Larissa’s Warning

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Scene 1: A Response

Larissa had quite the time in the company. After two losses, she had become champion and actually defended it, breaking the former top star’s arm. But now, she had a stooge to deal with and the fact of it was that she didn’t care who she faced, but someone would get an arm broken.


Larissa: First, you really must be dumber than you look. So I’ll explain it to you. My mom is Chinese, my dad is Korean. I was born in China but moved to Korea when my mom married. Much simpler than you think it is but I wouldn’t expect you to get it.

Larissa had been very cocky lately, but with reason to be. She had taken out the queen, according to Jessica herself. But now she had to deal with her stooge. The fact was that again, she didnt mind this as she just wanted to fight.

Larissa: Look here. I don’t care what condition Jessica is in. With her out of the picture, I am going to what I did to her to the rest of DEA. And in fact, if you think I’m alone, then you’re stupider than you look. I have not one but two people as backup. Right now, yes, theres more of you than me, but you will soon see that I did not come to SCW alone. And the fact is that you’re standing in my way, and I’m going to prove I’m the true queen when I put you on the shelf alongside your “master”. the fact is that she isnt your master. Slavery ended in the 1500’s. And the only thing DEA is master of is sucking each other off.

Larissa’s confidence grew by the second. She just knew she had this in hand. as her International title rested on her shoulders, a smirk grew across her face as well. Since building somewhat of a win streak, her confidence had grown into arrogance and the fact was that she now felt unstoppable.

Larissa: The fact I didn’t screw up by intentionally, yes I intentionally took out your leader. I simply sent a message to DEA. I’m coming for the rest of you. When me and my backup are done, DEA will be no more. When I am done, my group will have all the gold. I didn’t bring one or two. Not even three. You’ll see the exact number very soon.

Larissa’s confidence now had skyrocketed but had turned to fury. Her red hair had turned from ruby red to fire red, along the lines of Becky Lynch’s hair, or more orange than the Nickelodeon logo. Larissa had lost it and was now on the edge of showing it. But could she restrain herself until match time?

Larissa: I could care less if you or Paige are mad. Am I supposed to be scared of you? Because I’m not. The fact is that the word “scared” isn’t in my vocabulary. I don’t know what it means. But what I’m not scared to do is snap arms. And when I see you at Survival, you are going to get one angry Chinese-Korean dragon. And that’s the last thing you want. I promise you that much.

Larissa possesed incredible restraint. She could go from being mad back to being calm in no time. Because of her fiery temper, friends and family referred to her as “The Dragon”, as when she was mad, she could easily breathe verbal fire, and she was just about to let her opponent have it.

Larissa: And Jessica is a legend only in the minds of herself, her family and her stooges in DEA. To me, she is overrated. Just like anyone in DEA. All you are are her minions. Her stooges. Her butt kissers. Her yes people. And I hate that. It makes me sick to see all of you, even the GM herself, Neela, kiss up to her which is why it gives me great pleasure to take out DEA one by one. And that’s whats going to happen. DEA will be run out of this company. And my own army of fighters will be here in time. For now, watch your backs. Be afraid. Because they will be here. And we are coming for your lives. Be aware of that and if your value yours at all, run for them.

The promo was now complete and Larissa needed to be at her second job, which was restoring malls. And the fact was that she needed to finish restoring the one she was standing in, as Rolling Acres was being remodelled in its original location.




Off Camera: Restoration Complete

Restoring Rolling Acres mall was now complete and all that Larissa needed was tenants. She had contacted several tenants, and was slowly getting them. She now had a Gamestop moving in, along a Stonehenge Games, which was owned by her friend, Erin Stone, so that one was easy to get. But she still had not heard from Best Buy, Target or Chili’s, but the three had till weeks end to get back to her. At that point, her phone rings. She looks at it and notes that it reads “Best Buy Inc”. She picks up and speaks.


Larissa: Hello? Thanks for calling. So, what’s the final word on Best Buy coming to the all new Rolling Acres Mall? I hope you realize that this will be profitable for everyone. I know you were worried about crime, sir. But we have that in hand. So what is the decision?

She sported a red and black suit with her red cat’s eye glasses. She also had high heels on and her red hair back in a bun, funny enough, looking like a teacher instead of a businesswoman, but she didn’t mind that at all. As the CEO speaks, she listens in.

CEO, Best Buy: We have decided to give your mall a chance. We will be moving in at month’s end. We also discussed us being one of the anchors. Is that still set to happen?

Larissa managed a smile. She knew what she was doing, having a business degree and a very high iq. The fact was that security wasn’t an issue as she herself with her MMA background and wrestling background, could wrestle anyone to the ground and make them tap if needed. But she hoped that would not be needed, which was why she had hired security to guard the place.

Larissa: Yes, sir. We will also have one other anchor, on the other end of the mall. Since we are a two story mall now, if you wish, you may have a two story store. But no more. As we discussed, the mall will never be big enough for anyone to have a store of that size. It’s just in fairness to any store I’ve acquired. Nothing against any of my tenants.

She knew about the seedy reputation the mall had and wanted to fix that. And with help from the new tenants, she would. This mall was about to get the kick in the ass it needed and soon, hopefully, it would inspire other malls across the world to get back into the game, as malls were a dying art. Well, they were and would no longer be if she had anything to say.

CEO: Understood. We will begin setting up shop on Feburary 1st at 9 AM. We hope to see you then. Have a nice day, Ms. Kim and I will see you then. Goodbye.

The scene faded with Larissa walking into her office. Once there, she looks through her emails, as the scene finally fades off.

Time to prove my worth……Emily vs Paige Survival 2019 Alternative

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Off Camera


Emily Desmond is looking out the windows at Central Park but she’s not in her father’s apartment. In fact she’s four floors above his apartment looking at a vacancy that had occured and Chris had mentioned it to Emily. She wasn’t looking to rent, she had enough of that. Instead she’s thinking of buying the place, something that she can call her own. But she’s hesitant because she would be living so close to her father, and she’s afraid that her personal life would be taken over by Chris. He hasn’t said anything so far about how Sean Foster, SCW reporter, is living with her but then she’s not a hundred percent he knows. But she knows if she buys this place, he will eventually find out for certain. But the location and the price are next to impossible to beat. Finally Emily looks at the real estate agent.


Emily: How much they asking again?


Agent: They’re asking a million dollars.


Emily: I see…..


Sean Foster appears out of one of the bedrooms. He has a tape measure in one hand and piece of paper that he’s writing on in the other. He looks at Emily.


Sean: You want me to measure the guest room as well?


Emily: Please.


He goes into the bedroom and Emily turns her attention back to the real estate agent.


Emily: Look, I realize that Central Park is literally right outside the window but the flooring is in desperate need of being replaced, the appliances are far from being the top of the line, and I’m going to need for someone to come in and paint and deep clean. Nine hundred…..I don’t know.


Agent: But as you said, Central Park is right there.


Emily: Indeed……but…..


Sean comes out writing on the paper. He walks over to Emily and hands it to her. She smiles at him and reads the numbers, nodding her head at them. Sean can almost see the wheels turning in Emily’s head as she looks at the agent, who might be holding her breath.


Emily: I’ll offer them $800, and I can have it to them by tomorrow evening.


Agent: You have a mortgage ready to go?


Emily: Mortgage? Did I say anything about mortgage? I’m talking cash.


There are two gasps of surprise, one is the agent, the other is Sean.


Emily: What?


Agent: I….um….well……


Emily: What?


Agent: Umm If you can wait a few minutes, I can call their agent and…..


Emily: Oh come call them directly. I don’t want to drag this out for the next month.


The agent nods and she goes into the bedroom. Emily goes over to the sliding door and opens it. The chill of the wind nearly takes her breath away but she knows in better temperatures that this will be an excellent place to live.She’s on the southeast corner, with the bedroom looking onto another building, and the view out the living room being of Central Park. There is a wrap around balcony from the bedroom to the living room, and both have sliding glass doors. Right now there is a good bit of snow on the balcony as the apartment has been empty since Thanksgiving. Emily walks around in a circle and then realizes Sean is staring at her.


Emily: What?


Sean: What? THAT is all you have to say is what?


Emily: Um….ok how do you like it? I mean, I’m the one buying it but I presume you’re going to live here with me.


Sean: As long as your dad doesn’t try to chase me off.


Emily: Pfft, he’s past that. And if Mom tries throwing a fit I can remind her of a few things. So you do like it?


Sean: Yes and…..Em you just offered them CASH.


Emily: Yes I did. If they’re serious about selling it they’ll at least think about it.


Sean: CASH.


Emily: Sean, are you ok? You seem on the verge of having some attack.


Sean opens his mouth to say something but before he can, the real estate agent walks back into the room.


Agent: You were serious about the eight hundred…..right?


Emily signals Sean to hand her what appears to be a bag to carry laptops. He hands it to her and she unzips it while walking over towards the kitchen area where there is an island. She reaches in and pulls out of stack of something and sets it on the island, then repeats the action. Both the real estate and agent and Sean walk over to Emily and we can see the stacks are money. The agent looks from Emily to the stacks of cash, then back but seems to have been rendered a mute. Sean is trying to keep his eyes from popping out of his head, and come off totally at ease with the idea he’s looking at a small fortune.


Emily: There’s a hundred thousand in cash, as a show that I’m good for the rest by….end of tomorrow soon enough?


The agent just stares, not moving, not saying anything.


Emily: Hello? Do you need to call your clients?


Agent: What? Oh… yeah, excuse me.


The agent walks away from Emily while furiously dialing a number on her cell phone. Once she walks away Sean steps up to Emily.


Sean: Well you’re full of surprises today. What’s next? A rabbit out of a hat?


Emily: Please don’t fret. I’m only spending what is mind from my real mom. When Selena died, her life insurance policy was in my name, and it matured when I turned 18. I’ve been trying to decide if there was anything I truly  wanted and it dawned on me that I want a place to call my own.


Sean: But what about Lynn?


Emily: What about her?


Sean: Well shall we start that she lives in Savannah? Or that she’s not going to like this? And what about Marie? Do you think she’ll understand that her sister wants to live in New York and not Georgia? And……


Emily: I know what I’m doing and…..


The agent walks back in the room, a slight sheet of sweat on her forehead.


Agent: I told her of your offer AND your cash down payment. All I need to know is when you would like to meet to sign the paperwork and make payment and then by Friday this will be all yours.


Emily: Do you think they would mind if we had some contractors and designers in to give me estimates on a few things I want to spruce up?


Agent: I don’t know why not. In fact I’m so sure……


The agent peels a couple keys off a keyring, then pulls out her organizer and pulls out what looks like a credit card. She hands all this to Emily.


Agent: The card will let you in the building, the keys are to the front door. I’ll let the doorman know you’re expecting people. Shall we meet here… say 6pm tomorrow evening? To sign the documents and complete the sale?


Emily: Certainly. Once you have the documents filled out send them to my lo lawyer…..


Emily looks in her own organizer for a card that she hands to the real estate agent.


Emily: I’ll tell him to expect it. As long as he has it by 3pm tomorrow, then we’re on. If there are any delays we can meet Friday. After that I’ll be unavailable until about this time next week.


Agent: I understand. And….congratulations.


She quickly writes a receipt for the cash, closes up her briefcase and organize and leaves, leaving Emily and Sean in the huge space alone. They both look around in a circle, turning until they nearly  bump into each other.


Sean: So what are you thinking?


Emily: Hardwood floors, high quality throw rugs. We’ll need furniture cause what we have is about 2 steps up from thrift store, in the kitchen new oven and range, maybe put in a convection oven. New dishwasher, everything in stainless steel. As for paint…..what do you think?


Sean: Something…..neutral. Not just plain white but maybe a beige color, and definitely an accent wall in say……I don’t know, something warm.


Emily: Like an orange?


Sean: Orange……red, somewhere in that realm.


Emily looks at her phone to see the time.


Emily: Someone should be here soon. Maybe they can get most of this done while we’re gone.


Sean: Only if they’re supermen.


Emily: The money will be a huge motivator.


The doorbell sounds, and it’s been maybe all of fifteen minutes since the real estate agent left. Emily goes over and opens it to see an interior designer standing there. Emily smiles and lets him in. He looks around and Emily can tell from the look on his face that he has a lot he’s thinking about. Finally he looks at her and holds out a hand.


Man: Greg Williams. My office said to come right over here and now I see why.


Emily: As you can tell it needs some help, and I hope I don’t have to babysit you or anyone working for you. You’ll be running the show until it’s done.


Greg pulls out a legal pad and leans on the kitchen island. He makes a few notes then looks at Emily.


Greg: So sweetie….tell me what YOU want.


Emily starts telling him as Sean listens in and the camera fades to black as they discuss it.


On Camera


It’s late at night and Emily is sitting on a stool inside a white room, no curtains on the windows, no artwork on the walls, not even furniture or a throw rug. Just Emily and the stool next to a kitchen island. Emily is leaning forward on her hands, her elbows propped up as she seems lost in her thoughts. Finally she looks up, and straightens up, grabbing the water bottle next to her. She opens it, takes a drink, then replaces the lid and sets it down as she makes sure she has her thoughts about her.


Emily: So Paige Lewis the time has come since that moment you stuck your nose into the Alternative title for us to face each other. You know Paige it still makes no sense to me that the world champion of SCW would want to take on the Alternative champion. Now if you wanted to take me on, no titles on the line, to see if you could beat me? That would actually make a great deal more sense than this. I still remember that night when you were in that match, it felt like you expected to NOT be the world champion when you got this chance. And that would have made sense. But not ……not a world champion wanting a secondary title.


Now some may call me out on saying secondary, but it’s true, I’m the Alternative champion and I am NOT the top wrestler in SCW, you are. Yes I’ve held my title the longest, which hasn’t been simple, but see I was actually giving some thought to asking Neela if I could have a match for you, but it wouldn’t be for the Alternative title, it would be for the World title. Yes I know that you’ve been an incredible champion and hell you can boast something that not many around here can, and that is the fact you’ve beaten Jessica Tendonin. Not too many people, in or out of the fed, can say that. I’m not sure I’ve ever faced her one on one, only in tag action, so know that I won’t sit here boast about something that I haven’t done.


Emily leans forward, her chin resting on her hand as she thinks. She doesn’t straighten up just yet, but seems lost in thought just a bit.


I look over my time in SCW and …..I’ve accomplished a great deal. I’ve been champion since June of 2017. I’ve faced some of the toughest people there have been……Requiem, Johnathan MIlls, the man who I beat for the title …Priest. Even my own tag partner Alzy not once, but twice.


Emily straightens up.


If you think I’m saying all these names because I’m bragging, no I’m not bragging, I’m merely stating. Oh I looked at those who you took on and…..the list is a bit impressive. I mean…..Alzy? I know that my tag partner isn’t perfect, but I know he gave you a fight. Jessica? Paige she beat you, she proved that you do have chinks in your armor, chinks I’m going to expose even more. Yes you managed to beat her to get the title back but really Paige, you shouldn’t have lost it in the first place.


Then I look and seriously you beat Jacina… Please forgive me if I’m not impressed with that. Brian Kennedy? He’s so full of hot air I’m surprised he hasn’t just floated away. All Brian Kennedy cares about is himself and whatever titles he can get his mitts on.


So Paige if we look at who you beat, and then who I’ve beaten….I have a few more wins, wins against people who have some talent, while the only two people I’m pressed with on  your list is Alzy, because….well duh, he’s my partner, and Drew, who is no longer with SCW. Oh wait add Jessica to that list but thats it Paige. You’ve been in SCW for nearly as long as I have yet…….


But still I will be facing you at Survival, and it will be in a casket match. I went back a couple years and there haven’t been any casket matches. See as the Alternative champion I can pick what I’ll defend my title in. I’ve done ladders, I’ve done weapons in a cage, submissions only, and a few others. But not even the gentleman who held this title before me, Priest, had done a casket match so I felt it was time to shake things up in SCW and do it. It’s pretty simple thing Paige. The first person to get the other into the casket AND get it fully closed wins. I know, you might be thinking “hell I can do that” but its not that simple. Have you ever……well this isn’t the perfect comparison but have you ever tried to give a cat a bath? That’s the type of fight you can expect from me if you try to put me in that casket. I will fight with everything I got so you better pretty much knock me out if you want a chance to get me anywhere near the casket. The other thing you have to contend with is that I’m not about to lose my streak. I’ve been champion since June 17,2017. And I actually sat down with a calendar and counted it out to be double sure of what I’m about to say…..I’ve been Alternative champion 584 days as of January 22, 2019. Impressive numbers to be sure, and I intend to keep that number alive.


Emily stretches her neck backwards, then side to side, as if she wants it to pop. She’s actually thinking about her next comments.


Now there are whispers backstage, but no one will ask me directly, but if I win will I ask for a world title shot. You know, I hadn’t even thought about it. I guess I figured it would be Paige Lewis as World champion, myself as Alternative champion. But now Paige is straying into my territory, something she should be careful about. Now as for will I ask for that title shot, I’m not one to get ahead of myself. I’m focusing on Paige in the here and now, not what might happen down the road. I will say this however, Paige you have a rather busy night at Survival, facing me and then Brian Kennedy. What I’m about to say is coming from deep inside me. Please do….not…..lose……..Brian Kennedy. I am so serious it’s not funny. If you …..let him beat you, SCW could be facing its demise. Plus I don’t want him getting this bright idea that if hey, if I beat Paige I get both titles. Well that presumes first you’ll beat me, and two that Neela would let the Alternative title be defended at the very same time. But that’s definitely putting the cart way before the horse because you would have to defeat me. That won’t be happening so Kennedy can just quit thinking of my title, it’s not up for grabs. Not by nefarious methods of his, nor because I lost straight up to you. You may not like that, but I’m not one to beat around the bush.


So Paige, I sit here waiting. Oh I’m waiting on my interior decorator, on contractors, to make my new apartment mine, but I’m also waiting for you, to see what the woman who has managed to lead SCW for so long, has to say. Oh by the way I do hope after this pav per view you don’t go missing again. I don’t like bringing that up, but you seem to ….well vanish and then people are wondering will you ever return, and all that. Well I think you know who is after you, I have no one after me, at least to my knowledge, and that kind of distraction can also affect your game. So worrying about outside influences, worrying about what might happen after the matches, worrying about your next match of the evening, and so forth, that’s a lot to worry about. As for me? I have a simple, singular worry and that is defeating you, so that I remain SCW Alternative champion. I plan on retaining, and showing that I i can’t be beat, that even the great Paige Lewis couldn’t stop me. And I plan on keeping it that way.


Camera fades to black as Emily gets up and walks towards the camera that gets shut off.

Urakih’s Warning

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She’d been driving for hours. Coming down from Toledo, the trip was long and boring. But, her master had demanded her presence in Charlotte. Now, she was waiting. Urakih’s hair was wrapped in her knit hat as she leaned against her Nissan GTR. Looking up, she saw it. The livery of Jessica’s Gulfstream was quite eye-catching. The beautiful craft came in for a landing, coming down smoothly.

Urakih watched as it taxied toward her. Into the hangar the jet went. A few minutes later, a black Mustang and a Red Hellcat crept out. Jessica pulled up alongside Urakih as the Mustang took off.

Jessica: Paige will catch up with us later. You ready to cruise?

Urakih: Yeah, sure.

Jessica: You gonna be able to keep up? Is that the Alpha?

Urakih: Master?! As if I would dare bring anything else while running with you!

Jessica: Well then…keep up, kid!

With that, the redhead peeled off. Urakih gasped before quickly climbing into her car. Catching up with Jessica was no problem as she wasn’t going very fast. Urakih overtook the Hellcat and took a turn, completely flying through a red light. Jessica followed and the pair sped away from the airport. It had been too long since she’d been on a cruise with Jessica. Looking in her rearview, she was impressed that Jessica could control her car so well, having no use of her left arm. Then again, Jessica was a professional driver. This was child’s play.

Almost as if reading her thoughts, Jessica went into the next lane and sped up, coming alongside the GTR. Urakih looked over, rolling down her window. Jessica did the same.

Jessica: You’re too slow!!!

Urakih knew Jessica’s car was fast. Fast, however, didn’t describe how she took off just then. Like a rocket, in an instant, Jessica was 100 yards ahead. Clenching her teeth, Urakih shifted up to the next gear. The beast affectionately known as Godzilla roared as she tried to catch up with Jessica. After a moment, Jessica was still far ahead. Traffic lights were completely ignored as the pair weaved through traffic. Then, Urakih laughed.

Urakih: You little…you boosted that damn thing!

With one hand, Urakih closed all the clasps on her harness. Changing hands, she grabbed her helmet. Now, it was time to get serious. A kid on a bike was crossing the street. Urakih was going too fast stop. Tapping a button, her second horn blared. The kid, perhaps 15 or 16, jumped off of his bike. Urakih swerved around the bike, and continued through the intersection. They were out moving towards a residential area, now. She didn’t like driving this through populated areas. Ahead, Jessica had come to a stop suddenly, and Urakih groaned as she inched to the next lane and then slammed on her brake. Jessica was laughing uncontrollably. Then, she saw the helmet with Urakih lowered her window again.

Jessica: Scared, dear?

Urakih: This is an Alpha 12, Jessica. You’re fast, but I’m faster. I’m also more careful.

Jessica: Oh really? Why don’t we head back to the airport and put that to the test?

Urakih: How much money you got on you?

Jessica: Oh hush, you know I’m good for it…IF you win…

The Paraguayan was antagonizing her, she knew, but Urakih was already worked up. Now, she really DID want to race. Jessica looked at her watch.

Jessica: You know, we might have to do this later. The show started 10 minutes ago. I want to get a clip of you riding down the interstate. Then, we have to actually show up.

And so, the pair headed for the interstate. It took a bit, but they got the clip finished. Jessica sent it in, then she made a call. It was answered after several rings.

Jessica: Hey. It’s Jessica.

Neela: How can I help you, Mrs. Tendonin?

Jessica: I’m on my way in. I’d like to have a camera crew waiting for me backstage.

Neela: Done. They’ll be ready and standing by.

Jessica: Thank you!

The call ended, and Jessica looked over at Urakih with a pleased nod. Urakih smiled back.


The camera was on, but there was no illumination. Only darkness. A strong gust of wind revealed whoever was working the camera was inside some structure, not out in the elements. In the distance, the sound titanium tipped stiletto heels striking the concrete arose. There was a confidence in the footfalls as they came closer. A confidence that was rooted in fact, experience, and not an unearned inflation of the ego. As they drew closer, a new sound joined. The sound of scales sliding over concrete. A light above the camera was turned on, but it wasn’t very bright. The silhouette of a woman was seen as she approached. As they came into the light, Adatu Urakih was revealed. Slithering at her heel was a boa constrictor.

Urakih: Well now…in time, some of you will realize just how dire your situation has just become. For those of you who may not know who I am, my name Urakih, and I am here to hurt people. I could go on and on about what that means, but I think it will be more fun to show you in time. For those sitting on the edges of your seat, running through your memories of all the horrendous things I’ve done…I want to address a really annoying rumor.

They say I’ve grown soft. The reason ranges from marriage, motherhood, time away, and about a dozen other things. Let me be very clear; it’s all bullshit. I’m still that bitch. I will still fuck any and every person up. I will wade through a river of your blood to reach my goal. And right now, I have one goal.

The Japanese woman was wearing a form fitting red dress, her long dark hair curling over her shoulders. Urakih’s dark eyes stared into the camera, an unnerving stare. With an evil sounding whisper, she turned her face toward the snake. It reacted by biting her in the leg. Her one side of her mouth pulled upwards as she grinned.

Urakih: Larissa…you know, you’ve been confusing from day one. First of all, Larissa Kim? But you’re Chinese royalty? I won’t pretend to be expertly versed and knowledgeable about my Asian neighbors, but isn’t Kim a Korean family name? And being Chinese royalty is like being a member of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Being born doesn’t impress me. You know what does impress me? The fact that you’re still breathing.

But at Survival…oh yes, what a fitting name, because you will be lucky if you survive. You broke my masters arm. Such an offense will not go unrewarded. This is about more than just the International Heavyweight Championship. This is about you disrespecting a legend. Disrespecting a pillar of this organization. You didn’t just take her championship, Larissa. You broke her goddamn. You hindered her ability to navigate daily life.

Her husband has to help her dress everyday, help her shower, and when she gets tired, even feed her. And don’t get me started on her three babies. You can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to see how frightened they are when they look at her arm. She can’t roll around in the floor with them like she likes to. No chasing them around the house. No working out between matches.

She whispered to the snake again in that weird tone, and as before, it bit her in the leg. Now, it began slithering up her leg, and then wrapping itself around her waist.

Urakih: Plain and simple, Larissa, you fucked up. And typically, you’d have just had to deal with Jessica later, after she healed. But you’ve pissed her off. I’m not just going to take the SCW International Heavyweight Championship, Larissa. I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to introduce you to levels of pain that you never would have dreamed existed. You’re going to be bloody. You’re going to be broken.

When I’m done with you, you’ll have to crawl to the ring to face Paige Lewis. There is not a single person in this company who can run the gauntlet against the pair of us, and you’ve angered both of us and must face us both in one night. You’re going to have a very bad night, Larissa.

Turned, Urakih began walking away, that same confidence coming from her steps as they faded. The boa had slipped back down to the flood now and was slithering alongside her. The light flickered off, and now only those footsteps were heard…and then, not even them.

Ascension Into Chaos

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“We all shall Ascend”


The scene opens in a dark and destroyed building. Barrels of fire are staged throughout the building illuminating its sheer destruction. Footsteps are heard getting closer and closer to the camera. It then stops shy of revealing the person.




The man moves closer to the camera still shrouded in darkness.




The man moves even closer to the camera. The flames from the many fires now begin to light his face.




The man fully enters the light and shows himself to be none other than Cash Allan. A sinister smile spreads across his face as he lowers his hood and stares into the camera as if right into the souls of those who partake in watching.


“For too long I have been dormant. I have been pushed aside and let to waste. For too long I have been shrouded in my own darkness. But no longer shall I be. No longer shall those who are weaker than I be allowed to ascend to greatness. I am not going to allow that any longer.”


Cash walks a bit closer to the camera and now you can see his face fully. It is marred by blood and soot. He smiles as he laughs wickedly.


“Upon my face is the blood of those who dared to step before me and not give me their undying obedience. This is a symbol of their lack of loyalty. This is their final gift to the darkness that resides within and around me.” Cash chuckles eerily. “You see I once had believers to drown out the disbelievers. I had a following that no other man or GOD had ever before. But they grew weak over time. They failed to impress me. So I did what only I could do. I destroyed them and drained them of their souls. Heed their fallacies for they will be your destruction.”


Cash raises his hand and opens it in front of the camera. There lies a rosary. He looks down upon it and smiles once more before looking back into the camera.


“This right here is a sign of weakness. A belief in something that never has come nor will in our lifetimes. This right here is a belief in a higher power one that man created and one that man destroyed. We see their golden chalices filled to the brim as an offering to a ghost that never was. They preach togetherness, love and compassion and yet cast those with blackened souls to the depths of hellfire instead of offering them a hand to raise them up. They preach and preach and preach some more only to fill their coffers with the money of the poor. But I am different. I reach those who are fallen. I give them life when they want death. I am their saviour. I am their God. And soon we will rise and take what is rightfully …. mine!”


Cash walks away from the camera and go to one of the barrels on fire and holds the rosary over it.


“Into the fire the good shall go and be reborn into the darkness that consumes their souls. No man is above the brimstone and hatred that lies below. We are all broken, destroyed and shattered. We are all but dust in the greater scheme of things. No man is better than another. No man deserves more than another. Those who have fallen shall rise proclaim themselves THE PLAGUE! Humanity will crumble before us and we shall leave a wake of devastation.”


Cash drops the rosary into the fire and the flame becomes more intense.


“Come SCW Survival there is only one man worthy of the rewards offered and that is I, The truth, The almighty, the woken. I am coming to take what others are to weak to hold. I shall ascend to the Heavens only to tear it down and revel in its destruction. I shall see you soon and to those who dare defy my ascension you will be laid to rest…”


Cash begins to laugh as all the fires begin to rage blanketing the building with smoke. And then there is silence.


Paige Lewis’ Return

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Not many details are known about Paige Lewis’ whereabouts in the last few weeks. She departed an American airport on an international flight, and then vanished. Several weeks later, she was seen exiting Jessica Tendonin’s private jet at Heathrow. Many questions still are in the air. Where has she been? Is she mentally fit for action? She’s been limping around. Is she physically ready to compete? Are her and Jessica Tendonin suddenly best friends?

SCW Survival 2

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Date: 1/31/19
Location: Orlando, Florida
Arena: Camping World Stadium


Main Event
SCW World Heavyweight Championship
Ambulance Match
Paige Lewis (c) vs Larissa

One of the last directives of Mr. Walker before his disappearance was that the winner of the TLC event’s International Championship match would face Paige Lewis for the World Heavyweight Championship. After competing in a casket match, Paige Lewis will defend her SCW World Heavyweight Championship in an Ambulance Match. Regardless of if either women lose their previous match in the evening, this match is happening. Defeating Jessica Tendonin is something few in SCW can say they’ve done. Both of these women have. On the current roster, only one other person has managed such, and his name is Priest. Can Larissa shock the world again by stopping the Black Princess of London, and leaving Survival as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion? If history repeats itself, Paige Lewis will lose. But, Paige Lewis is older and wiser, and has never made the same mistake twice. If Paige Lewis retains at Survival, she will cruise into Spring Meltdown at over a year as champion, something she has mused of doing. To get there, she has beat Larissa into submission and toss her in an Ambulance and close the door and drive the Ambulance out of the arena.


Sub Main Event
SCW Alternative Championship
Casket Match
Emily Desmond (c) vs Paige Lewis

Paige Lewis earned this shot months ago, but Mr. Walker made her wait. Now, she has her chance to stop the record setting Alternative Champion. This match was born of the new rules regarding the Alternative Champion being able to trade in the belt for a shot at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. At the time that Paige Lewis earned a shot, Emily Desmond had not yet met the requirements. Now, she has. If she can fend off arguably her greatest challenge yet, she can trade the Alternative Championship in for a shot at the big one. Can Paige Lewis topple the woman who will go down in history as one of the greatest Alternative Champions in SCW history, or will Emily Desmond once again prove she is here to stay?


SCW International Heavyweight Championship
TLC Match
Larissa (c) vs Adatu Urakih

Larissa has had ups and downs this year. But, her crowning achievement has to be when she not only somehow defeated Jessica Tendonin, but also put her on the shelf. Jessica’s revenge? Unleashing the monster Adatu Urakih on SCW. Can Larissa overcome arguably larger odds and retain? Last time Urakih was in SCW, she was undefeated, and won the Alternative Championship in short order. Now, Larissa will have potentially the greatest challenge yet of her career in the 4th and Beloved. Larissa overcame Jessica in a TLC match, but will she do the same against Urakih?


Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Priest vs Masked Avenger

Shortly after Overdrive 51, Rich Anderson, the SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, was admitted to the ER with a case of pneumonia. As such, it has been determined that he is unfit for competition. Neela Shizeguma, SCW General Manager, determined that this match will become a singles match, for the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship, and later, once he is cleared for competition, Rich Anderson will face the winner to decide the fate of the championship. Now, Priest will take on Masked Avenger alone, and perhaps get some payback for his Mega Cup match being interrupted.


SCW Alternative Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.


SCW International Heavyweight Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.


SCW North American Championship No. Contender Match
Ladder Match
Open Match

This match is open for all to compete, aside from the standing champion.



Segment Deadline: 1/11/2019 11:59 PM EST
RP Limit: 2 Per Person | 3 Per Person (title matches)

SCW Survival 2019 banner created by Lance.

Overdrive 51 Results

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As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Red Dragon as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her first reign, Jessica Tendonin as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis as the SCW World Heavyweight Champion in her second reign.

Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw are backstage at Overdrive 51, and they seem to be looking for something, or someone. Emily knocks on a door, opens it.

Emily: Anyone in here?

Nothing but silence so the pair continue down the hallway till there is a door on Alzy’s side. He knocks and opens the door…and gets yelled at by one of SCW’s divas to shut the door.

Alzy: Not there either.

Finally we see Sean Foster training behind them, and he looks puzzled. After a couple more doors he finally has to ask……

Sean: Are you two looking for someone?

Emily stops and looks at Sean and shakes her head as if he’s the most confused person.

Emily: You want to know what or who I’m looking for? It’s simple. I’m looking for my mom! Apparently she snuck back into SCW without me looking. Or at least Cam, which I would love to team with him.

Alzy: It seems that a certain person, who for the moment we won’t expose them yet, feels that there are people on the roster, or …..I don’t know. I think he’s hit his head once too often.

Sean, along with the cameraman, follow Emily and Alzy, who are still looking. Finally Sean can’t hold it in any longer.

Sean: Who are you looking for?

Emily: Well we’re thinking… seems Brian Kennedy knows stuff we don’t. For example, he seems to think that my mom is lurking around here somewhere.

Alzy: We watched what he said to Mills and wow…..I think he’s been enjoying his “recreation” a bit too much. See he said that Mills needs to up his game, which I’m not sure Brian should be taking Johnathan so calmly, but I hope it leads to his downfall. But he told Mills that he could ….

Emily looks at Alzy.

Emily: How did he put it? You know the whole “bandwagon” thing?

Alzy: Ah yes, the whole that Mills needs to either get with it or join the bandwagon that Herrera is part of OR that “Brewster and her clan”. Um Emily I know we’re family and all, and it’s just one of the millions of reasons we’re tag partners, but when did your mom return to SCW? I mean….she’s rather busy these days, but I would think she’d tell US that she was coming back to SCW before anyone else.

Emily: Oh definitely. Leaving SCW wasn’t an easy decision for her, and now and then I think she ….contemplates returning, but her life needs to settle down a bit.

Emily and Alzy continue down the hall, checking doors that open up, and finally Emily stops in the middle of the hall backstage and yells.


Alzy stops moving upon hearing this, and they both wait for an answer. Of course there is no response and Emily and Alzy exchange a “I told you so” look.

Emily: See Kennedy? No Lynn Brewster in SCW. Hell she’s so busy right now that even making it to see me wrestle is a bit of a challenge and then she’s out there in the front row, she’s bought a ticket, and has a legit reason to be where she is. But if you think you’ve been seeing her backstage, you need to get glasses then. Or lay off ……other things.

Alzy: And then Kennedy the name of our team is Hellfire. Not “Brewster Hell Fire”. You can’t even get your previous opponents’ team names right, but that’s probably why you don’t recognize who we are. You’re looking for Lynn! Or you’re still suffering from when Brian Brewster, the only other person named Brewster who’s been in SCW, beat the living shit out of you. Sorry but I’m not going to sugar coat something for an idiot who can’t even remember who he has faced or will face. Try and keep up, ok?

Emily: As for the whole “winning and claiming the top” is a hoot to hear YOU say. Why? Because um…..who didn’t beat Paige not once, not twice, not EVER for the SCW World Heavyweight title? Now I’ve yet to have the privilege to face Paige, and it’s a match that I know I will be facing at Survival, but Kennedy that should have been a walk in the park because you are so great. But Brian, come here….

Emily wiggles her index finger to have the cameraman move in closer, as if about to share a great secret.

Emily: You didn’t beat Paige, she beat you. By the way, you may have been champion in the old SCW, but that ended when Mr. Walker reopened SCW, when Lynn and Cam, along with Brian and Neela, they made a group decision to walk away. I think all this confusion on who it is that you keep facing is coming from a nagging thing.

Emily walks away and catches up with Alzy, who hasn’t made it very far.

Alzy: That nagging thing is that Brian Brewster beat the oh so great….

Alzy rolls his eyes at saying this.

Emily: Oh so great Brian Kennedy. Well Kennedy you ain’t shit, and you know it. I’ve proven I can beat you, in fact I’ve beat a great number of people in SCW as they come and go, but I’ve remained stationed here, ruling a federation that attracts all kinds of people and YOU are one of the has beens. Now I have a feeling you will beat Mills, which sucks but it happens. I faced Mills, and he’s not as tough to beat as one would think.

Alzy: Now….we come to the next of our …issues with you. That is …you seem SO determined to beat someone who isn’t here, you’re now acting like they just refuse to talk. Nope! You never faced Cam Davitt, NEVER! I’ve done my research, I looked back clear until 2004 and never….never ever you even faced him. So why this obsession with him being in SCW? I mean….he did train the lady who holds the Alternative title.

Alzy holds his hand out to present Emily, who takes a bow.

Alzy: But Cam left with Lynn, Brian and Neela. Now I know there are times Emily might wish he was around now and then to ask for his advice, but I’ve faced Cam, which is the other reason I know you never faced him. You would never forget is you had. I’ve faced him….for 45 minutes we took each other to the limit and then even further. So while him and I have come to be….well try not to kill each other, I can say with certainty that he’s not around. Plus Kennedy, do you remember what happened at the LAST Megacup? Oh yeah, you got beat by ME. Now I won’t deny that things didn’t go my way, but I gave everything and earned my opponents’ respect, not run my mouth about them,

I have a question.

The camera turns around 180 degrees to see Chris Desmond, impeccably dressed as usual, straightening the of his jacket, and sees the camera is waiting on him.

Chris: Now please forgive my interruption while my colleagues continue the search to prove Anna Lynn, Cam, Santa Claus, you name whoever you want is hiding, although they aren’t even HERE, but I thought you were part of Empire, or do you just pull out names willy nilly? Hell in that case we’re changing our name to Feral Destruction…Yeah, no we are not. Feral Destruction is led by Lynn Brewster and Cam Davitt. Hellfire is Emily Desmond and Alzy Hawkshaw. Now do I need to get to do their DNA test to prove that who you are talking about are not anywhere around.

Emily: HEY!

The cameraman turns to face Emily, who has made her way down the hall at an impressive speed.

Emily: Promise you this Kennedy, if we find Lynn or Cam, or even both, we’ll be sure to pass along your concern for their well being. I’m sure they would love to show you why you need to figure out who the hell you want to face in that ring. So keep talking….and see how long it takes to bring it down upon you.

Camera fades to black.


gtr highway


The Titantron lit up, showing a silver Nissan GTR cruising down the interstate. After a few seconds, the feed stopped.

Wayne Miller: That was odd…

Allie Queen: Oh, don’t worry about that! We’ve got a match right now!

Anne Carpenter: The following contest is a first round match of the SCW Mega Cup! Introducing first, from Chicago Heights, making his SCW debut…CASH ALLAN!!!

“Kill Tomorrow” by Mushroomhead hits the pa system with static… As the track hits the lights begin to flash on and off. As this happens smoke fills the entrance area. Then as the lyrics begin Cash walks out onto the entrance stage. He looks to his left and then right before slowly walking down toward the ring as the second verse begins and the lights flash more heavily at this time. Cash then makes it to the ring and jumps up onto the ring apron and enters the ring as the chorus hits. He walks to the near corner and climbs the ropes and looks out onto the crowd and puts his arms out to his sides as he closes his eyes and takes in the boos and cheers. Cash then jumps down off the ropes as “Kill Tomorrow” slowly fades.

Allie: Cash Allan is making his SCW debut tonight, but he’s got a huge test ahead of him in the monster Priest.

Wayne: Priest returned at TLC, and we all made the mistake of counting out his opponent. I’m sure Priest will be looking to pick a victory here and put himself back in the hunt.

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent…Priest!

Passive by A Perfect Circle hits the PA system. As Priest steps onto the stage, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Stopping in the middle of the ramp, Priest glares into the crowd with a sinister smile. As the opening guitar riffs start to kick in, the lights in the arena flicker on and off as flaming pyro’s go off. After a couple seconds, Priest twist his neck to crack his spine and heads down the ramp. Once he gets to the ring, he removes his black sunglasses and taunts tossing them into the crowd, but doesn’t. He sees a child walks over to him, and acts like he’s going to give it to him. But instead of giving them to the child, he drops them to the floor and stomps on them. The challenger laughs now as he climbs into the ring.

Allie: Last year, Alzy Hawkshaw managed to gather two championship matches out of this series, and one of these men could be picking up a shot at gold ver soon!

Wayne: The winner of this match will move on the the second round, and you know both of them are looking for that quick ride to the top.

The bell rang and the two men met in the center. As they shook hands, out of nowhere, Masked Avenger appeared, sliding into the ring and running both of them over. The referee signaled for the bell as Masked Avenger began attacking both men, breaking the match up.

Allie: Oh lord! Why? Why is Masked Avenger doing this? He lost, but was getting a second chance! Why would he interrupt this match and ruin the Mega Cup like this?!

Wayne: I swear to God these newbies are on crack!

After a moment, SCW Security stormed the ring and managed to pull Masked Avenger out of the ring and subdue him. The crowd was in an uproar, angry about the match falling apart.

Allie: I can’t believe this!!!

Wayne: He’s lucky Mr. Walker isn’t here! His ass would be fired on the spot!

The feed cut to an ad, showing an upcoming movie.


“I’m Just A Girl” by No Doubt plays and Emily Desmond appears, dressed in blue jeans and a tshirt, over which she is wearing a black leather jacket. The Alternative title is over one shoulder, and Emily has a grip on it as well. With her is her father, Chris Desmond, and he says something to her and they make their way down to the ring. Once they are ringside Emily climbs in the ring and gets a mic, while Chris chooses to stay simply at ringside.

Emily: Ok, ok let’s quiet this down.

Allie: Seems Emily is a bit …..testy tonight.

Wayne: I actually liked her little thing about Kennedy.

Emily: Ok this evening I called into question the mental capabilities of a certain Brian Kennedy, a man who is a lot of talk but seems to have trouble always following through. Case and point, he’s oh so great, then why is it Paige Lewis is the SCW World Heavyweight champion and not you? Oh….I know, its cause you couldn’t beat her! I’ve looked at your record and with the exception of when you’re in a tag team, you seem to have some issues. Wait…..I see it now, you can’t do it on your own!

The crowd cheers at this, as they are far from being Brian Kennedy’s fans.

Emily: But right now I’m here to announce something, and I would love the woman who is involved to please come out here so I can say it directly to her, and she knows that i did indeed say it. So Paige, if you please, would you join me in the ring?

Spotlight by Hot Tag Media Works began playing. The crowd cheered loudly. After a few seconds, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked out onto the stage, the belt around her waist. She watches Chris, who is acting like he has no other care in the world except to nod at her, and she goes up the ring steps and climbs in the ring, now trying to keep an eye on Chris Desmond AND Emily Desmond.

Emily: Paige, I wanted you to be out here tonight because I want to ….clear the air, and make sure there are no misunderstandings about what happens after tonight.

Paige looks at Emily, a bit confused but she sticks with the Alternative champion.

Emily: First off Paige, know that while I may not LIKE you, I do respect you. Not many people have earned my respect, but you are one of them for the simple fact that you aren’t afraid to defend your title, you aren’t afraid to step in the ring, and you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. Those are all qualities that I can admire because I feel I’m the same way, and I’m sure no one can say we aren’t the top of SCW, including the lady who thinks she’s going to defeat you, Larissa. So I’d like to offer my hand… a show of respect.

Emily holds out her right hand and Paige looks from Emily’s face to her hand, and back to Emily’s face. Paige looks around the crowd who are yelling to not do it, but Paige reaches out and Emily grasps Paige’s hand and shakes it.

Emily: Paige you are a hell of a competitor, one who knows precisely what she wants, or what she’ll say when she talks, unlike others in this company who can’t even keep it straight who are in the company….

Wayne: Uh oh….Emily needs to be careful here.

Emily: Now Paige, the second reason I wanted you out here this evening is pretty simple. See at Survival in a few weeks we will finally have the meeting of the minds, so to speak. You and I will climb in this ring and face off against each other and you have a chance to….well make history by taking the Alternative title from me. Well know that I don’t intend on losing, as I have a goal for myself as to how long I will hold it. Oh I know they are saying someone new should hold it, but Paige can we at least agree that beyond you and me….there really isn’t anyone better than you and me to hold this title?

Paige nods in agreement.

Emily: So that being said, as you know or will know, I’ve been allowed to pick my match type, and I will admit that now that I’m looking at soon 600 days as champion, I’ve had to get extremely creative and for Survival it….it was like I got hit with thunderwave from Pikachu! So Paige, I have picked what the match will be…a Casket match!

Allie: Oh my God! No!

The crowd actually starts to cheer at this, as it definitely is not something one would expect of Emily, but as she said, she’s having to get creative. She waits for the crowd to settle down some before she continues.

Emily: It’s simple, first person to get the other IN the casket, and get the lid CLOSED all the way wins.

Paige: A Casket match. I’ve waited months to get this match. A casket match. I must say, I was not expecting that. When I threw my name into the hat to get this shot, all those months ago, my goal was very clear. I know the rules of the Alternative Championship. You’ve met all the requirements to be allowed to trade it for a shot at me. Mr. Walker told me that you couldn’t do it until you’d put down all pending challengers.

I want to make something very clear, Desmond. I’m neither afraid of you or this match. Fear holds you back in this busy. The last two years of my life have been…exciting. SCW Gave me a way to reinvent myself. When I won the North American Championship, people began taking notice. But, then, I managed to put Drew Stevenson down, and people realized…I’m legit.

I’ve watched you, and I’ve seen your ascension, as well. Jessica v Paige was one for the ages. Emily v Paige will be as well. You’ve been a great Alternative Champion. But, this cloud has been hanging over me for too long. I cannot allow you to leave SCW Survival as the SCW Alternative Champion. And I will do whatever it takes to make sure you do not.

With that, Paige dropped her mic and backed away, exiting the ring. Her music began playing again as she turned her back and began trekking up the ramp.

Wayne Miller: I don’t think anyone else could get away with turning their back on the Alternative Champion!

Allie Queen: That’s the SCW World Heavyweight Champion. Paige Lewis has proven, time and time again, she can hold her own.

The titantron came to life again, showing the same car from earlier, the Nissan GTR. This time, it was smoothly gliding into the garage backstage. The windows were all tinted, so there was no way to identify the driver. Pulling in behind it was a red Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Both cars parked. The driver of the HEMI rolled down their window, and Jessica’s smiling face appeared. She wasn’t just smiling, though. The Paraguayan was grinning so wide that it threatened to split her face. She said nothing as she rolled the window back up.

Wayne Miller: Jessica’s is here, and she seems to have brought a friend!

Allie Queen: I don’t like how she was grinning. She’s got something deep up her sleeve. But it’s time for our main event, and this will be interesting, as both men aqre partners of Jessica’s!

Anne Carpenter: The following contest is a first round match of the SCW Mega Cup, and it is the main event of the evening! Introducing first, weighing in at one hundred and fifty five pounds, Johnathan Mills!!!

“Storm” by Devin Townsend plays as Johnathan Mills makes his way to the ring. He has a burst of speed as he gets closer to the ring and he slides in, then climbs up the turnbuckle, listening to the crowd. Finally he hops down.

Wayne Miller: Mills so far in SCW has had a couple of matches, and overall, he’s really doing good. He recently challenged Emily Desmond for Alternative Championship, even.

Allie Queen: I don’t know what it’s going to take for someone to take the Alternative Championship off of Desmond, but when it happens, they’re going to have bring everything they’ve got. Mills came this close to taking the belt home. Tonight, he could put himself on the path to the Alternative Champion, or more!

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, from Canton, Ohio, he is one of the SCW World Tag Team Champions…Brian Kennedy!!!

As the rhythm picks up after around a minute of music plays and the words start to work its way through the arena the lights cut out and a spot light shines at the top of the ramp. Brian is seen standing there with a smile, in his hand is a 20 lb sledge hammer.

He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)
So loooooong!

Fire shoots out from the stage. Smoke rises from the stage as he starts to walk toward the ring. He stops about Halfway to the ring as he flexes in front of the camera kissing his sledge hammer. He smirks in to the camera yelling snide remarks.

We wish you well.
You told us how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well so looooooong.
Don’t cryyyyy.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

He climbs up the steps and turns toward the crowd and taunts them by flipping them off and girls scream his name. He stops and turns back towards the crowd and jumps over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring, he looks around and drops the sledge hammer and flexes as the flashes flow throughout the arena.

Standing above the crowd
he had a voice that was strong and loud.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
Ranting and pointing his finger
at everything but his heart.
(We’ll miss him. 2x)
(We’re gonna miss him. 2x)

No wayyyyyy
to recall
what it was that you had said to me,
like I care at alll.
But he was sooo louuud.

You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
and soooo louuuuuuuuud.
You, could be, the one, who saves, me from, my own, existence.

He climbs all the turnbuckles yet again doing a pose with his arms spread out wide from each one as the music fades.

Wayne Miller: And here we go. The final match of the first round. Still no idea on what is going to happen after the first match of the evening was broken up.

Allie Queen: I’m sure Neela will address that as soon as possible.

As the referee checked both men for weapons, Kennedy passed his championship out of the ring. And then the bell rang. The two men met in the center. Kennedy put his hand out, and Mills went for a cheap shot. Kennedy stagger backwards before charging at the much smaller man.

Wayne Miller: I don’t think that was a smart decision by Mills!

Allie Queen: Mills is no fool. I’m sure he’s trying to throw Kennedy off just enough to capitalize.

Kennedy took Mills down but Mills rolled to his feet quickly. A round of right hands from Kennedy forced Mills into a corner quickly. Kennedy began unloading lefts and rights on Mills with no reprieve.

Wayne Miller: Kennedy is really laying into Mills.

Allie Queen: He’s got something to prove, and he wants to make sure everyone understand.

When Kennedy finally backed off, he turned and posed, pointing at Mills. Mills climbed the turnbuckle and launched himself, taking Kennedy down with a Reverse Neckbreaker. The crowd popped now as Kennedy rolled to one knee, holding his neck. Mills hit him with a Dropkick right to the neck, taking Kennedy down again.

Wayne Miller: Mills turned this match around in an instant.

Allie Queen: He knows what is at stake here. A win here almost guarantees a title shot at Spring Meltdown.

A huge Knee Drop to the face of Kennedy busted him open. Mills began stomping away on Kennedy, and the Tag Team Champion was barely able to slide out of the ring and catch a breather.

Wayne Miller: Mills wants that WIN!!!

Allie Queen: Kennedy antagonized Mills leading up to this match, and I’m sure he’s starting to regret it!

Mills rebounded off the ropes and launched himself out of the ring. The crowd roared with excitement when Kennedy caught him in midair before driving him through the barricade. The front row of fans only just managed to vacate their seats.

Wayne Miller: Pulling out all the stops!

Allie Queen: These two are not messing around, and THAT is why they are in the main event!

Kennedy was first to his feet. He dragged Mills back into the ring and threw him into a corner. When Kennedy went for a Shoulder Thrust, Mills countered with a Sunset Flip. Kennedy turned around and Mills charged at him. Kennedy sidestepped him and Mills was in the corner again. Kennedy grabbed Mills and sent him over with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Mills crashed into the mat and groaned.

Wayne Miller: Kennedy is working his way back into this thing!

Allie Queen: These two are back and forth! I can’t predict who will come out on top.

Kennedy advanced on Mills as he got to his feet. Mills charged at Kennedy and Kennedy ducked, grabbed Mills from behind, and nailed a German Suplex, and then another.

Wayne Miller: Kennedy is going for the close!

Allie Queen: He hit the money on two of them, will he get a third!?

Kennedy nailed the third German Suplex and held on, going for the pin.

Wayne Miller: That’s it! He hit the triple!

Allie Queen: Wait! The referee is about to count, but it looks like both of their shoulders are down!

The referee began the count with the crowd cheering loudly.

Wayne Miller: That’s three! This is over!

Allie Queen: But who won?!

The referee leaned over the ropes, talking to Anne Carpenter. After a moment, she spoke.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee would like me to announce that both Brian Kennedy and Johnathan Mills had their shoulders on the mat when the pin began. However, just before the referee struck three, Brian Kennedy got his shoulder up. Therefore, the winner of this match, and moving on to the final match of the Mega Cup…Brian Kennedy!

The crowd erupted in cheered and and Kennedy celebrated as Mills slipped out of the ring.

Wayne Miller: Once again, Kennedy has made it to the final match of the Mega Cup!

Allie Queen: It’s not over for Mills yet, though! He still has a chance to get to the final match!

As the commercial break ended, Mustang Nismo by Brian Tyler hit the PA system and the fans cheered as the SCW General Manager, Neela Shizeguma walked out onto the stage. Carrying a briefcase, she walked briskly toward the ring.

Wayne Miller: And we know what time it is! Contract signing time!

Allie Queen: I’m glad to see Neela staying on top of things, after we’ve learned that she will be the General Manager indefinitely.

Climbing into the ring, Neela signaled for her music to stop as she opened the briefcase and began laying paperwork out. After finishing, she produced a microphone.

Neela Shizeguma: I will be honoring one of Mr. Walker’s last decisions, and that is for the winner of the updated main event of TLC to challenge for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. So, Larissa, Paige Lewis, let me have you both come out here. No music, just come on out.

A moment later, Larissa happily skipped out onto the stage before making her way to the rong. She proudly wore the SCW International Heavyweight Championship around her waist and gestured to it as she climbed into the ring.

Wayne Miller: There is the new International champ, but where is Paige?

As Larissa settled in the ring, Spotlight by Hot Tag Media Works began playing, and the crowd popped. After a few seconds, Paige Lewis, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and Jessica Tendonin, walked out onto the stage. Paige wore the belt around her waist as they emerged and looked out around the crowd. The pair began making their way to the ring. Larissa and Neela stared at them but said nothing. As they entered the ring, someone passed them a pair of microphones.

Neela Shizeguma: Thank you for joining us, ladies, though I don’t remember asking for you yet, Jessica. It’s good you’re out here, though. Paige, Larissa, you both know why you’re out here. I’ve got your contracts laid out. If you could both sign for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Survival, WITHOUT issue…that will be appreciated.

Wayne Miller: $20 says they get into a fight instead of signing.

Allie Queen: You know what, I’ll take that action.

Amazingly, Paige and Larissa signed their contracts without issue. Neela turned to Jessica. Wayne passed $20 to Allie.

Neela Shizeguma: Jessica Tendonin. I remember you as being a mainstay of the Alternative Division, having held the belt twice. I always thought that one day, you and I would go at it, Champion vs Champion. Alas, it did not happen. We both wound up leaving this company, and made ourselves even bigger stars. I’ve got a lot of respect for you, and what you mean to this company. However, I’ve determined, on the advice of a team of doctors and lawyers, that I cannot let you compete at SCW Survival. Not even with a waiver. You have a broken arm, and it will not heal quick enough. I will allow you to choose someone to fight in your stead, however. You can pick anyone you want. Me? Wayne Miller? Hell, even your husband.

Wayne Miller: Pick me, Jessica!!!

Allie Queen: I’d pay to see that.

Paige Lewis looked around at the arena with a huge grin. Neela lifted her mic again.

Neela Shizeguma: Paige is not permitted to compete in this match. She’s already defending her own belt against Larissa, and before that, she’s going to be attempting to wrest the Alternative Championship away from Emily Desmond.

Jessica grinned as well before speaking.

Jessica Tendonin: She’s not grinning because of that. You see, I had a feeling something like this would happen. It’s true, my arm is broken. It’s also true that it will still be healing when SCW Survival happens. I’m no fool. I spoke to my own lawyers and doctors and came to the same conclusion. So, with that in mind, I knew the only thing that would make sense would be to put in an alternate. I was even praying you’d let me pick the replacement, too. She was coming back to SCW anyway, but we’ve moved up the schedule. We’ve been dropping hints since TLC. Before I jumped on my jet to head down here…I made a little phone call, and told her to be here tonight! With that being said…I would like to introduce the undefeated former SCW Alternative Champion, my replacement, facing Larissa for MY SCW International Heavyweight Championship!!!

Wayne Miller: Who is she talking about!?

Allie Queen: Hang on, does she mean-

MTBD by CL hit the PA system and filled the arena, joined by thunderous stomping and cheering by the audience.

Allie Queen: Oh my god!!!

Adatu Urakih slowly walked out onto the stage and somehow, the noise in the arena doubled. The Japanese Machine began strutting to the ring, a wide grin on her face. Halfway down the ramp, she stopped, looking at a sign in the crowd. Urakih rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and bowed to Jessica.



After several minutes, the arena calmed down and Neela was able to speak.

Neela Shizeguma: Adatu Urakih. Welcome back to SCW. Do you accept the role as Jessica’s replacement?

Jessica handed Urakih her microphone.

Adatu Urakih: YES!

The crowd roared loudly as Urakih answered.

Wayne Miller: I am still in shock!!! Remember when she speared Fury out of a damn window?!

Allie Queen: And then, she literally walked back inside the arena to win the Alternative Championship!

Neela Shizeguma: Very well. At SCW Survival…Larissa will defend the SCW International Heavyweight Champion ship against Adatu Urakih! Ladies, if you will sign the set of contracts here.

Again, contracts were signed without any confrontation. Larissa lifted her mic to speak. Urakih stepped forward and raised her hand, signaling the crowd.

Wayne Miller: Even with a broken arm, the odds were still in Jessica’s favor to retake the championship!

Allie Queen: But Larissa’s chances of retaining just plummeted, now that she has to defend against the monstrous Urakih! We’re out of time, but SCW Survival is going to be a must see! See you all in 2019!

Overdrive 51 went off the air with Jessica Tendonin, Paige Lewis, and Adatu Urakih grinning at Larissa, and Neela Shizeguma poised to jump between them if needed.


Talk of Evil

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At a campground outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, “Firestorm” Johnathan Mills sits on a log by a small fire to keep warm. His motorcycle that he has stolen from one of Gabriel Tuck’s clowns is behind him. He hadn’t dared return to the motel room that had been supplied to him by SCW for fear that Gabriel Tuck would be able to find him again. He has opened the saddlebags of the motorcycle to discover that the bike was loaded with enough supplies to camp out. A sleeping bag and blanket anyway.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Brian Kennedy. You think you know evil? You would slap a baby and kick a woman in the face? I’ve seen evil. I’ve fought evil. Hell, I’ve been evil. Slapping a baby and kicking a woman in the face isn’t evil incarnate like you say. It’s more like a brainless bully brute who cannot manage to do much for himself beyond a typical physical confrontation with someone who cannot defend themself well. You’re out of luck here as I can defend myself very well. Ask your partner and she will tell you that I’m no slouch in the wrestling ring.

Johnathan stops talking when he hears a motorcycle going down the nearby road. He reaches down by him where sits a pistol and grips it tight while listening for the inevitable honk of clown noses that come with Gabriel Tuck’s posse. He relaxes as the sounds of the motorcycle continue down the road. He hasn’t been found yet. He places the gun back to the ground and looks back at the camera with a smile.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: Brian, you win more than you lose. I’m sure that’s bred in you a certain amount of confidence that you expect to be winning. Don’t expect that here. I can outpace you in any match up with my superior speed. I hit faster and thus hit harder that you could ever imagine. Just ask Emily Desmond how I stack up in the ring. Sure, she defeated me, but not without a struggle. You won’t get by me in this Mega Cup. I’ll be sure to make certain that you are the one without a title shot in this thing.

Johnathan reaches into a small pack to pull out a two pronged skewer that he places two hot dogs on the end of and begins to roast them over the fire.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: You know what, Brian? I almost feel sorry for you that you have to face me in the ring. I’m going to dance circles around you before putting you to shame in the ring. You think that you’re the end all, be all of evil. You don’t even hold a candle to what I have seen and experienced out in the world. You’re at a King Koopa level of evil. Lame and most certainly comedic.

Johnathan brings the skewer close to inspect the hot dogs for a moment before putting them back over the fire.

JOHNATHAN MILLS: This brings me to Jessica Tendonin. I know that you would prefer to tag up with a winner, but this is an asshole on steroids. I mean really. You wanna talk about a man who’s level of evil would cause him to tie up his girlfriend before beating her to be certain that she cannot hit back really casts a shadow upon your capacity at decision making. What have you become, Jessie? So hungry for gold that you would tag up with a monster and a coward just to be able to ensure that you would get a win in the ring? Stand up for what’s right and true, Jessica. Dump that miserable curse for a partner and stand alongside someone who won’t steal candy from a baby and kick the baby momma in the face for fun. Don’t tag with a basic bully!

Prelude to the Maddness

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Brian is seen sitting at his desk in his study. In front of him sits a stack of papers that he is filling out.  As the camera pans in, he smirks as he looks into the camera and begins speaking while he takes the stack of papers and puts them in the drawer. 


Brian:  “So, Brian Kennedy is still standing after the huge tag match at TLC.  Now I am about to step in the ring against a former partner of my current partner in J. Mills.  What do I think about it?  The truth is I know I am about to face off against a man that is just as a big of a name as I am.  I am facing off against another Living Legend.  I have to admit, after talkin to Jess I have to say at the end of the day I respect that man.  Win or lose I am still going to keep my eyes on him.  The DEA is always looking for members. But, let’s get onto this match.” 


He pauses for a second. 


“I am climbing the ladder again here in SCW.  There isn’t anything or anyone that is going to stand in my damn way.  Johnny Boy, I’m coming for a fight.  I am going to bring everything I have into this match.  I know you watched the Tag Match I was in at TLC.  You already know I am a fucking monster.  Well, just like I have told many men in my time.  Get down or lay down.  Because I really don’t give two shits about what you have done in other companies.  This is SCW and we are the Big Boys.  While you have already kicked the shit out of plenty of men on this roster. I am a different breed.  You already know Jessica won’t have shit to do with losers.  Well, it was me and her that built The DEA and we are unstoppable.  You have the chance here to join something that will boost your career here in SCW.  Or, you can jump the band wagon with Eric and his band of losers or Brewster and her clan and try to stop us.  Try your best and watch how bad you lay in the ring beaten and bloody.  You see what we have done.  SOD hasn’t ever beaten us, and well.  You already know Brewster Hell Fire or whatever they call themselves today is on the losing side as well.” 


He shakes his head. 


“Don’t get me wrong.  I do know there is someone out there that can beat my ass.  I have lost before.  But I win as hell of a lot more than I have ever lost.  I make that my main business.  Winning and claiming the top as my own. Along with Jessica we pave the way for the rest of DEA.  We are the winners and if you want that you know who to join.  But, this match.  I am asking you before you join.  Let’s rip the fucking roof off and give the crowd a show of the year and see who is the better man.  Because I already know you want to use the chance to say you beat me.  So, I know your bringing all you have.  I’d expect nothing more than you to see how fuckin tough I really am.  What do I have to say?” 


He pauses. 


“It’s about fuckin time.  I have been waiting all year for someone hell, anyone to bring a fight to me that I would have to actually step outside my comfort zone.  I know you are going to push me harder than Emily or Cam ever could.  I know that beating you once won’t cut it.  It is going to take a few times of me beating you into reality that I am the One-Man Apocalypse that I won’t be stopped.  So, what I am going to wait to hear from you is the J.Mills that I have heard of.  The ruthless mean son of a bitch that would smack a baby and kick a woman in the face and laugh as he walks off.  Let me see what you got.  Mills.  I won’t go down easy and I am a lot fuckin better than you ever thought.  I’m gonna surprise you.  Don’t take it personal Mills.  Cause it’s all for good business.” 


The scene fades to a DEA logo

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