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As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Red Dragon as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her first reign, Jessica Tendonin as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her second reign.

The SCW Commentary Team is shown now, Allie Queen and Wayne Miller.

Wayne: TLC WAS INSANE! If you missed it, you missed some insanity! The main event got changed!

Allie: Larissa somehow defeated Jessica Tendonin, and broke her arm! Let’s get this night started now! I need answers!

The camera finds Emily Desmond warming up before her match as Alzy is talking to her.

Alzy: I’m saying that I …..I’m willing to experience what happen before if we need to.

Emily:We’ll see. One step at a time. Which isn’t it time for your match?

Alzy nods and heads towards the entrance and Emily watches him for a moment before turning back to warming up. That’s when she sees the camera crew. Sean Foster is nowhere to be seen, which makes Emily a bit nervous as she knows that Sean will gently ask those questions that might be hard. But she finally smiles at the young lady holding the mic.

Emily: What can I do for you? Ane who are you?

Cassidy: I’m one of the new people Mr. Walker hired me because there seem to be a lack of people around.

Ok a subtle jab at Sean Foster, who has become Emily’s exclusive reporter backstage (well and her boyfriend).

Emily: Fair enough. Now did you do your history on my match or do I have to explain it to you?

Cassidy: I know its against Larissa, and she beat Jessica at TLC for the International title, and won. She also broke Jessica’s arm. Now knowing all of that do you have any….misgivings about this match?

Emily stops her stretching and looks at Cassidy like “are you kidding me?” Emily straightens up and she is about four inches taller than the newbie. Emily is losing her patience when suddenly a male voice is heard. He comes up, takes her mic, and makes a motion to shoo her away. He looks at Emily who is grateful to see him but also mad because he’s late and she had to put up with that creature.

Sean: Where we’re we?

Emily: She asked me if I had… did she put it? Misgivings about my match.

Sean: Ok, your thoughts on that?

Emily: Well it’s simple. People have been saying I need to be afraid of Larissa for that match at TLC, but if you think the fact that this match could turn into a hardcore match real quick doesn’t bother me one bit. Even if it doesn’t I’m still not afraid. If I had been afraid I would still be the Alternative title. So tell Laredo…..Larissa…..whichever one is her name that if she thinks she can scare me, she needs to keep thinking. Plus this match is a regular match, not hardcore in any way. Believe me, I double….triple checked that fact.

Sean: Larissa believes she can beat you.

Emily: Of course! If I was coming off a win as big as hers I would feel the same way. But I’m not letting my guard down. The minute I do that she’ll use it against me, try injuring me, or some other crap.

Sean: I know its something you’ve been waiting.

Emily: Paige;s title? You can put good money of that cause I do want it very, very badly.

Sean: And what do you think about Larissa being in the main event?

Emily: She should be pleased. You know why she’s in it don’t you?

Sean looks at her, definitely perplexed.

Emily: Simple….she’s facing me! She’s facing the best of SCW. l

Sean: Emily technically…..

Emily: Look it up Sean! They have updated the top 5 of SCW and I’M NUMBER ONE!

Emily stops and breathes, knowing if she’s not carefully that she’ll give herself away.

Emily: I’m the top of the company as we speak, and that should say something. I’m not sure who I’ll face at Overdrive 51, but I know this….I need to worry about Overdrive 50. I need to focus on it mostly because then I’ll show Miss Larissa she’s making issues she doesn’t want to start. Tell her I’ll see her in the ring and give her a taste of just who she’s facing.

Sean: There is a chance you could lose to her thought. You barely pulled la win at TLC.[/color[

Emily stares at Sean like he’s lost his mind. He finally realizes what he’s said and he cringes a bit. But Emily proves her composure in this matter.

Emily: I will win this match one way or another. If I have to break Larissa leg, or maybe give her a taste of what she did to Jessica and break an arm. Larisa decided she wanted the beast and then she poked the beast. Well Larissa I hope you’re ready because I’m comin for you. Next time….be careful what you see and be careful who you open your mouth to talk about.[/color[

Emily pushes by the cameraman and away from Sean Foster, leaving him to wonder what she means.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening bout of the evening is scheduled for a single fall, and it is a first round match for the SCW Mega Cup! Introducing first, from London, Ontario, Canada, he is the No Limits Phenomenon, Alzy Hawkshaw!

Raining Blood by Slayer plays as the lights start flashing red. Alzy Hawkshaw walks out onto the stage, and paused before making his way to the ring.

Allie Queen: I expect great things from Alzy again here in the Mega Cup. Last year, he managed to pick up an astonishing two title shots in the Mega Cup.

Wayne Miller: Yes, and those were the SCW Alternative Championship and the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Both of them at Spring Meltdown, and a lot of people thought he would be leaving with one, if not both, championships. Emily Desmond, his partner, managed to hold him off and retain her championship, as did Paige Lewis.

Alzy circled the ring as his music died down.

Allie Queen: And here comes the Masked Avenger!

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, the Masked Avenger!

The intro to Sucker Punch by Korn blasts over air waves as The Masked Avenger comes out on stage and then taunts the fans. They boo the Avenger as the being walks down to the ring and then rolls into the ring and runs over to the ropes and then taunts the crowd on the ropes then The Avenger jumps down from the ropes and looks across the ring at his opponent. As the bell rang, the fans cheered.

Allie Queen: It’s Mega Cup time!

Wayne Miller: Hell yeah!

Alzy and Avenger met in the center of the ring. Alzy offered a handshake, but Avenger knocked his hand away and smacked him across the face.

Allie Queen: Oh, that’s a bold move!

Wayne Miller: And disrespectful…I like it.

Alzy responded by shoving Avenger and the pair began brawling. Alzy threw lefts and rights like a machine and it was all Avenger could do to defend himself. Then, Avenger kicked Alzy and made him stumble. With Alzy losing his footing, Avenger took him to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Alzy rebounded and floored Avenger with a Clothesline.

Allie Queen: Wow, lots of back and forth already.

Wayne Miller: Nice Clothesline there by Alzy. And you know, he has to be very motivated to win here, and replicate his success from last year. Could you imagine?!

Both men were on their feet again and Alzy whipped Avenger away, held on, and yanked him back. Alzy sent Avenger up and over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Avenger groaned and rolled to his feet as fans cheered. Alzy went for a kick, but Avenger blocked up and shoved him backwards. Avenger got to his feet and Alzy took him down with a Shoulder Block.

Allie Queen: You know, after this, we’ve got two more matches!

Wayne Miller: Yeah, and I’m sure they’ll be working hard to follow this as these two get going.

Alzy picked Avenger up and drove a knee into his midsection. Alzy then planted Avenger with a DDT. Alzy got to his feet and dragged Avenger towards the corner. Climbing the turnbuckle, Alzy lined Avenger up.

Allie Queen: Alzy going to the top rope, and will show us how he earned his numerous nicknames!

Wayne Miller: High rent district!

Alzy launched himself, going for a knee drop. Avenger rolled out of the way at the last second and Alzy crashed into the mat. Avenger got to his feet and picked Alzy up, locking him into a Sleeper. Alzy began struggling, and after a few he managed to power out of it. Avenger charged at him, but Alzy kicked him in the gut.

Allie Queen: Alzy is one of SCW’s foremost submission experts! Why did Avenger think that would work?

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but Alzy is looking to drive this baby home, right damn now! There goes the Whiplash!!!

With a double underhook, Alzy drove Avenger into his knee. Alzy then hooked Avengers leg and the referee began counting.

Allie Queen: That’s it! It’s over!

Wayne Miller: Alzy Hawkshaw is going to SCW Survival in the Mega Cup!!!

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and moving on to the final match of the SCW Mega Cup, Alzy Hawkshaw!


Terel Walker was walking briskly, talking on his phone. The owner of the SCW was flanked by his security. Someone ran up and shoved a microphone in his face.

Reporter: Mr. Walker, do you have any updated information on Paige Lewis?

Mr. Walker: Please, not now!

Reporter: Please, sir! We know you’ve been working with federal agencies, have they-

Mr: Walker: Fine!!! I can tell you this, and nothing more. I do not know where Paige Lewis is. However, and this has been confirmed by the NSA and MI6…Paige Lewis has been recovered, alive. Last I heard, her rescue team had successfully extracted her and were en route to a waiting C5 Galaxy. I do not know if they made it, or where they were going after that. I can assure you, that is –

Gun fire was heard and the camera fell to the ground.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round match for the second annual SCW Mega Cup Series!! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 180lbs, she is The Wrath of the Desert…FURY!!!

The intro to “Zombie” hits as the fans stand in anticipation. A pyro shoots up from the entrance ramp as Vero walks out to the ramp with a scowl on her face. She begins her slow descent down the ramp with her still not acknowledging the crowd nor making any contact. Once she reaches the end of the entrance ramp, she looks at the crowd around her, surveying her surroundings before running towards the ring and sliding under the ropes.

She heads straight for the upper left turnbuckle and climbs it surveying the crowd without any taunt, like an animal stalking their prey. She then heads towards the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. She descends the top right turnbuckle and does stretches using the ropes as she waits for the bell to ring or for her opponent to arrive.

Allie Queen: Fury has had a rough start here in SCW, but tonight, that could change!

Wayne Miller: A win here could set her up for amazing things here in SCW. Last year, this Mega Cup series produced some amazing matches at Spring Meltdown, and I expect the same thing to happen here.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, hailing from Ancient Egypt…Princess Kiya!!!

The arena plunged into darkness, with only several spotlights providing a dim illumination. We Can Be Saved by Jeff Beal began playing over the PA system. Fog pumped into the arena as a hush dropped over the crowd. After a moment, she walked out onto the stage.

Allie Queen: We’ve only recently learned this woman’s name, and now, we will see her in action for the first time.

Wayne Miller: We know she is Paige Lewis’ mentor, but can she work is the question. Whoever wins here moves on to the final round of the Mega Cup Series.

Princess Kiya began making her way to the ring, walking slowly. As she reached the ring, she pulled herself up onto the apron. Slowly, the woman climbed into the ring and stood in a corner.

Allie Queen: We don’t have any official stats on her, but I’d say she about 6 foot tall, maybe 175 in weight.

Wayne Miller: Sounds about right to me. But can she wrestle!?

The bell rang and the two women met in the center of the ring. Fury threw the first punch. It landed perfectly on Princess Kiya’s face. Fury recoiled in pain, grasping her fist. Princess Kiya moved in and shoved a fist into Fury’s midsection. Fury dropped to one knee, gasping for air.

Allie Queen: What the hell!

Wayne Miller: She just brought Fury to her knees with one hit!!!

Princess Kiya grabbed Fury by the hair, and yanked her to her feet. The raggedy woman shoved Fury’s head between her legs and then set her up for a Powerbomb, driving her into the mat. Princess Kiya held onto Fury and then picked her up again and transitioned into a Fireman’s Carry. Fury was then driven into the mat again with a Fireman’s Carry Sidewalk Slam.

Allie Queen: You were asking if she can wrestle! Clearly, she can, and she’s got some impressive strength!

Wayne Miller: I am in awe! She’s going for the pin!!!

Princess Kiya covered Fury and the referee dropped to his knees to count.

The arena erupted as the bell rang and Princess Kiya spun to her feet. The referee raised her hand in victory as We Can Be Saved by Jeff Beal began playing.

Allie Queen: My god…no wonder Paige Lewis is so unstoppable! This is her mentor!

Wayne Miller: I’ve never seen anything like that before! We KNOW Fury is as tough as they come, but this woman just walked in here and treated her like a rank rookie! What the hell is going on?!

Allie Queen: Fury literally got no offense in! Princess Kiya literally put down a legend in minutes, without taking any offense!

Wayne Miller: I shudder to think what this means for the future of SCW if this woman stays on the active roster.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and moving on to the final match of the SCW Mega Cup Series…PRINCESS KIYA!!!


Backstage, the garage door is opening, and from outside, the sound of an approaching vehicle is heard. Then, with a roar, a two tone light blue to black Mazda RX8 drifted sideways into the garage. Straightening out, the car sped towards the cameraman, and arched into a tight donut around him as the camera turned to keep up. This kept going for several loops before the driver sped off elsewhere in the garage.

Allie Queen: What the hell was that about?!

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but I swear I’ve seen that car before! I wonder…

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non-title, champion versus champion match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Shangai, she is the NEW SCW International Heavyweight Champion…Larissa!!!

As the Chinese National Anthem began playing, Larissa came out on stage and stepped onto a pedestal, wearing the SCW International Heavyweight Championship around her waist. It began rotating slowly while she held her hands up in the air. After a few revolutions, it slowed to a stop and Larissa stepped off and began making her way to the ring. Coming down the ramp, she removed a compact mirror and began admiring herself. After climbing into the ring, Larissa put the mirror away and stood in the corner.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent she is the SCW Alternative champion. Weighing in at one hundred, ninety five pounds from New York City, New York…..she is Emily Desmond!

Lights go out as I’m Just A Girl by No Doubt begins to play. Also smoke fills the ramp, lit by red and green lights. Emily Desmond appears, carrying the SCW Alternative Championship in one hand, her dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and dressed with tights that are a mix of green and purple on black, a shirt that is either solid green or purple or green, and a black leather coat.

Allie Queen: Emily Desmond is a record setting Alternative Champion, having surpassed both Priest and Jessica Tendonin, and has even surpassed Jessica in total days as champion!

Wayne Miller: A very impressive accolade for this young lady. But we both know that one day, perhaps soon, she’s going to want the big one.

Allie Queen: If she manages to fend off Paige Lewis, she just might get her chance!

Wayne Miller: Alzy Hawkshaw, Emily Desmond’s tag team partner, earlier tonight qualified for the final match of the SCW Mega Cup, and we both now what happened last year! He wound up facing Emily AND Paige!

The bell rang as both belts were passed out of the ring. Immediately, both women charged at each other. Emily, the larger of the two, tackled Larissa to the mat and began laying into her. The crowd roared with excitement as the beatdown continued even as the referee began counting, threatening to disqualify Emily. Finally, Emily backed off and Larissa rolled to her feet, angry.

Wayne Miller: Think Emily is in a mood to get to the action, fast!

Allie Queen: Emily Desmond is one of the most dangerous people in SCW, and for good reason! Larissa had better hope she can back up all the trash she talked before this!

Larissa charged at Emily, but Emily sidestepped her, and Larissa rebounded off the ropes into a Northern Lights Suplex. Emily got to her feet quickly and began stomping away on Larissa. Larissa grabbed the ropes, forcing the referee to make Emily stop her attack. As Larissa got up, Emily began yelling something at her.Larissa charged at her, and the referee got caught in the crosshairs. All three of them tumbled out of the ring.

Wayne Miller: Well damn, I guess Larissa is with the action, too!

Allie Queen: Larissa to her feet first!

Larissa grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her to her feet. The pair traded words before Larissa drove Emily face first into the ringpost, busting her open. The crowd popped, having not expected either woman to get any color in this match.

Wayne Miller: Holy shit! The new International Champ means business!!!

Allie Queen: I like this energy!

Dazed, Emily couldn’t defend against the myriad of attacks from Larissa now. Larissa whipped Emily into the barricade and drove her knee into her back. Emily groan in pain. Looking towards the referee, Larissa saw he was still out of it. Larissa whipped Emily towards the ring and rolled her into it. When Larissa joined Emily, Emily drove her into the mat with an STO. The crowd roared as the bloodied champion got to her feet and turned her back to Larissa.

Wayne Miller: Mr. Walker made a good call saving this for the main event! This is even more exciting than when Princess Kiya basically brutalized Fury moments ago!

Allie Queen: I’m still in shock from that match, and now these two are starting world war 3!!

Emily jumped in the air, and did a standing moonsault, but Larissa rolled out of the way. Back on her feet, Larissa stomped Emily’s face into the mat repeatedly. Emily stopped moving, having been knocked out. Larissa dropped to her knees and rolled Emily over, pinning her. But the referee was still out!

Wayne Miller: She’s gonna need a referee if she wants to win this match!

Allie Queen: And there he is! He’s struggling back into the ring!

Larissa got to her feet and dashed across the ring, dragging the referee into the ring and pointing behind her. When she turned around, Emily came flying through the air, taking her down. Out of nowhere, Emily had an Armbar locked in.

Wayne Miller: That is! It’s a fucking wrap!!!

Allie Queen: If Larissa doesn’t tap, her arm is gonna break, just like she broke Jessica’s arm!

Larissa tried to fight it, but after almost a minute, she gave in and began tapping. The referee signaled for the bell.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission, the SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond!!!


Wayne Miller: For a minute, Larissa was holding her own against Emily, but that damn Armbar will stop anyone in their tracks!!

Allie Queen: And Emily making a quick exit to get medical attention.

Indeed, Emily had grabbed her belt and left. Larissa got to her feet and demanded a mic.

Larissa: Emily Desmond. I liked that. You talked all that crap to me, and you barely escaped! But dammit, I will get some respect in this company! I am the SCW International Heavyweight Champion! I beat Jessica freaking Tendonin to win this belt! I’m the number one contender for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship! I am unstoppable! This loss here will not matter soon. I am-

Party Monster by The Weeknd began playing through the arena audio system as the crowd exploded.

“I’m Good, I’m Good, I’m Great!”
After a few seconds, Jessica Tendonin walked out onto the stage, her left arm in a cast. She stood there for a moment,looking around the arena. Jessica then began walking down the ramp slowly as the fans roared, having not expected her. In the ring, Larissa was in shock.


Allie Queen: Would you calm the hell down?!

Walking up the steps into the ring, Jessica slowly climbing between the ropes. Then, she walked right up to Larissa and yanked the mic out of her hand as her music faded.

Jessica: First of all, shut the fuck up you little imp! You broke my goddamn arm!

Someone tossed Larissa a new mic.

Larissa: and what are you going to do about it, cripple?

Jessica: Even with one arm, I will still beat your ass right here, and right now. Say the word and I will fuck you up so bad that they call it a hate crime. I’ll hate crime your ass with no hesitation! Give me a reason.

As Larissa raised her mic to say something, the PA system came to life, and the arena shook as the fans roared to life. Spotlight by Hot Tag Media Works began playing.

“And still…it’s all…about…me!”
After a few seconds, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked out onto the stage, the belt around her waist. She was bruised, and was limping as she began making her way to the ring.

Wayne Miller: Oh my god, this thing is about to blow like a powder keg! These three women absolutely can’t stand one another!

Allie Queen: I got a funny feeling about all of this…

Paige Lewis climbed into the ring after grabbing a mic offered to her. She signalled for her music to be cut.

Paige: So let me get this straight, you disrespect Jessica by breaking her arm, and now, you think you’re going to run your mouth to her? Not on my watch. You see, I know you’re my next challenger, and I’m not worried about you. Let me tell you how Survival is going to go, Larissa. First, Jessica is going to stomp you out, and retake her championship. Then, as you crawl your scrawny ass to the ring to face me, I’m going to teach you why I am the unstoppable force of the SCW. I have lost one match in my entire career, and it is to this woman right here. How dare you speak to her in this manner. Get on your knees and apologize.

The crowd buzzed with excitement at this exchange. Larissa seemed shocked as well, looking back and forth between the two women. Larissa did not get on her knees. Paige snapped.


Allie Queen: I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is surreal. I’ve never seen Paige speak like this. And are her and Jessica suddenly best friends? Why is she going so hard for Jessica?

Wayne Miller: That car from earlier is still bothering me. It’s not Jessica’s style, and Paige drives a Mustang.

Larissa, realizing Paige meant business, began kneeling. Then, Mustang Nismo hit the PA system and all hell broke loose.

Wayne Miller: OH MY GOD!!! I KNEW IT!!! I GODDAMN KNEW IT!!!

Allie Queen: IS THIS REAL LIFE!!??

The first SCW Hall of Famer, and the first SCW Champion calmly walked out onto the stage. She looked around the arena, smiling as the fans all cheered. Making her way to the ring, she high fived several fans. Climbing into the ring, she quickly stood between Larissa and the other two women. She took the microphone from Larissa while her music faded and spoke.

Neela Shizeguma: Jessica. Paige. Back up.

Neither Jessica nor Paige moved. Neela smiled while nodding.

Neela Shizeguma: Very well. Larissa, get up, you are not a dog.

Larissa stood and she and Neela backed up. Neela pointed at the belt around Paige’s waist.

Neela Shizeguma: That’s cute. I had the first one.

Paige: You did not, actually. I know who you are. Only Jessica and I have held this belt. That championship you held is not related to this. You were the SCW Champion…but I’m the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Neela Shizeguma: Do not ever address me like that again. Second, I said I had the first one, meaning the first championship. Now shut up. As I’m sure all of you here in the arena and at home are wondering why I’m here, let me get to it. As we learned earlier tonight, someone took a shot at Mr. Walker. We do not know if he was hit or not. He has not been seen since that TMZ video, nor has he checked into any emergency rooms. As such, the SCW Board of Directors felt the need to put someone in charge until Mr. Walker returned.

They wanted someone who knew SCW inside and out. Someone who could hold things together. Someone who would have the respect of the locker room and the fans alike. Someone…like me. So, I got the call and was on the next flight out. Red-eye to LAX, and then, I picked up my car, and high tailed it all the way here. So…from this moment forward, until either the SCW Board of Directors or Mr. Walker decide otherwise…I am the new General Manager of SCW.

Wayne Miller: WHAT!? SCW Hall of Famer Neela Shizeguma has returned to be the new General Manager!

Allie Queen: I shudder to think what might have happened to Larissa had Neela not came out here when she did.

Neela Shizeguma: We only have a few minutes left, so let me address something. Larissa you WILL defend your championship at Survival. Jessica, if you would like to have your rematch at that time, then next Overdrive, I will have a waiver available for you to sign. Larissa, as Mr. Walker promised, you will also be challenging for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Paige, I’m going to let you pick the match type. Now, if you all don’t might, that’s all our time.

Overdrive went off the air.

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