Larissa the clock is ticking

By November 14, 2018Roleplay/Promo
The camera opens and we see Emily Desmond looking out at Central Park as the wind whips her hair about. She pushes her dark hair back, and lets out a sigh. She wasn’t necessarily thinking of her last match, nor of the one coming, but of family, mainly her sister. Her mom had asked Emily to talk to Marie, to tell her she was entering a place she had no business in. She remembers that talk…..


Emily walks towards Marie sitting on  solitary beach, nodding her head at the camera crew that had just packed up to leave. Emily stops to let the straggler go before she walks up and sits down next to Marie, looking the same direction her sister way, which was across a dark ocean. The wind is starting to get cooler, so Emily pulls her jacket tighter to fend off some of the cool breeze and looks at her sister, who seems to be seeing …..nothing.


Emily: Marie….I…


Marie: Save it.


Emily: Marie, mom asked me to talk to you.


Marie: So I heard.


Emily: Are you sure that this…..this is really want?


Marie finally looks at her, but its not a look saying she wants to hear what Emily has to say. Instead its a look of anger, as if Marie knows what Emily will say.


Emily: I’m just…..well worried about you. Hell Marie this is not like you, going behind mom’s back not once but twice!


Marie: I didn’t go…..ok I went behind her back once, but that’s it.


Emily: So you got ahead because you asked Mom for help?


Marie pulls her knees up tighter, hugging them to her. Emily waits for a moment, leaning back and supporting herself with her arms. Finally Marie says something. [/color]


Marie: Ok I admit pulling the crap I did wasn’t the best move, but it did have the effect I wanted and I won a title and…..


Emily: And do you realize they think you’re some kind of slut who opens her legs for any guy with power?


Marie looks at her sister with anger and disbelief.


Emily: Its true Marie! Ok yeah everyone gets how you got a contract, although I still can’t believe our grandfather signed it too. But that title you like? And how you got in that match and…..Marie think about it!


Marie stands up, angry at her sister for what she’s said. Emily stands up too and the sisters are an arm length apart, but one knows blows will be exchanged, just who will throw the first one.


Emily: I’m thinking of you, of ….of this family’s reputation. I want people to look at us and remember our family legacy. You seem ready to piss all over it!


Marie: I am not! I’m doing precisely what our mother did at my age! In fact I’m 17, not 16 like she was! Come on! Get off my ass!


Marie stomps away, leaving Emily on a desolate beach. Emily looks down  at the ground then looks up to see Marie passing by Brian, who raises a hand to wave at Emily. Emily waves back and then starts towards the house also, but instead of going in, she goes around it. She gets in the rental car and backs out of the driveway, and quickly leaves. She knows when she’s wanted, and when she’s not wanted. Right now she’s not wanted, at least if it means she’s there on Lynn’s order. Emily doesn’t know how to get through to Marie, and her younger sister weighs on her mind as she heads back through Savannah.


Emily shakes her head, wishing she could have got through Marie’s thick head what she was doing exactly but then if Lynn was stubborn, if Emily was stubborn, Marie was twice as stubborn as both of them. Emily had told her mom exactly what Marie was doing and what she said, and then Emily left Savannah quickly. She did love her mom, but there were times when Lynn could wear on the nerves and Emily didn’t really it. Not after what happened at TLC.


Emily turns and leans on the railing and looks into the apartment where some old movie was on tv, she can’t even remember what it was. It just happen to be one that both Sean and her usually enjoyed. It was that type of movie you put on and even though you can recite the dialogue, it was nice to get lost in it for a couple hours. Sean has fallen asleep, and Emily smiles. They had kept the lovey-dovey stuff to a minimum when they were at an event, although away from the fans Emily can’t ask for more. If she told Sean needed to go see her dad, or call Alzy and needed some privacy, he was one to not really question anything.


Then there was the mysterious manila envelope that the doorman had signed for while she was in London. Emily had taken it, tipped the nice gentleman, but she hadn’t opened it, almost afraid of what was in it. Now it sat on the table in front of the couch, waiting for when she dared to open it. She almost fears its something bad, that it was something she didn’t want to know. In fact right now she should be focusing on the next event in Utah, where she’d be facing Larissa. Even Emily has to admit her surprise that Larissa had done something that not too many in SCW, herself included, and that was beat Jessica. Ok yes, one could argue that Jessica was worn down from already having wrestled that evening, in fact had faced Emily.


Emily also remembers that match, all too well. They couldn’t do it, they couldn’t stop Empire or DEA or Dragons or whatever they wanted to call themselves this week. But there was still a chance that they could get a shot for the tag titles, and that was simply to earn it. Given that at the moment there weren’t very many tag teams in the company that should be an easy thing. Yes it was rumored that SCW had signed some new people, but then the other thing Emily knows is that doesn’t really matter for now.


Emily forces her mind back to Larissa, and she shakes her head. She didn’t know what this young lady did when she wasn’t wrestling, but to take on Jessica was a feat in itself. Emily knows what it’s like to step in the ring with Jessica, to know that you’re looking at someone who was trying to obtain being perfect when it came to the sport. Emily has felt the blows upon herself. But could anyone deny what she did, what she’s done? She’s gave her all to defending her title, and the fact that she beat Johnathan Mills at TLC brings a smile to her face. She had thought at one point, between losing to DEA and waiting for her match that she had to wonder what the hell she had been thinking but when she walked away still champion, the clock was still ticking. Emily feels in her pocket for her phone and looks at it. She had a counter that showed how many days it had been since she had won. 522 days and counting. Emily hopes to make it a full two years, but one step at a time, and while the title wasn’t on the line against Larissa, she knows she must still make a good showing, that she couldn’t just think Larissa would be an easy win. Finally she sighs and goes into the apartment, and gently wakes Sean up to get some help from him.


On Camera[/u]


Emily Desmond is sitting in a deep chair, the Alternative title across her waist. A title that has been hers for 522 days and by the time she faces Larissa it will be 532 days, something that not many people could say across all of wrestling, not just in SCW. But she’s taken on a number of challengers and held matches that people can tell she has a well to draw from thanks to her family. Chairs and Cuffs, your standard ladder matches, street fights, submissions only, and her last show it was a cage with weapons in it. Emily had been bleeding before she get in the ring, and she also lost more blood, but it was lost while she was getting a win. This time on Overdrive she’s in the main event and she’s taking on Larissa, the newly crowned International champion. Emily starts to clap but one can’t tell if she’s sincere or being sarcastic. But we’re about to find out.


Emily: So Larissa you did it, you did something that not many around here can claim, and that is beat Jessica Tendonin. But then I think Jessica’s age is starting to catch up to her. First a few months ago Paige Lewis beat her to recapture the title, and people thought Paige to be one of the most incredible wrestlers there is. Oh please, I’m not trying to take anything from Paige because she is good, but now you’ve beaten Jessica also, which means… feels like Jessica just isn’t herself these days. But we’re not here to talk about Jessica’s feelings, but about what will happen at Overdrive 50 and that is you and I will face.


Now Larissa I remember when you took on Alzy, and you gave him a hell of a fight. That type of thing is something I Alzy appreciates, as do I. Maybe it’s a family thing but at least you just didn’t go “eh” and lay down to be defeated. That type of shit pisses me off to be honest. Its like at least put up something of a fight. But then I’ve faced a few over the past days who thought I would be someone they could easily defeat. They obviously found out when I was standing over them, my hand raised, that they underestimated me, thought because of my age I couldn’t possibly know what I do, but when you are raised in a family where wrestling is….well gold, you learn a lot. Having two parents who are both wrestlers? Even better because I’ve learned from them both, from their friends from my uncles, and I think this is proof of how well of a student I was….


Emily pats the gold on the belt sitting in her lap. She looks down at it, then up, obviously with a great deal of pride.


Now Larissa, you’re stepping in the ring with….well some say that while I might not be World champion, I am one of the very best SCW has to offer, and here’s a hint on how I do it. I don’t let things away from wrestling to get to me. Oh at this moment I’m trying to referee a fight between my mom and my sister, but that’s nothing. I mean I dont have some other job to do, my job is to be a wrestler. I know that’s hard for some to understand but then I also hope to retire at a fairly young age, go to college. I know what I want to study and it’s something that would benefit wrestling if I were to do it. What is it? Maybe one day I’ll let you in on what it is. But right now my goal….my dream is pretty simple and that is to not only hold the Alternative title for 2 years or more, but also one day i hope to become the SCW World Heavyweight championship. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because first I must face you in the ring. I’ve watched the few matches you’ve had in SCW and in fact I have to wonder how you did it, how you pulled out the wins you did. Now you lost to Alzy, so having the first hand knowledge of my tag partner has helped a great deal. However I know to not become too …..complacent? Too sure? Basically I better not overlook you just based just on your size because size can be deceiving but I do hope you realize I lift weights as heavy as you. I know that you are a technician but that really doesn’t matter to me because I was trained by not just my mom, who’s known for a bit of high flying and a lot of brawling, but by her tag partner, who is as technical in the ring as you could want, and who is a master of submission, which he taught to me. Hell many would think I would use a sharpshooter as my submission move, which is because it’s what my mom would do, but no I use a crossface, which is what he uses. Think about it, do you really want someone who was trained by one of the best, do you want her applying a move to you that is difficult to get out of? Oh I’m sure you’ll say that cause of your light weight, or that you are technically better than me, or any of another dozen reasons as to why you could break away from it, only to try and do something similar to me.


Larissa, I know there are some in SCW who might be afraid of you right now, thinking “what did she do that stopped Jessica?” and it wasn’t you, in a way it was Jessica’s body that was what did in Jessica. It’s not like you got her in some form of submission to win. In fact….I went back, I watched TLC again and it was luck. Plain and simple. Jessica’s body betrayed her, and even then she tried to fight back against you while….well I’m sure the pain was exquisite and off the charts but she worked through it. Hell you should be praising the woman! But then I have to ask what kind of wrestler, hell what kind of person you are. Instead of saying “hey look she’s definitely not 100%” you went on and used that broken arm to your advantage. I hope Jessica comes look for her rematch, I know I for one will be there to cheer her on. Yeah, she might not be my buddy, and we don’t hang out, but I respect her. After seeing that match? I respect her even more. As for you Larissa, I see someone who saw an advantage, one that ….ok almost anyone, myself included, would have capitalized on but doesn’t it sit in the back of your mind that you didn’t defeat a woman who was 100%. That has to be a hard thing to deal with. I hope you don’t come into our match thinking you’ll be able to defeat me as easy. There is no ladder, instead you have to actually pin me or make me submit and I dont go down in a few moves. So be prepared to bring the fight, because that is exactly what I’ll give you….a fight.


Camera fades to black.

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