Everyone Has A Demon!!

By November 19, 2018Roleplay/Promo

The Scene opens up somewhere particularly and maybe nowhere at all. The Masked Avenger comes to ahead in the cameras  The Diabolical face of a once famed man or women is still yet a mystery to us all. Will The Masked Avenger ever be unmasked? Only time will tell.  Will Alzy rip his Masked Avengers Mask off? I doubt that very Highly because he doesn’t have the balls to . Will the questions be answered or told about the accusations being thrown about by Alzy? All that will be answered right now because The Masked Avenger stands by to speak what he or she has to say. Let us Listen in and see what our Avenger has for us.


The Cameras then pan into a Masked Avenger whom is ready to speak in a voice that of a modern day Darth Vader to cover up the sex of  The Avenger.


Masked Avenger

This Overdrive Fifty comes with a price. Management doesn’t book me at their TLC PPV? You know what I think of that is a bunch of horse shit. I am more talented the all the roster but yet I don’t get treated with respect. I know all about The Alzy character. A Nobody looking about to becoming a somebody. I know who you are in a nutshell. You think you are going to rip my mask off and expose who I am. I am not a lackey of Brian Kennedy and never will. It show you don’t read watch peoples promos or results. Oh wait but you did know I destroyed Brian Kennedy which is something that seems like you couldn’t do and are trying to commend me for doing so.  Just because Alzy you are a jobbing hack and  don’t belong in the ring doesn’t mean you can try and commend me for my actions in the ring.   I beat a tag team champion and I am stuck in the lower card with a nameless hack that I have never even heard of you let alone have seen that you are an immortal enemy of Brian Kennedy. Well you got your mind on Brian Kennedy and not the bigger picture here.


Alzy you think that just because I didn’t attack Brian Kennedy that I didn’t follow through with what I said I was gonna do. I out promoted Brian Kennedy  and he ran away with his tail between his legs. Championships or no Championships I did what I said  I was going to do. I walked out at Overdrive 49 and  defeated Brian Kennedy. You are trying to befriend me and I do not like it. No one is a friend to me but another enemy of my enemy and that  is what sets everyone else apart from me. They find people to latch onto but me I will not do such a thing.  Yeah I may need someone in my best interest to help me up but you know what I stab them in the back when they least expect it. I am a one person army. What you see is what you get. I am not hiding.  Just because you do not  know my identity doesn’t mean I am hiding. If you defeat me it just makes it  look like you are that much better. You could be looking at a demon if a witch    a ladies man a womens women. Hell I could be Donald Freaking Trump underneath the mask and you would have no Idea.


The Masked Avenger pulls out a piece of what seems to be a mask of human flesh(Not real human flesh)   Masked Avenger then pulls a piece of and  crumbles it in the beings glove and then continues to speak.


This piece of flesh represents the skin you will shed after facing me Alzy.  I will not team up with you. Brian Kennedy won’t be a threat anymore because of the  fact that I beat him at his own game. What you gonna do the same thing Kennedy does whine his way to victories and politic your way to winning a match. That seems that all these wrestlers these days are good for is whining and til they get what they want. You claim you have a piece of my mask. Wrong I never leave my mask around the arena so how could  you get ahold of the proper mask it may look like something you found  but my mask is made of certain material that most masks aren’t made of.


In all truthfulness I don’t need anyones help to take out opposition. I am coming in here and going on a vengeance I do not care who you are. Whether you are a man women or beast  or he she I don’t give a fuck. Alzy I am going to rip your spleen out of your body and watch as you lie there and bleed to your demise. Everyone has a Demon Alzy and your demon is to be attacked by Brian Kennedy and your obsession with him really intrigues me.  You think I am going to let you get inside my head think you are going to make bend to your will I think not . I thin you need to be taught a lesson and sent to the back of the line because when it is all said and done  I am going to be a champion and come January at the next ppv is when I will mask until then all you just fuck off. I am who I am and when I want to reveal I will.


Alzy come Overdrive 50 your demons will come true and your worst nightmare will be unveiled and you will receive the same fate as your buddy Brian Kennedy. In hiding because I a mysterious person has beaten them. See ya soon and try not to piss yourself on the way to the ring because  My words are very intimidating. Your time is running out!!!


The Masked Avenger taunts the cameras as  smoke fills the area and suddenly The Avenger is nowhere to be seen as the cameras fade to black.



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