Masked Avenger, its time to quit hiding

By November 14, 2018Roleplay/Promo
The camera opens and Alzy Hawkhsaw is standing, looking the picture windows that over English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia and admires the view. The sun is starting to set, and is reflecting off the water of the bay in an inviting way, but Alzy knows that if he steps outside he will become cold faster than one would think. Plus he was waiting for the camera crew that was setting up by his fireplace, where a fire was burning. Alzy knows little about his opponent, well with the exception of they seem to share a hatred. But then that’s what the camera crew is about and a guy comes over and taps Alzy on the shoulder. Alzy jumps, so lost in his thoughts he had actually not seen the guy approaching him. Alzy stops to pick up what looks like a scrap of material then takes his place before the camera.


Alzy: So….masked avenger, what a name. I had hoped at TLC you would do us all a favor and not just unmask but shut up that asshole known as Brian Kennedy. Yes I’ve watched you when you’ve entered the ring and you’ve done what an awful lot of us around here would love to do, and that is shut Kennedy up once and for all. As you can probably guess he is not my favorite person, and you’d be right. He only seems to speak up when either he’s in a match for a title, or when his partner Jessica is around to prod him into speaking up. Instead we’re treated to little snippets of him and his buddies…..or as he would probably put it, his homies, are sitting around getting high and drinking. Seriously I see that shit and hell my son knows what I do for a living, but I don’t dare let him watch SCW for fear that you will encourage him to do things that….I don’t approve of. I would say illegal but pot is now legal in Canada. Not one of my favorite things to hear, but it seems these days I’m greatly outnumbered, at least among those that I frequently hang out with. Now drinking? Hell I use to be able to ptu them back with the best, but I will openly admit I once entered rehab for alcohol use. Oh I can have a drink once in a while, but I’m careful to not keep open containers around, and if I’m out with someone, its one drink and that’s it. Now if pot is your thing, whatever makes you happy. I think it’s stupid and dumb and all its ever done for me? Give me a migraine. But this….this is the life that the great Brian Kennedy would have us believe that he can do, and still be champion. Hell he’s still a tag champion.


I have to ask a question that many others have mentioned to me, and that is why the hell didn’t you attack him at TLC? He needs to be shut up once and for all. You seem to have the right idea yet….I never try to wish ill will on someone, but Kennedy definitely needs it. Although you’re lack of follow through has me wondering if you aren’t one of Kennedy’s buddies, and was trying to put on this show that “Oh we’re out to get him” and instead it’s a ploy to try and throw us all off. Well Masked Avenger, during out match, at some point I will get this……


Alzy unfolds a piece of material and its a mask what Avenger wears.


I plan on ripping this off your head, and revealing who you are exactly. Know now if you are one of his buddies, I will proceed to beat the loving crap out of you. Why? Because you made us give a shit about you. You made us hate him even more. If you’re with him? It means you were brought in for deception, and that we can’t have. Now if you are truly against him, then I would think the fight would be small, hell maybe agree with me and show up without a mask. You did that, and you’re not one of his butt buddies, then I would shake your hand. Yes it would be after I beat you, but I would still do it. Hell if you said “hey I need some help” I would probably help you.


So Avenger, whoever you are, unmask, come to the ring, and face me….like a man. Hell show up without the mask so that Kennedy knows precisely who he’s facing, that you’re not hiding any more. That alone…will sell seats.


So how about it? After I beat you, fair and square, then we go and find Kennedy and give him a kick in the ass that he’s been so deserving of for so long. Until then….I’m waiting, and I’m not hiding. I’m right here to be seen.


Camera fades to black.

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