punches followed up with some kicks to his back.
” Oh look at that.she is indeed a hell kat. do not tell me you were letting her do this. or do you enjoy pain. if you do you will enjoy our match”

Hell kat bounces herself off of the ropes and delivers a dropkick to his lower back.
she does so again but this time tiger rolls to his left and underneath the ropes. as his left leg touches the floor hell kat goes to grab him. but dark tiger grabs her with his long arms and yanks her out of the ring to the outside. the referee then starts his count.

Dark tiger gets some payback by kicking hell kat on her side and rolls her to her stomach where he stomps on her back.

” oh that is more like it.”

Dark tight then grabs hell kat and rolls her into the ring. he then slides in after her. he grabs her but hell kat hits him with a knife edge chops it, surprises him and takes him back half a step. hell kat goes for it again but he grabs her arm and hits his elbow to hers. he turns her arms to her back for an armbar. he grabs her other arm and hoists her up into the air the referee counts


” Seems that perhaps she should have not tried to follow up with the same move over and over against someone like yourself”

he drops hell kat  and hits her with a reverse chokeslam. he goes for the pin


he then pulls her up
” oh there we go..the stereotypical big man thing to do.i will warn you to not do that with me should you get me with that move..”

as he picks her up. she grabs his neck and pulls him down and hits him with a gut check. and then another one. she grabs him by the side headlock but dark tiger stand up  and uses it to hit her with a back body drop.

” why would she try a side headlock on someone who is much taller than she? humm then again she did successfully deliver two gut checks”

He turns himself over and gets to a vertical base first. He grabs hell kat and powerslams her into the mat. He grabs her by her hair and hits her with a powerbomb, not one but two.

” Oh, that has to hurt. you know though you do deliver proper suplexes for a big man. See, I gave you a compliment there.”

Dark Tiger picks her up yet again and hits her with his Eye of Darkness .

he pins her for the 1..2..3.

” we knew who would win from the start. Perhaps she could have gone for a low blow that the referee may not have seen per se… i know, i know..it is easy to critique someone when you have not faced them. OH important to note..i wear a cup to discourage people ,especially female wrestlers who try to do so. So that note is to everyone.”

* he pauses*

” You know..i am actually mildly surprised that you have not done your promo before myself. not that i was holding out on my first promo for our scw fans. In the last promotion i was in I was cheated out of some wins. some of which was for one belt in particular that caught my eye. however what will catch the eyes if you will be a man of my size and weight beating a man of your size and weight.

So you see Dark Tiger, this may be MY first match in scw,however THIS is a match that you despite your win which was expected in your last match cannot afford to lose.

* he grins*

” What’s the matter, Dark Tiger? Have I not spoken some truth here. it is expected that I will lose. And it is expected of you to win is it not?”

* he puts his thumb and first finger on his chin for a moment. perhaps thinking of something more to say*

” You know the famous saying ” To beat the man you have to beat THE man”. Most people associate that saying with the person who currently holds the top belt or a person who has held said belt multiple times.. I say to be ” the man ” or in today’s society ” the woman” can fill that slot as well..i was not gender specific there.
* he smirks*

” You need to be THE person that everyone WANTS to beat, regardless if that person holds the top belt or not. That is one of my goals. That is indeed a tall mountain to climb and a good step in climbing that mountain of a goal is to beat big men like * he points his first finger at the camera* YOU. Will you be the first Dark Tiger? Time will tell.”

* We then hear a voice come from the back*

{ You done yackin’ yet Cortez? I swear that’s the longest I’ve ever heard ‘ya flap your gums.}
* Dario sighs*

” have you been watching and being silent all this time? if so that is the longest i have not heard you speak.”
{ Oh that’ll cost you in my 6 sided ring.You and I know training in a 6 sided ring will help your blind spots.}

” My trainer is correct, I have spoken enough about you today..So it is back to training. i will add that that was the first time i saw your match. as you have heard, I have been busy.Perhaps I will watch it again. Now you may have the height and weight advance BUT i Dario Arturo Cortez, * he says in a venomous voice” I.. AM a Fighter.”. .

* He then gets up from the couch and takes off his shirt, He tosses it on the couch. For a man who is only six feet tall, he looks buff. He heads out the other side of the couch. to the right we see a kitchen..The camera crew take this as a cue to get up and leave. We last see him open a door in which a slightly taller man wearing a mask awaits him. He slams the door shut as we fade to black.*

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