SCW Survival 2

By December 20, 2018Card

Date: 1/31/19
Location: Orlando, Florida
Arena: Camping World Stadium


Main Event
SCW World Heavyweight Championship
Ambulance Match
Paige Lewis (c) vs Larissa

One of the last directives of Mr. Walker before his disappearance was that the winner of the TLC event’s International Championship match would face Paige Lewis for the World Heavyweight Championship. After competing in a casket match, Paige Lewis will defend her SCW World Heavyweight Championship in an Ambulance Match. Regardless of if either women lose their previous match in the evening, this match is happening. Defeating Jessica Tendonin is something few in SCW can say they’ve done. Both of these women have. On the current roster, only one other person has managed such, and his name is Priest. Can Larissa shock the world again by stopping the Black Princess of London, and leaving Survival as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion? If history repeats itself, Paige Lewis will lose. But, Paige Lewis is older and wiser, and has never made the same mistake twice. If Paige Lewis retains at Survival, she will cruise into Spring Meltdown at over a year as champion, something she has mused of doing. To get there, she has beat Larissa into submission and toss her in an Ambulance and close the door and drive the Ambulance out of the arena.


Sub Main Event
SCW Alternative Championship
Casket Match
Emily Desmond (c) vs Paige Lewis

Paige Lewis earned this shot months ago, but Mr. Walker made her wait. Now, she has her chance to stop the record setting Alternative Champion. This match was born of the new rules regarding the Alternative Champion being able to trade in the belt for a shot at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. At the time that Paige Lewis earned a shot, Emily Desmond had not yet met the requirements. Now, she has. If she can fend off arguably her greatest challenge yet, she can trade the Alternative Championship in for a shot at the big one. Can Paige Lewis topple the woman who will go down in history as one of the greatest Alternative Champions in SCW history, or will Emily Desmond once again prove she is here to stay?


SCW International Heavyweight Championship
TLC Match
Larissa (c) vs Adatu Urakih

Larissa has had ups and downs this year. But, her crowning achievement has to be when she not only somehow defeated Jessica Tendonin, but also put her on the shelf. Jessica’s revenge? Unleashing the monster Adatu Urakih on SCW. Can Larissa overcome arguably larger odds and retain? Last time Urakih was in SCW, she was undefeated, and won the Alternative Championship in short order. Now, Larissa will have potentially the greatest challenge yet of her career in the 4th and Beloved. Larissa overcame Jessica in a TLC match, but will she do the same against Urakih?


Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Priest vs Masked Avenger

Shortly after Overdrive 51, Rich Anderson, the SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, was admitted to the ER with a case of pneumonia. As such, it has been determined that he is unfit for competition. Neela Shizeguma, SCW General Manager, determined that this match will become a singles match, for the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship, and later, once he is cleared for competition, Rich Anderson will face the winner to decide the fate of the championship. Now, Priest will take on Masked Avenger alone, and perhaps get some payback for his Mega Cup match being interrupted.


SCW Alternative Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.


SCW International Heavyweight Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.


SCW North American Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.



Segment Deadline: 1/11/2019 11:59 PM EST
RP Limit: 2 Per Person | 3 Per Person (title matches)

SCW Survival 2019 banner created by Lance.

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