“Firestorm” Johnathan Mills watches the arena where the XCW last show was. The audience had already left and the talent had begun to leave. Johnathan shifts his position with a grunt as he has been watching for the better part of an hour. His smart phone rings with a text from Jessica Tendonin to remind him that he should train for his upcoming title match against Emily Desmond.

Johnathan brings up the voice message recording to send a message back.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I’m not going to be able to make it in time to train. I am about to have a word with Gabriel Tuck about the location of my father. I’ll see you at the arena. Thanks for checking in on me.

Johnathan sends the message and watches as Gabriel Tuck walks out of the arena with beer in hand. He takes a long swig of the beer before casting it against the outside wall of the arena. He sits on the back of his motorcycle and is about to start it when he notices a pile of sugar on top of the gas tank. He brings out his cell phone and quickly dials it.

GABRIEL TUCK: Which one of you fucking clowns poured sugar on my bike? The gas tank locks, you nimrods! I’m heading back to camp once I clean this shit off.

Johnathan Mills stands up, taking off at full speed toward the motorcycle as Gabriel kickstarts it. Gabriel only has the time to look in Johnathan’s direction before being speared off of the bike.

Both men roll to their feet, Gabriel reaching for his heavy revolver that’s not in its holster. Johnathan strikes him with an elbow to the jaw.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Where’s my father?

Gabriel backsteps away from a second elbow strike, glancing for where his gun might be.

GABRIEL TUCK: I don’t know who the fuck you are to know where your daddy fucking is!

A quick backflip kick to the chest later, Johnathan picks the gun up off of the ground, and points it at Gabriel.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: My name is Johnathan Mills! My father is Thomas Mills or Troy Adkins.

Gabriel keeps his hands out so that Johnathan can see them while he keeps his eyes on the gun pointed at him.

GABRIEL TUCK: Johnathan Mills? You’re dead.

Johnathan points the gun over Gabriel’s shoulder and takes a shot that Gabriel ducks to avoid.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Do I look dead to you? Where is my father?

Gabriel sighs, slowly reaching into a pocket to bring out a pack of cigarettes. He takes one out and lights it, putting the rest back.

GABRIEL TUCK: Why would I let a dead man know where his father is? What’s in it for me?

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I let you live?



GABRIEL TUCK: Let’s go into the arena. They haven’t taken the ring down yet. Beat me in the ring and I’ll tell you where your father is. It’s wrestling sense.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I suppose that does make sense and would be good training for my own upcoming match.

GABRIEL TUCK: See? Good all around.

Johnathan motions toward the door with the gun.


Ten minutes later, Gabriel Tuck and Johnathan Mills are in the ring with a borrowed XCW referee.

Johnathan begins the match going for another elbow strike, but Gabriel sidesteps it and smashes Johnathan in the mouth with a right hand. He goes for another one and another, driving Johnathan back to the ropes.

Johnathan grabs the ropes, backflip kicking Gabriel in the jaw to stun him, and skins the cat to get back into the ring. Johnathan locks in a side headlock, going for a headlock driver, but Gabriel shoves him chest first into the ropes. He hits a quick back suplex on the rebound, bridging for the pinfall.






Thre-Johnathan kicks out!

Gabriel kneels up, going for another right hand, but Johnathan rolls out of the way so that Gabriel strikes the mat instead. Johnathan jumps to his feet, roundhouse kicking Gabriel in the head to send him flying backwards to the mat.

Johnathan hits a standing moonsault, hooking a leg for the pinfall.




Tw-Gabriel kicks out!

Johnathan rolls to his feet, watching as Gabriel stands up. Johnathan grabs Gabriel, whipping him into the ropes. He runs at the corner as Gabriel comes back, leaping into the corner, springboarding into a spear that takes Gabriel down! Johnathan goes for the quick pinfall.







Johnathan kneels up, patting Gabriel on the shoulder.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: You lost. Pay up.

Gabriel sits up with a growl.

GABRIEL TUCK: You got lucky.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: I know, but I still won. Where is my father?

GABRIEL TUCK: On the black ship of Armand von Krauss where he has been used as a bargaining chip. Once Armand knows that you are alive, you will be used as well.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Not if Armand doesn’t find out that I’m alive.

Gabriel looks at Johnathan for a moment and begins to laugh.

GABRIEL TUCK: You ain’t got it in you.

Johnathan sighs, knowing that Gabriel is right. He doesn’t want to be the super villain anymore. He drives his elbow into Gabriel’s temple, knocking him out.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: The black ship of Armand, but since I have a handy person. Yo, ref? You wanna record this for me?

Johnathan hands the XCW ref his cell phone so that he can record a video promo.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Emily Desmond, you think that you’re going to be keeping that championship belt. You are not. I’m going to be taking that title off of you. I’m going to be going home as champion. I’m going to be going on to free my father.

Johnathan makes a cutting motion and gets his phone back from the ref. He posts the video and sighs. He has seen the black ship of Armand hanging in the sky like an omen of death. A great airship that shouldn’t even be in the sky, but it flies with the greatest of ease.

It’ll be crazy hard to break into a mobile fortress and break out with his father, but Johnathan has done worse.


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