Hyperion 2018

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In Greek Mythology, Hyperion is one of the twelve Titans, who overthrew Uranus, their father. In some translations, Hyperion means The High One.

The first Hyperion interfed tournament had one official winner. The following had a winner and a runner up. For 2018, there will be three winners. An Emperor/Empress, for first place, and a Prince(ss) for second. Third place is simply known as third place. For these three, in addition to these ranks, a total of five million dollars is available. See below.


  1. $3,000,000
  2. $1,500,000
  3. $500,000

Entry Rules

Anyone may enter. Feds wishing to have official entries  are limited to 2 sponsored entries. Handlers are limited to one character.


Prizes will be delivered via Amazon eGift Card or PayPal, depending on your preference when signing up.

  1. $50USD
  2. $35USD
  3. $15USD

Tournament Rules

  1. 2 Promo limit per character, per match.
  2. No word limits.
  3. Single elimination style, until choosing third place.
  4. Each match will have at least 3-5 voters.
  5. Feds with sponsored entrants may not vote on a match involving their entrant.
  6. Sponsorship is not required for entry.
  7. Each round will be 14 days. Each round is to have 10 days for promos, 3 days for voting, and on the 14th day, the results are posted.
  8. Early rounds are intended to be summarized (volunteers welcome). 1st/2nd, and 3rd place matches will both be fully written.
  9. All promos must be posted in designated Hyperion area (coming soon) on the SCW forums.


Information subject to change.



Tendonin v. Lewis II!

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We knew it was going to happen, but we didn’t know when. When Jessica Tendonin challenged Paige Lewis for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship at SCW Survival, in an Ironman Match, the pair went through an absolute battle for the right to leave with the championship. Tendonin had already defended the International Championship earlier in the night against Red Dragon, and Lewis was fresh.

Early on, Lewis was gaining a big lead in points over the Dragon. Tendonin managed to turn the tables, however. As the timer ran out, though, the pair were tied. They went into sudden death, and continued to battle. Lewis would put up a great fight, but like many before her, she succumbed to the Paraguayan Imprint. After the end of the match, the pair shook hands.

Now, the time has come. Paige Lewis has decided to activate her rematch when SCW rolls into London at the O2 Arena. Lewis, who won the championship in New Orleans after defeating Drew Stevenson in an Ironman match, is a London native, who now lives in Cambridge. She’s looking to win it back in her hometown. But the big question is…can she do it? Nobody has defeated Jessica Tendonin for a world championship in 7 years. Will Lewis be the first? Find out on March 10th!

Jesse Owusu Returns to SCW!

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The man, the star, the champion. Jesse Owusu is not only one of SCW’s earliest stars, but also one of our first champions, being the inaugural SCW North American Champion. His reign is a day longer than that of the man who relieved him of the championship, but Owusu wasn’t pressed to go after the belt, as he became a challenger for the SCW World Championship.

There were rumors of a returning star, and we are able to confirm that Jesse Owusu is indeed the star who was set to return. Jesse Owusu competed at Overdrive 43, making his triumphant return over Jacina, also a former SCW North American Champion.

Initially, Mr. Walker claimed to not know who it was, but had this to say when we caught up with him.

“As if I wouldn’t know who’s going to be on payroll in my company? Jesse Owusu helped lift this company off the ground back in the day. If he were around longer, I imagine we might have seen him become SCW World Champion at some point. And who knows, perhaps he can earn himself a bid at the new SCW World Heavyweight Championship. Never know what the future holds. I’ve made a significant investment in getting Young Life back on SCW programming, and I’m sure he’ll make it worthwhile.”

For now, we are glad to have Owusu back in SCW, and look forward to seeing him do what he does best.

SCW Bonuses

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SCW Survival, after expenses, cleared over $435,000,000, completely obliterating the projected $250,000,000 goal. As a result, Mr. Walker has decided that each person in the SCW organization is well due for a bonus, after all of the hard work from not only the superstars, but the staff and crew, as well.

On Feb. 3rd, Mr. Walker issued the following statement.

“It’s crazy, yeah. We’ve got people on payroll going hard behind the scenes, just like our stars in the ring. It’s a team effort to put these events together. No one person is responsible for this. We made about a billion dollars last year in profits between selling tickets, merchandise, and PPV combos and whatnot. $435,000,000 is a lot of money. We were only projecting about a quarter billion for Survival.

That was a gross underestimation, we now see. But, like I said. We have a lot of people working to make this a successful organization. And I want all of them to understand how much I appreciate it. So, I’m giving everybody a bonus. And not a little punk ass bonus like Walmart and that thousand dollar foolishness. I’m giving every single SCW employee a bonus…of $2,500,000! And NOBODY is exempt.

If you get a paycheck from SCW, you’re getting this bonus. And, because I don’t want to screw up y’all taxes, these will be gifts, not income. I really can’t say how amazing it is to be standing here, talking about such big numbers. But, we’ve all earned it.”

Mr. Walker states that these gifts will begin arriving in mid February to mid March.

5th Title?

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The rumor mill is an ever active entity. Current rumors are quite intriguing, regarding the SCW Championship scene. There are currently several different rumors circulating, and all of them indicate, in one way or another, that there will be a fifth title added to SCW. Some versions of the rumor claim that there will be a type of TV Championship added to the lineup, that would be defended at all regular shows.

Others claim that the new championship, if true, will be another Divisional championship, like the Alternative Championship. Furthermore, there are claims that it may be another regional belt, such as the International Championship. At the moment, there are all rumors, and nothing has been confirmed by SCW staff.

Stay tuned for details.

Returning Superstar?

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SCW Headquarters has recently become aware of a planned return for a former SCW star. The identity is being kept under wraps at the moment, and rumor is that even Mr. Walker isn’t sure who the alleged superstar is. In the nearly 6 year history of the SCW, a great many people have passed through, so it could literally be almost anyone!


Stay tuned for details.

Server Down 1/17/18

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On January 17th, 2018, an issue occurred at Zathyus data center,  and several servers were down because of the issue. Our forum is hosted on one of the effected servers, and thus, for about an hour, was inaccessible.

The initial deadline for SCW Overdrive 42 was on that same day, and the outage ran through it. Thus, there will be no penalties for missing the first deadline.


For more information click here.

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