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It had been just months since my debut in wrestling, with SCW, and now, I was one of the top people in the company. Sure, one loss to Alzy had set me back, but since then, I’d been on fire. I was standing in the mall that I was helping to rebuild, in my second home of Cleveland, Ohio, home to the Rolling Acres Mall, which I was helping to get going again. It had been rebuilt, the frame had anyway. I was standing on a concrete floor, as the flooring had not been put down yet. The stores had not been built. What this mall was, was a shell. As I spoke, a smile crossed my face.

Larissa: Emily Desmond. Another champion in the company. But you aren’t facing just another champion. You’re facing a submission machine, and remember one thing. The armbar isn’t the only hold I know. The fact is that you’re definently going to be feeling a lot of them, if not all of them. But enough on that.

Right now, the mall was nothing but a frame. But soon it would be flourishing again. I was actually surprised that Amazon gave us the rights to the building, as they’d had it since 2015. But they had told us why, which would be revealed at a later time. My red hair was pushed back, as I sported my usual red gear, but with a red and white suit along with my trademark red glasses as well.

Larissa: Emily, while the respect is indeed there, let me warn you. You’re walking into the Dragon’s Lair. And when you walk in, you don’t walk out in one piece. You mentioned what I did to Jessica, writing it off as somewhat a fluke? No honey. It was not. I am trained in submissions and in MMA, so I know how to break limbs and force submissions. It’s not something that came out as a fluke. And I will show you just how little of a fluke it was when I snap your arm too.


My confidence soon turned into rage. After hearing what had been said about the win, there were things I wanted to do to her that would be talked about shortly. I collected myself momentarily, but I knew it wasn’t going to last. Since the win though, I had lost my arrogance which had since turned into ruthless aggression. It had turned to rage as well. As the rage fires on, I continue on with my own promo.

Larissa: Emily, by writing my win off as non legit, you awakened the dragon. This redheaded dragon is in no mood to be called a fluke winner. Let me ask you. If my win was a fluke, then what does that make the fact that I’m currently the secondary champion, after beating the seemingly unbeatable Jessica Tendonin? I promise you that when she comes back, her ego will be knocked down a peg. And you’re next. The fact that you even IMPLIED that my win was a fluke makes me want to break every limb in your body and beat you over the head with them, and after that, it makes me also want to break your neck and end your career. But see, even though I want to, I must not. Why not? Because unlike some, I do have some mercy in me, and I would never want to end the career of someone as promising as you. But the fact is that I do want to hurt you for what you said about the biggest win of my career.

As I walked through what would be the first floor of stores, noting that the escalators were not in yet but had arrived. Our mechanic would need to put them in later. But the fact was that the mall would be open soon but right now it was a whole lot of nothing but would soon be as beautiful as my own face. But for now, it was the way it was.


Larissa: But Emily, while my loss to Alzy was a setback, it was my first ever match. I’m not making excuses for something in the past, but the fact is that match is in the past, but I am the future. And this title says just that. I am not one to be arrogant, but I feel like I am the future of this fine company. And with this title, there’s only one above me. And that is Paige’s. When ever she comes out of hiding, I’m coming for her. But for now, it will be you that eats your own words. You call me a fluke. But I’m going to prove you otherwise in a matter of only days. The facts are that you just aren’t the person to take this from me. But for now, ciao. I have better things to do.



Off Camera


As my promo ended, and the camera was put away, I stood in the middle of what would soon be the all new Rolling Acres Mall. However, I wouldn’t get to do much as my communicator watch beeped, meaning Charlie had another mission for me to do. As I listened to what he said, I smiled a bit.


Charlie: Scarlett, we have another situation. This time, in the jungles of Rwanda. Apparently, whoever it was stole a lion and is going to skin them for a lion hide rug. But I know you can stop them. The facts are that the person spotted had black hair and blue eyes. They left for Rwanda from Toronto at about 4 pm today. As it is now 4:25, I have emailed your ticket to you. Agent Scarlett, we wish you luck. And remember, you have until Wendesday at 8 pm to bring that thief home and return the lion unharmed to Rwanda. Good luck.




Agent Scarlett: Alright, I’m on it. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I can tell you right now, that lion will be returned safely, or I will forfeit my badge and everything that makes me a detective. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this case slip away from me. You can count on me.


I stated confidently as I printed out my pass and boarded the plane. Within about six hours, I had reached destination. The destination being Kigali, Rwanda. I then took a jeep ride to the jungle, to investigate the area. At this time, everyone was sleeping, so I couldn’t investigate more yet until morning, as it was four AM. But I roamed the jungle, looking for clues, as the scene ended.









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