Ascension Into Chaos

By January 5, 2019Roleplay/Promo



“We all shall Ascend”


The scene opens in a dark and destroyed building. Barrels of fire are staged throughout the building illuminating its sheer destruction. Footsteps are heard getting closer and closer to the camera. It then stops shy of revealing the person.




The man moves closer to the camera still shrouded in darkness.




The man moves even closer to the camera. The flames from the many fires now begin to light his face.




The man fully enters the light and shows himself to be none other than Cash Allan. A sinister smile spreads across his face as he lowers his hood and stares into the camera as if right into the souls of those who partake in watching.


“For too long I have been dormant. I have been pushed aside and let to waste. For too long I have been shrouded in my own darkness. But no longer shall I be. No longer shall those who are weaker than I be allowed to ascend to greatness. I am not going to allow that any longer.”


Cash walks a bit closer to the camera and now you can see his face fully. It is marred by blood and soot. He smiles as he laughs wickedly.


“Upon my face is the blood of those who dared to step before me and not give me their undying obedience. This is a symbol of their lack of loyalty. This is their final gift to the darkness that resides within and around me.” Cash chuckles eerily. “You see I once had believers to drown out the disbelievers. I had a following that no other man or GOD had ever before. But they grew weak over time. They failed to impress me. So I did what only I could do. I destroyed them and drained them of their souls. Heed their fallacies for they will be your destruction.”


Cash raises his hand and opens it in front of the camera. There lies a rosary. He looks down upon it and smiles once more before looking back into the camera.


“This right here is a sign of weakness. A belief in something that never has come nor will in our lifetimes. This right here is a belief in a higher power one that man created and one that man destroyed. We see their golden chalices filled to the brim as an offering to a ghost that never was. They preach togetherness, love and compassion and yet cast those with blackened souls to the depths of hellfire instead of offering them a hand to raise them up. They preach and preach and preach some more only to fill their coffers with the money of the poor. But I am different. I reach those who are fallen. I give them life when they want death. I am their saviour. I am their God. And soon we will rise and take what is rightfully …. mine!”


Cash walks away from the camera and go to one of the barrels on fire and holds the rosary over it.


“Into the fire the good shall go and be reborn into the darkness that consumes their souls. No man is above the brimstone and hatred that lies below. We are all broken, destroyed and shattered. We are all but dust in the greater scheme of things. No man is better than another. No man deserves more than another. Those who have fallen shall rise proclaim themselves THE PLAGUE! Humanity will crumble before us and we shall leave a wake of devastation.”


Cash drops the rosary into the fire and the flame becomes more intense.


“Come SCW Survival there is only one man worthy of the rewards offered and that is I, The truth, The almighty, the woken. I am coming to take what others are to weak to hold. I shall ascend to the Heavens only to tear it down and revel in its destruction. I shall see you soon and to those who dare defy my ascension you will be laid to rest…”


Cash begins to laugh as all the fires begin to rage blanketing the building with smoke. And then there is silence.


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