Overdrive 52 Card

By March 17, 2019Card

Live on SCW.COM, April 6th, 2019!
Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Adelaide, South Australia

Main Event
Emily Desmond vs Cash Allan
Singles Match
For 644 days, Emily Desmond reigned as the unstoppable SCW Alternative Champion. At Survival 2, she finally met Paige Lewis. Going into that match, bets were split. Half said Emily, the other half saying Paige. In the end, Paige Lewis was victorious yet again, and claimed the coveted championship. Now, after that staggering loss, Desmond must contend with the red hot Cash Allan. Allan earned a future shot at the Alternative Champion, but thus far, it isn’t clear whether he will be facing Paige Lewis or Emily Desmond. One thing is for sure, though, this main event will be explosive.


Brian Kennedy (c) vs Darrin Huntsman
Singles Match
Making his debut in SCW, Darrin Huntsman will face established star Brian Kennedy. Kennedy, SCW Tag Team Champion as part of the DEA, has been looking for action. Will he have his hands full with the debuting Huntsman, or will he win again, and be one step closer to his goals?


Miranda Jones Vs ???
Open Challenge
Cash It has been a while since Miranda Jones has seen action. Now, she wants a match, and is issuing an open challenge.


Other News

Paige Lewis is expected to appear, as well as Jessica Tendonin. Neela Shizeguma will have her performance as General Manager evaluated by the SCW Board of Directors, and more!

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