Larissa’s Downfall

By January 27, 2019Roleplay/Promo

The blonde wasn’t accustomed to be driven around. She enjoyed driving herself. But, Jessica had insisted. And so, when the Cessna Citation X+ sent by the Paraguayan to Heathrow to pick her up landed at Hopkins, there was a car waiting. But not just any car. The black Mercedes-Maybach S650 was an impressive vehicle. Not quite as long as the Pullman line, and lacking a few of the exclusives, but it was definitely a high society vehicle.

Paige Lewis relaxed in the back seat, looking out the windows as her driver silently drove. After a while, he asked if she would like to play some music of her own. She smiled and paired her phone. Turning the sound up, her phone played “I Know” by D Savage. Paige was really enjoying more American hip hop lately. She closed her eyes as she danced in her seat.

Paige: Catch me crusin’ through the 9, posted at the corner store!

Paige had fun on the ride. It was nice to cut loose a bit. She wasn’t quite sure what Jessica wanted, but Jessica had made things very clear on the Gulfstream weeks ago. When she called, it would be within Paige’s best interests to move heaven and earth to be there when request. And, so, when Jessica told her that the Cessna was en route and would be touching down in Heathrow within an hour, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion tore across London in her Mustang.

A short while later, the S650 arrived at Tendonin Manor 4. The driver opened her door and Paige slowly climbed out. Lucius Tendonin opened the door, and stood waiting for her. As the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked in, the big man put his hand on her shoulder.

Lucius: Alright there, Paige?

Paige: Yes, thank you. How are the kids?

Lucius: Growing, and fast. I’m still shocked that they are 5 years old already.

The blonde smiled, seeing that twinkle in his eyes. This was a man who adored his family. Her other father had the same look, she knew, when speaking of her and her baby brother. He led her to Jessica’s study, where the Paraguayan was waiting. Even with her arm in a cast, her hair in a messy bun, and wearing eyeglasses, Jessica Tendonin was still formidable looking. Hearing them enter, Jessica looked up and smiled as she rose.

Jessica: Paige, dear! You made it!

As the redhead embraced her, Paige relaxed. Jessica was an intense person often, but she had a very kind side. Paige was happy to have seen both sides.

Jessica: There’s someone here I’d like you to see.

Paige looked confused as she stepped back, and then Jessica pointed in the corner behind her. Paige turned, and with a squeal ran across the study to hug Lt. Brown. He looked like shit, but there he was, in the flesh. As she collided with him, he spilled a bit of the brandy he’d been sipping.

Lt. Brown: Now now, Paige.

Paige: I thought you were dead!

Lt. Brown: I can’t imagine why.

The blonde turned to Jessica now, her eyes narrow.

Paige: Wait, it was YOU who told me he was dead.

Jessica: Nay. I said he hadn’t been seen in weeks. I never said he was dead. As it stands, he’s been loaned out to help with the cause. He’s going to be part of your guard. As well as Urakih and Candice. You’re now under the protection of the Order of the Dragon, Paige. You will never have anything to fear, ever again. There is not a force on this planet that can touch you.

Paige: But Ki-

Jessica: I will deal with Princess Kiya myself, when the time comes.

Paige: But she-

Jessica: Is no longer your concern. Now, you have a pair of matches to prepare for.


A few hours later, in Jessica’s studio, Paige Lewis was sitting on a grand chair. It almost looked like a throne. He golden locks fell around her facing, framing a very concentrated looking Paige. She was dressed in all black, wearing new ring attire. Her SCW World Heavyweight Championship was around her waist. She sat up straight before speaking.

Paige Lewis: Larissa, you’ve gotten bold. You’ve got one win on your record worthy of praise, and it’s a fluke. Now, you’ve let it go to your head. You suddenly think you are untouchable because of it. You may have defeated Jessica Tendonin. You may have put her on the shelf. You may have taken her coveted International Heavyweight Championship. But rest assured, by the time you crawl your scrawny ass down the ramp, and pull yourself into the ring to face me, you’ll realize that all of that was a matter of luck.

You’re a rookie who got lucky on the best night to do so. You’re not ready to be where you are, and it very clearly shows. I am the premier of SCW. You are a greenie who is riding a wave of luck. That wave will crash and break when you step into the ring with Urakih. And then, after she breaks you, I’m going to continue it. You somehow believe you are capable of beating not just one, but both of us? In one night? Impossible.

The champion began tracing lines on her championship, looking down at it. For a moment, she was silent. When she looked up again, she was smiling.

Paige: I’m actually looking forward to this match, Larissa. I want to get a good look at the only other person to defeat Jessica Tendonin in two years since SCW reopened. I took her to the limit for an hour before falling. And then, I beat her in 5 minutes. I didn’t have to take a cheap win, and cripple her. So, when you run your mouth about how you beat Jessica, I can’t help but laugh. Yeah, I suppose you did. But this notion that you are suddenly this amazing wrestler and ready for the big leagues is amazing to me.

You see, Jessica could have named anyone as her replacement. She called up the Machine from Musashino, because Urakih is the most dangerous Dragon in the Order. Even more than Jessica. That is a very clear and concise message being sent, Larissa. And you’re blinded by your own pride that you can’t see it. The cards have been laid, and they all show your demise. Urakih alone is going to hurt you. And then, I’m going to send you packing back to whatever tiny hole you crawled your way out of.

On the miniscule chance you manage to get passed Urakih, I can assure you, you are not leaving Survival with MY SCW World Heavyweight Championship. I am not leaving this event empty handed again. I learned an important lesson a year ago. Perhaps you will eventually learn that lesson. But for now, I’ll have to settle for watching you get taken out. Because make no mistake about it. Those are our marching orders, Larissa. If you are still able to walk by the end of the night, Jessica will be very cross with us, and we do not want to be on her bad side. We are going to do everything in our power to cripple you, since you think that shit is so cool. At Survival, you won’t survive.

With that, Paige flipped her hair as the recording faded to nothing.

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