DEA Pipe Bomb

By October 3, 2018Roleplay/Promo

(Off Camera)

Brian is seen sitting at a table with all the members of DEA sitting around it. The servants come around sitting the plates of food that he had made for the nights gathering. Brian looks over at Requiem and says.

Brian: “So, with Jessica stepping in the ring at the PPV I am sure we will walk out as Champions yet again. This is the last time I am going to sit back and listen to the bull shit talking that the Brewster camp is spouting off at the mouth with. They are finished after this that is why Jessica and I come up with this match. I am going to bring amounts of pain that neither of them has ever felt before.”

LT: “Damn Bri, you are letting the demons out to play aren’t you?”

Requiem: “I think between Jessica and myself we finally rubbed off on him. It’s about time, because they need to shut the hell up.”

Jessica: “We are going to do just that. I’m finished allowing anyone in the back to ever think that DEA doesn’t run things.”

Brian: “I have full intentions of walking out of the PPV as a double champion. I will hold the SCW World Title for a second time one way or another. Paige is going down right along with Emily. I hate having to make people remember who I am and me -marking my name in the SCW History books that Brian Kennedy once again made history. Hate it or not, DEA are the top dogs in this company.”

Andrew: “I won’t lie, Brian I have been thinking about coming back. I think Death Sentence could still do big things. Let’s be honest, the only reason I haven’t come back yet is because there isn’t anyone among that roster that could even hold a candle to my jock strap let alone step in the ring and square off one on one.”

They all laugh as Brian continues to speak.

Brian: “Well, The Brewster camp has finally chosen to speak. You already knew they would try to get some cheap shots in before the match.”

Jessica: “I think that the camera crew will be here shortly and when they get here we can say what we need to say and then let our actions speak for themselves in the ring.”

Requiem: “Brian, I think now is the time that you should do what you been planning on doing and letting your demons out to play.”

Andrew: “The thing is, the last time he done that he landed himself into jail for almost 3 years.”

Brian: “And the guy still isn’t walking right. But, he won’t ever forget who I am ever again.”

They all chuckle as Brian stands up and walks over to the window. The maid is clearing the plates that they have finished eating as Brian turns around.

Brian: “So, what do you all think about revealing the two members coming home to DEA? Should we wait till after this PPV or wait for a few more shows?”

Jessica: “I think that we should hold off and let it build up a bit more before we announce it.”

LT: “Brian, which do you think would be best? With Curtis coming around and all the attacks that’s been coming your way holding off could be a benefit to our camp.”

Brian nods his head thinking about which way would be the best to led his team. The doorbell rings and he already know that it’s the camera crew to record his piece for the upcoming match. He walks towards his study where the butler led the crew to. He walks in as the camera is already recording.

(On Camera)

He walks into the room carrying a box of tissues and a box of tampax. He walks over to a table sitting them down he speaks.

Brian: “Those are for you guys, Hellfire, since you been crying like some little bitches. The past is the past and I dunno why you both seem stuck there. So, since that is where you wanna begin let’s address this shall we?”

He walks over to his lazy boy and sits down. He is handed a drink from his butler and takes a sip. He looks deep into the camera.

“Azly, you have a lot of nerve. You wanna try to talk some shit when you have done nothing but lose. You lost to Paige, Emily beat your ass and when it comes to you and I. I beat the shit outta you too. You have lost more than anything else since you come to SCW. Then you wanted to cry about the free bird rule. Claiming that people cried about it. I ask you this, when in the hell did I say a damn word about who you bring to the ring? When Requiem had his life bite him in his ass, SCW brass chose to let me pick who I would bring as my team mate and defend the Titles. While you are correct Requiem and I won the tag team championship. I don’t see anywhere that says We lost the damn titles. Each and every time I have stepped in the ring I have come out victorious and retained the Titles. Twice now you both have failed to take the belts off us. So, what did I do? I sat down with the camp and we come up with this match to push each of us to our limits. “

He pauses for a few moments to let his thoughts gather as he continues.

“Emily, I might as well address the both of you at the same times. Cause you cried just as much as Alzy. You wanted to bring up the past about the Ryders. Why in the hell did you bring up those two? Where are they involved in this match at all? I don’t see it as a three way in this match. I don’t give a fuck about what happened when the Ryders was here or how they caused you all problems. Because right now you have enough coming your way without trying to bring in a team that isn’t a factor in this match at all.”

He chuckles.

“While you guys wanted to bring up that Hellfire changed up slightly to allow Chris to retire, it isn’t any different than Requiem being replaced. The Empire or DEA, our group is the same as yours. Just the slight change as you put it to down play you trying to gain the unicorn in your life that is none other than the SCW Tag Team Titles. You guys will never gain them. Challenging us over and over again is the closest that you’re going to get. Can’t you grasp ahold of this reality? You can’t win. Doesn’t matter who you bring in. You guy are losers. Just a joke in the back-stage area when it comes to tag team action.”

He stands up and grabs his drink. He walks over to a trophy case where it holds all the Titles and awards he has won over his years in the ring. He opens the case and picks up his SCW Tag Team Title. He looks at it for a few moments and puts it back down.

“I have to wonder, while you want nothing more but to take the Titles off us. What else drives you Alzy? Emily, you say that he doesn’t hold you back. While that might not be how you feel. The facts remain. Answer me this, all the matches he has had in SCW both singles and tag. How many has he won? How many times has his hand been raised in victory? Because I can promise you this. There hasn’t been very many I have lost. And those were mainly me losing because these fuckin masked men keep coming to attack me. Either way, I still win way more than I lose.”

He pauses.

“But the two of you wanna ask how long has it been since the Tag Team Titles been defended? Why do I need to keep defending Titles when no one can get the damn job done and take them off us. The last 2 defenses I have had were against who?”

He does a brief pause.

“Oh, that’s right. It was against the two of you losers and guess what? Even though neither of you has done a damn thing to earn a Title shot, I gave you another one. Because you lost twice against us and then lost to Jess and Mills. A team that hasn’t teamed together in like 10 years. While Jess and I hasn’t teamed together in a few years, we train. We train at least 3 days a week and while you might not realize it. We are a fine oiled machine and will come out of TLC as Champions just like we walked in as.”

He turns towards the camera now looking deep into it like he is trying to look into the soul of each and every person that is watching this.

“We picked this match and made sure that we can finally bathe in the blood from the two of you. I want to watch you bleed, and when Jessica and I have our hands raised victorious I will laugh as I look at the blood the two of you have spilt. When you realize that not only did you two fail to win the Titles. Also thinking about how much blood I took from you. I will take your dreams, your spirit, your blood and if I can manage. Your soul. I want to make you suffer amounts of pain that you never felt before. I want to make sure that neither of you ever think about trying to come for our Titles ever again. Face it, the only person out of your entire camp that has ever beaten me is Brian Brewster. And he isn’t about to show his face around here again. Because he knows that he couldn’t do it again.”

Jessica walks into the room now as she looks at Brian.

“Talk is cheap. I don’t give a damn about anything that the two of you has to say. Come prove it in the ring. Come try and take what is mine. And as for the match after this one. Well, neither of you should care. Because the only thing that should be going through your minds is can you get the job done. Can you beat me? Beat Jess? I doubt that. I am coming for war and when I go for Paige as one half of the Tag Team Champions. We can worry about that match when the time comes. I’m done talking. Jess, I know you want to address these clowns. Have at it girl!”

Jessica adjusted the tag team championship over one shoulder and her International Heavyweight Championship over the other before speaking.

Jessica: I hope those are the super plus, Brian, because these clowns are whining like huge bitches. Let me get this straight. They whine when they AREN’T getting a title shot that they didn’t earn, and they whine when we hand them a shot they didn’t earn? Seriously, do you guys actually want a shot at the gold, or do you just want to complain about not being the champions? You guys are stuck so far back in the past. I want to let you know a few things that should be obvious. For starters, this is not fucking FTWO.

Yeah, I know FTWO folded into SCW back in the day. Hell, I was scheduled to appear in FTWO at what would have been their last event! But that is in the past. This is SCW, dammit, so every time you two bring up FTWO, it becomes more and more clear that you’re stuck holding onto some old glory. I am an 18 time World Champion. Do you see me dropping organization names every time I open my mouth? Seriously, I can’t remember the last time either of you cut a promo without mentioning FT fucking WO. Bury it and let it stay dead. Focus on where you are now, because nobody cares who was FTWO TransAtlantic champion 10 years ago, nor do they care who was FTWO Alternative Champion.

Emily, you’re on your way to being SCW Alternative Champion for 500 days. A feat that nobody in SCW, myself included, has ever managed. I would be a little fucking offended every time Alzy talks about the FTWO Alternative Championship. As the Alternative Division Commissioner, I’m very pleased with how you’ve carried the belt so far, but honestly, I’m starting to feel like you don’t respect it.

Jessica paused for a moment, shaking her held.

Jessica: And Alzy, the last time I remember you actually winning a match was at Survival, damn near a year ago, when you earned a shot at the Alternative and World Heavyweight Championships. And you’re such a damn clown that you fumbled BOTH! You let two rookies beat you in huge title opportunities! There seems to be some confusion as to who you guys will be facing, so let me clear it the fuck up. Hellfire, the tag team of Emily Desmond and Alzy “fuckwit” Hawkshaw, will be challenging the DEA, consisting of Brian Kennedy and Jessica Tendonin, so keep my husbands name out of your mouth.

Alzy, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve trying to slam on Brian and I for how long it’s been since we teamed together. I’m the Dragon and that’s the Living Legend! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. I proved that to you at Overdrive 49, when Johnathan Mills and I, who had not teamed together in years, defeated you two sacks of failure. Hell, I thought Mills was dead! You guys want us to believe that you’re so big and bad, but the fact of the matter is, you guys are shit as a unit. At least individually, Emily Desmond is making a name for herself.

At TLC, this BLAKT match is going to change all four of us, I know. It’s going to be painful. It’s going to be bloody. All of us will have scars. Somebody might not walk away. I don’t know who it will be, but one thing I do know is that the DEA are leaving TLC as the SCW Tag Team Champions. And that is something you can count on. You wanted to bring up the Ryders and Feral Destruction?

The Ryders caught Brian and Cam slipping. And then tried to pull a fast one. I remember that shit, because I remember having to hold Urakih off from attacking all three members of Feral Destruction. While they were whining about their rematch, the Ryders went on to win the UCW World Tag Team Championships. Eventually, Feral Destruction whined their way into getting their rematch, on their own terms. I’m starting to see how my partner Brian gets names mixed up so easily. You all whine and whine and whine. It’s like standing in a full nursery when feeding is late and diapers need to be changed.

But make no mistake, Emily and Alzy…you guys may whine like babies and bitches, but we’re going to treat you like you stole something.And when it is all said and done, I don’t want to hear you guys whining for a title shot again until you actually fucking earn one, because this was handed to you. We got tired of your constant bitching, and decided to go on and handle it. But this gold is staying right fucking here. You’re dealing with the former SCW Champion and the former SCW World Heavyweight Champion. We earned our place and our clout. And at the end of TLC, we’re going to earn your respect, because you will either bow before us voluntarily, or we will be you to an inch of your life and force you to KNEEL BEFORE DEA!

The scene faded.

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