Talk of Evil

By December 8, 2018Roleplay/Promo

At a campground outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, “Firestorm” Johnathan Mills sits on a log by a small fire to keep warm. His motorcycle that he has stolen from one of Gabriel Tuck’s clowns is behind him. He hadn’t dared return to the motel room that had been supplied to him by SCW for fear that Gabriel Tuck would be able to find him again. He has opened the saddlebags of the motorcycle to discover that the bike was loaded with enough supplies to camp out. A sleeping bag and blanket anyway.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Brian Kennedy. You think you know evil? You would slap a baby and kick a woman in the face? I’ve seen evil. I’ve fought evil. Hell, I’ve been evil. Slapping a baby and kicking a woman in the face isn’t evil incarnate like you say. It’s more like a brainless bully brute who cannot manage to do much for himself beyond a typical physical confrontation with someone who cannot defend themself well. You’re out of luck here as I can defend myself very well. Ask your partner and she will tell you that I’m no slouch in the wrestling ring.

Johnathan stops talking when he hears a motorcycle going down the nearby road. He reaches down by him where sits a pistol and grips it tight while listening for the inevitable honk of clown noses that come with Gabriel Tuck’s posse. He relaxes as the sounds of the motorcycle continue down the road. He hasn’t been found yet. He places the gun back to the ground and looks back at the camera with a smile.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Brian, you win more than you lose. I’m sure that’s bred in you a certain amount of confidence that you expect to be winning. Don’t expect that here. I can outpace you in any match up with my superior speed. I hit faster and thus hit harder that you could ever imagine. Just ask Emily Desmond how I stack up in the ring. Sure, she defeated me, but not without a struggle. You won’t get by me in this Mega Cup. I’ll be sure to make certain that you are the one without a title shot in this thing.

Johnathan reaches into a small pack to pull out a two pronged skewer that he places two hot dogs on the end of and begins to roast them over the fire.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: You know what, Brian? I almost feel sorry for you that you have to face me in the ring. I’m going to dance circles around you before putting you to shame in the ring. You think that you’re the end all, be all of evil. You don’t even hold a candle to what I have seen and experienced out in the world. You’re at a King Koopa level of evil. Lame and most certainly comedic.

Johnathan brings the skewer close to inspect the hot dogs for a moment before putting them back over the fire.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: This brings me to Jessica Tendonin. I know that you would prefer to tag up with a winner, but this is an asshole on steroids. I mean really. You wanna talk about a man who’s level of evil would cause him to tie up his girlfriend before beating her to be certain that she cannot hit back really casts a shadow upon your capacity at decision making. What have you become, Jessie? So hungry for gold that you would tag up with a monster and a coward just to be able to ensure that you would get a win in the ring? Stand up for what’s right and true, Jessica. Dump that miserable curse for a partner and stand alongside someone who won’t steal candy from a baby and kick the baby momma in the face for fun. Don’t tag with a basic bully!

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