RE: SCW and its Future

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RE: SCW and its Future


When I spoke to Jordan and Paula a few years ago about reopening SCW, I promised to run it fairly, efficiently, and effectively. I like to think I succeeded at that, most of the time. We reopened and began creating new stories. New characters were created here, and we had fun for a while. Titles changed hands, new titles were created, and new legacies began.

Where did we go wrong? Well, WE didn’t go wrong. I did. I became so busy with other things, and I wouldn’t let people help when they offered. Instead of just pushing myself a little harder some nights, I said “Oh, one day late won’t hurt.” I could go on, but you all were there. In April/May, I decided we needed a break to recharge. A few of you were in other feds, and a break would allow you to focus on those.

So, a short hiatus. The plan was to take a break, and come back in June. I pushed it to July. I announced we would be “back” soon, intending to post our most recent show that weekend. And then I got busy. And, instead of updating the situation, I said nothing.

End/middle of July. I got fired from my new job. Yep, that new job I was super excited about. And it was over something really trivial, but whatever. At that point, SCW was not even on my mind. I still haven’t found a full time job, though I have been working projects.

Alright, so, I know what the big question is, and I have an answer. SCW is not closed or abandoned. We had a false start a few weeks back, but since I’ve got a bit of time, and am working on projects, I can really dive back into it. So, SCW WILL be returning by September 1st, 2019. We’ve all had a nice few months off. Now, it’s time to get going again. Keep an eye on the site.

Let the games begin Edited

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Darrin Huntsman is my next victim in my quest to the top of SCW once again.  You know, this company reminds me of another that I ended up leaving for a time and coming back.  If anyone knows what one I mean it would be PWO.  And not only did I end up being PWO World Champion two times I also knocked off the longest reigning US Champion and her name was Allison Detorre.  So, with history repeating itself you are just another notch in my belt on my climb back to the top.   


The scene opens with Brian sitting at his desk.  His office looks over Baltimore Harbor.  The camera pans out over the room, Brian is looking at the camera the look of amusement is on his face .  He knows the SCW Brass will be watching to see if he will follow through with what he said at the PPV.  Mainly because he wants his shot at Emily for her spot for the Alternative Title.  So much talk as come from her and he has gotten fed up. 


Look Darrin, you must have been here when I was gone.  Here’s the thing. In case you don’t know who I am.  The same being as I don’t have a clue who you are.  I am Brian Kennedy.  I am the Living Legend and I won’t be stopped.  Since this company reopened its doors I have been here.  Beating the hell out of anyone who steps in my way.  You are going to be no different.  You see, I have a problem and that has nothing to do with you. But, make no mistake about it.  For some reason you landed in a match against me. The question is what are you going to do?  Will you step in the ring and try to do what so many others think they can do and stop me?  Or will you end up like the rest of the no account jobbers have done and choke.  I am one half of the Tag Team Champions and you have a chance here.  Beat me and you will be put on notice.  But, fail?  Wait and see what will come of that.  Because that will be what happens.   


He chuckles. 


Ok, I am gonna stop playin.  You don’t have a chance son.  Face it. I am Brian Kennedy.  So many people hate the fact that I am a cocky son of a bitch.  The reason I am that way is simply because I am that fucking good.  You don’t like it?  Then make me shut up.  Because I am sayin this here and now.  I bet you won’t even make me break a sweat.  Hey, don’t take it personal.  It’s just good business.   



Let the games begin

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The scene opens with Brian sitting at his desk.  His office looks over Baltimore Harbor.  The camera pans out over the room, Brian is looking at the camera the look of amusement is on his face .  He knows the SCW Brass will be watching to see if he will follow through with what he said at the PPV.  Mainly because he wants his shot at Emily for her spot for the Alternative Title.  So much talk as come from her and he has gotten fed up. 


Look Darrin, you must have been here when I was gone.  Here’s the thing. In case you don’t know who I am.  The same being as I don’t have a clue who you are.  I am Brian Kennedy.  I am the Living Legend and I won’t be stopped.  Since this company reopened its doors I have been here.  Beating the hell out of anyone who steps in my way.  You are going to be no different.  You see, I have a problem and that has nothing to do with you. But, make no mistake about it.  For some reason you landed in a match against me. The question is what are you going to do?  Will you step in the ring and try to do what so many others think they can do and stop me?  Or will you end up like the rest of the no account jobbers have done and choke.  I am one half of the Tag Team Champions and you have a chance here.  Beat me and you will be put on notice.  But, fail?  Wait and see what will come of that.  Because that will be what happens.   


He chuckles. 


Ok, I am gonna stop playin.  You don’t have a chance son.  Face it. I am Brian Kennedy.  So many people hate the fact that I am a cocky son of a bitch.  The reason I am that way is simply because I am that fucking good.  You don’t like it?  Then make me shut up.  Because I am sayin this here and now.  I bet you won’t even make me break a sweat.  Hey, don’t take it personal.  It’s just good business.[\color]   



Adelaide is the beginning of the end

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On Camera


Emily: 644 days. 644 days I proved I was truly a champion, and I was one who had standing power defeating competitor after competitor, retaining a title, making it as prestigious as the World title here in SCW. For 644 days I was the Alternative champion and then Paige Lewis came along and she did want so many others, men like Alzy Hawkshaw and Brian Kennedy, and so many others thought they could do. She defeated me, and it was for the title.


Maybe the saying of pride goeth before the fall applies here. Maybe I did get a bit ahead of myself, thinking I could be the one…..well to do what Paige Lewis is doing, to be both Alternative and World champion. There…I admit it. That WAS my plan, because next to Jessica Tendonin, I see myself as one of the strongest champions SCW has ever had. But isn’t it ironic though, most other feds cringe at the idea of having women taking on the men, they flinch at the idea of women facing men for their prescious titles, but SCW? Look at the record and with the except of Kennedy and Brian Brewster, that title has been held by ladies who are beyond impressive in this business, but SCW it almost seems to be the norm. It started with the lady who currently is serving as our general manager, Neela Shizeguma, and carries to our current champions Paige Lewis and Adatu Urikah. In fact there are times that the men have been greatly outnumbered, even if there are two men who hold titles here. One is Priest, our…..intermediate or temporary or whatever champion, and Brian Kennedy, tag champion who is teamed with….a woman! Jessica Tendonin herself, ironically. So……


So what does this have to do with you Cash? A great deal. You see, unlike your run of the mill usual company, you are strangely part of the minority. How many time would someone think they’d hear that? Plus you are in a very bad position because you see you get the very dubious position of getting to face me…..when I’m in a VERY bad mood.


See Cash, I don’t have something that I feel Paige STOLE from me. She took a match that I should have won without a blink, tried to not just beat me, but destroy me, and THAT is why I’m taking my loss very easily. She wasn’t just looking to defeat me, to finally put an end to the streak, she was looking to end my career, and that……


Cannot go unanswered.


Cash, we will face each othe rin there….[/color[


Emily gestures at the Adelaide Entertainment Center.


Emily: But you….friend….will find out why I’m not just dangerous, but deadly. You get the unfortunate position of being the one who I will use to show why I will not only get my Alternative title back, not only why I’ll be the next World champion, but why I’ll DESTROY PAIGE LEWIS!!!


Emily stops, the outburst uncharacteristic of her, but then she has been smarting since her loss to Paige, and she has been trying to keep the anger under control. Problem is the more she tries…..the more dangerous she is becoming….the more she is becoming like her mom, both her adoptive mom Lynn Brewster, and her real mom Selena Desmond. Only one person truly knows everything there was to know about Selena, and he has seen the signs that Emily is developing the same characteristics as Selena. Lynn is known for her temper, and usually it appears easily when she’s in the ring. Selena’s anger would burn white hot, and become very calculating, very… ending. Emily is looking end a career, not caring who is hurt in that goal. Cash Allan?


Emily: Cash Allan you will be an example. Your luck has plain run out. I will be the one to end your streak, I’ll be the one who stands over you, and you will be forgotten. Good……bye Cash. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. Because it ends now.


Emily looks at a paper she is holding in her hand, then rips it in two and throws it down on the ground, being sure to step on it. As Emily walks off its a picture of Cash Allan, a man who stands in Emily’s way.

Overdrive 52 Card

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Live on SCW.COM, April 6th, 2019!
Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Adelaide, South Australia

Main Event
Emily Desmond vs Cash Allan
Singles Match
For 644 days, Emily Desmond reigned as the unstoppable SCW Alternative Champion. At Survival 2, she finally met Paige Lewis. Going into that match, bets were split. Half said Emily, the other half saying Paige. In the end, Paige Lewis was victorious yet again, and claimed the coveted championship. Now, after that staggering loss, Desmond must contend with the red hot Cash Allan. Allan earned a future shot at the Alternative Champion, but thus far, it isn’t clear whether he will be facing Paige Lewis or Emily Desmond. One thing is for sure, though, this main event will be explosive.


Brian Kennedy (c) vs Darrin Huntsman
Singles Match
Making his debut in SCW, Darrin Huntsman will face established star Brian Kennedy. Kennedy, SCW Tag Team Champion as part of the DEA, has been looking for action. Will he have his hands full with the debuting Huntsman, or will he win again, and be one step closer to his goals?


Miranda Jones Vs ???
Open Challenge
Cash It has been a while since Miranda Jones has seen action. Now, she wants a match, and is issuing an open challenge.


Other News

Paige Lewis is expected to appear, as well as Jessica Tendonin. Neela Shizeguma will have her performance as General Manager evaluated by the SCW Board of Directors, and more!

SCW Survival 2 Results

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SCW Interviewer Sean was at the Orlando International Airport, earlier that day.

Sean: Ladies and gentlemen, I had it on good authority that several people competing here tonight at Survival would be flying into Orlando, instead of driving up from Miami. I can confirm that just moments ago, Jessica Tendonin’s Gulfstream G650 jet has landed! I did not see who was onboard, as the jet taxied to a private hangar, but hopefully soon, I’ll have that- wait!

Sean got excited now, pointing towards the hangar where Jessica’s jet was. The massive doors were opening. Escorted by half a dozen Orlando police officers on motorcycles, and another half dozen in Interceptors, 2 Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman’s slided out of the hangar.

Sean: And they are on their way, with an escort!

As the procession made their way smoothly towards the exit, two more cars appeared out of the garage. The first was the same Nissan GTR seen weeks ago when Urakih returned. The other, however, could only be described as a spaceship on wheels. The GTR was fast, but the other car flew ahead of it to the head of the procession.

Sean: Wait, is that a goddamned Regera?! That’s gotta be Jessica herself, and Urakih in the Nissan! Then, who is in the other cars?

After exiting the airport, the group sped passed Sean and his cameraman, presumably on their way to the arena.

Sean: Wait, is that a goddamned Regera?! That’s gotta be Jessica herself, and Urakih in the Nissan! Then, who is in the other cars? And here comes another!

A red Ford Mustang roared out of the hangar now, and quickly moved to the front of the group. As it passed him, Sean caught a glimpse of long, curly blonde hair.


As My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect begins to play through the arena, a video montage is shown. Previous SCW stars are briefly shown, followed by current stars. Next, every champion in SCW history was shown, starting with Brian Brewster and Cam Davitt as SCW Tag Team Champions, The Ryders as SCW Tag Team Champions, Cam Davitt and Lynn Brewster as SCW Tag Team Champions, Empire as SCW World Tag Team Champion, DEA as SCW World Tag Team Champions, Jesse Owusu as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his first reign as SCW North American Champion, Stefanos Los Rios as SCW North American Champion, Jacina as SCW North American Champion, Lucius Tendonin during his second reign as SCW North American Champion, Macy Kane as SCW North American Champion, Paige Lewis as SCW North American Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW North American Champion, Rich Anderson as SCW North American Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW International Heavyweight Champion, Larissa as SCW International Heavyweight Champion.


Lucius Tendonin as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his first reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Jessica Tendonin in her second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Requiem as SCW Alternative Champion, Adatu Urakih as SCW Alternative Champion, Priest in his second reign as SCW Alternative Champion, Emily Desmond as SCW Alternative champion, Neela Shizeguma as SCW World Champion, Brian Kennedy as SCW World Champion, Brian Brewster as SCW World Champion, Paige Lewis in her first reign SCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jessica Tendonin as SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and lastly, Paige Lewis in her second Reign as SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

During the preshow, Cash Allan faced off against Curtis Mitchel for a shot at the SCW Alternative Championship. The pair would go back and forth for quite some time. In what would be Cash Allan’s first match in SCW, he came out on top, and has earned himself a shot at the championship at Summer Meltdown.


Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested as a Falls Count Anywhere match, and it is for the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at three hundred and twenty eight pounds, he is the first challenger…Priest!

Passive by A Perfect Circle hits the PA system. As Priest steps onto the stage, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Stopping in the middle of the ramp, Priest glares into the crowd with a sinister smile. As the opening guitar riffs start to kick in, the lights in the arena flicker on and off as flaming pyro’s go off. After a couple seconds, Priest twist his neck to crack his spine and heads down the ramp.

Once he gets to the ring, he removes his black sunglasses and taunts tossing them into the crowd, but doesn’t. He sees a child walks over to him, and acts like he’s going to give it to him. But instead of giving them to the child, he drops them to the floor and stomps on them. The challenger laughs now as he climbs into the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, the Masked Avenger!

The intro to Sucker Punch by Korn blasts over air waves as The Masked Avenger comes out on stage and then taunts the fans. They boo the Avenger as the being walks down to the ring and then rolls into the ring and runs over to the ropes and then taunts the crowd on the ropes then The Avenger jumps down from the ropes and looks across the ring at his opponent. As the bell rang, the fans cheered.

Priest attempts to tie up with Masked Avenger, but The Avenger is quick to avoid and shoulder barges him down to the mat. The Avenger then runs into the ropes as Preist tries to get to his feet. The Avenger drops an elbow on Priest’s chest.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger quick to get to work and hoping to score and upset here tonight.

The Avenger throws a few stiff lefts and rights at Priest before grabbing him by his hair and forcing him to his feet again. The two men then exchange blows in the ring with The Avenger using his strength advantage to get on top, grab Priest by the right arm and whip him into the corner and follow up by crashing into him with a shoulder barge against the ring post.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger is on top of this match early on, using his sheer size and power to his advantage.

Allie Queen: He knows that’s the key to success in this match.

Wayne Miller: If he can continue to stay on top like this there’s no reason, he can’t score that upset tonight.

The Avenger attempts to then hit Priest with a forearm to the chest, but Priest is able to counter, grab The Avengers arms and whip him into the corner opposite, The Avenger tries to immediately turn around and charge Priest, but Priest is too quick and takes him down with a classic drop toe hold.

Allie Queen: Priest using his quickness and cunning to get out of that very awkward situation there.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger will be very disappointed he wasn’t able to capitalize on that.

Allie Queen: He’s still in this match though.

Priest stomps on The Avengers back while has grounded, and then forces him up to his feet and hits him with a Backbreaker and attempts the quick cover.

The Avenger powers out, much to Priests frustration.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger uses his sheer strength to throw Priests pin attempt off of him there.

Allie Queen: The question is, how can you pin that?

Wayne Miller: It won’t be an easy task that’s for sure.

Priest gets back to his feet and again stomps on The Avenger back, The Avenger manages to get to his feet and the two men exchange blows once more. The Avenger again starts using his strength advantage to get on top of the braw despite his weakening back and gets on top of the fight.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger showed some signs of slowing but he’s fighting through the pain he wants to win this match that bad.

Allie Queen: He’s been impressive again thus far, it’s a shame that big win has alluded him for the past few months.

Wayne Miller: I think it’s only a matter of time before The Avenger gets that win though.

The Avenger grabs Priest and hits him with an impressive Pump Handle Slam down onto the mat and covers him.

Preist gets the shoulder up. The Avenger is this time annoyed with not being able to get the cover, he gets to his feet slowly and Priest also starts making his way up.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger again able to make a bad situation work to his favor there.

Allie Queen: He pulled that out of nowhere really.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger is a veteran of the ring, he knows what he is doing in there.

Priest bursts with energy charging The Avenger hitting him with a Spinning Neck breaker which earns a roar of appreciation from the crowd. The Avenger attempts to get to his feet quickly but isn’t able to as Priest hits him with furious lefts and rights powering him back into the corner.

Allie Queen: Priest is really starting to bring a game to the table here tonight.

Wayne Miller: The Avenger is going to be left feeling pretty rough from that one.

Allie Queen: He’s going to wonder if his back will last the match.

Priest charges The Avenger, The Avenger ducks and Priest ends up in the corner, The Avenger goes for a Mongolian Chop but misses allow Priest to hit The Avenger with a Reverse DDT and covers him.

The Avenger gets the shoulder up. Priest gets the crowd behind him.

Wayne Miller: Priest is showing that he’s still in this match, the he’s showing the heart of a champion and that counts for a lot in this business.

Allie Queen: SCW has really benefitted from his return and hard work for the company again that’s for sure as we look to stabilize moving on.

Wayne Miller: Indeed, nobody can fault The Avenger effort here in SCW. He’s a true gentleman outside of the ring and I have a lot of time for him.

Priest cannot believe he was not able to finish The Avenger as he gets to his feet and much to everyone’s surprise The Avenger his up to his knees. The Avenger gets to his feet as Priest makes his way to the corner opposite, as The Avenger stalks him with a fierce look in his eyes. Priest is quick enough to climb the turnbuckle and hit The Avenger with a Missile Dropkick from the top rope.

Allie Queen: Missile Dropkick from the top rope! What an impressive move from the multi-time former world champion!

Wayne Miller: Priest really has done it all over the world, the question is can he come full circle and be the top dog in SCW again.

Allie Queen: Tonight, suggests that maybe he can.

Priest again attempts the cover.

The Avenger again powers out, Priest tries to force The Avenger to his feet quick, The Avenger elbows Priest in the face and grabs him hitting him with an impressive Powerslam that sends both me crashing down into the mid ring area.

Wayne Miller: Incredible Powerslam from the behemoth that is The Avenger right there!

Allie Queen: I can’t see Priest getting out of this…

Wayne Miller: The Avenger is going for the cover!

The Avenger climbs onto Preist, going for the pin.

Priest kicks out as the crowd roars. The Avenger again gets to his feet, stomps three times on Priest back before attempting to force him up, which he does successfully. Priest throws a few punches and the fight opens up once more. Just then Brian Kennedy walks out on stage. He makes his way to the ring side where the ref warns him.

Allie Queen: Priest is back in this, he’s fighting for his life in there.

Wayne Miller: I have not seen him so determined in an SCW ring for years.

Allie Queen: The Avenger is going to have to get back in this quick if he is to recover the match.

The Avenger misses one of his punches; Priest seizes the initiative and hits him with the Preist Driver and covers immediately.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by pinfall, and the NEW Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Champion…Priest!

The bell rings and Anne Carpenter makes the announcement. Brian slides into the ring. He grabs The Masked Avenger and hits him with the War Cry. Priest looks on. Brian nods at Priest as he picks up The Masked Avenger and tosses him out of the ring. Brian walks up to Priest.

Wayne Miller: That’s it! Priest is the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Champion! Oh, but look at these two!

Allie Queen: If you think back to when SCW closed the last time. Priest was going to join The Empire.

Wayne Miller: What do you think is going down now?

Brian holds out his hand and he shakes Priest’s hand. He motions for a Mic. The referee handed Priest the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship, and this one had a black strap instead of dark red.

Brian Kennedy: So, here we are at Survival. For far too long now I have been sitting in the shadows. I have watched men holding Titles that they never should have gotten. Watching men who couldn’t hold a candle stick to my jock strap thinking that they are untouchable. So, with that being said tonight I am going to make an announcement that is going to shock the hell out of several of you. Go cry to management thinking that you’re going to be a special case and not face me. But Emily, I am talking to you girl. You have kept my name in your mouth for far too long. It hasn’t mattered who you were in the match against. At some point during the weeks leading up to that match you brought my name out of your mouth. Let me take you to the history books lil girl. My only claim to fame here in SCW is the Tag Titles?

He laughs for a few moments before regaining his composure and begins to speak again as the crowd is chanting DEA.

Brian Kennedy: You mean the same Tag Team Titles that I have held for so long that DEA is about to go down in the History books as the longest reigning Champions of SCW? The same Titles that you have chased after for so long that it has become a joke to even face you and whoever you bring to the ring with you? Yea, I think that is one hell of a claim to fame if you ask me. But, lets add that I was the World Champion in this company when I beat Neela two times to take the Title. And before you can open your trap. Yea, Brian did beat me. While you want to sit there talking all that shit. I have a Titles rematch clause that I haven’t cashed in yet. Don’t forget. But that’s what brought me down to the ring here tonight.

He pauses for a few moments as DEA chants echo through the arena and he motions for the crowd to calm down.

Brian Kennedy: Em, I have made my choice as to which Championship I am going to cash in my rematch for. Because SCW closed and then reopened, I made the request to Mr. Walker if I could use it for any Title. He granted me that request way back when SCW reopened. I’m sure you can remember that. If not go back and rematch the shows. The Mega Cup victory was for a Title match. That Title I want is The SCW Alternative Title, but Emily. That isn’t all I want. Because I want you. Since you haven’t been able to keep my name out of your mouth for almost a year now. Each and every time you were on Camera Brian Kennedy has come out of your mouth. Beating you repeatedly for the Tag Titles didn’t teach you a lesson. Maybe this will. Because win or lose. This is what I am calling you out for. Since you think I am nowhere near the Singles Title picture, since I will never become a singles champion in SCW ever again. Why don’t you be the person to stop me, quit kissing Paige’s ass. You step up. If you win tonight, I want my match to be cashed in for the Alternative Title. If you lose. Your rematch clause for mine. Put up or keep my name out of your mouth. Because you done put a target on your back little girl and your about to learn what Brian Fucking Kennedy can do.

The crowd pops as Brian keeps talking.

Brian Kennedy: You see, Emily, I have been sitting back in the shadows for a year. Waiting for my time to strike. That time is now. Brian Kennedy will be the SCW Alternative Champion. Just sit back and see. I’m coming, The challenge has been issued. And if you turn into a scared little bitch, I am coming anyways. I will beat the shit out of anyone who steps in my way from stopping me from crushing the last bit of dreams that you have of being a main pillar here in SCW. That’s a long list and your name isn’t anywhere on it. Best believe Brian is. So, Emily since you spent 2018 saying my name. I have finally chosen to answer your call. Here I am, now come out and play.

He pauses.

Brian Kennedy:I want you to take this personal, fuck business.

DEA’s music hits as Priest and Brian celebrate in the ring for a few moments before leaving the ring.


The scene changes to backstage, in the dressing room of Adatu Urakih. As the camera pans, she’s not along. Jessica Tendonin, Ashley Wallace, Candice Kingston, and even the SCW world Heavyweight Champion, Paige Lewis, are with her, as well as a dozen or so other people. Jessica is speaking.

Jessica: …and it’s like I always say. Always have a back up plan. Brute strength will only get you so far. You’ve gotta be able to plan and strategize. I know, I’ve been trying to drill this into some of you for over a decade. In this room, and around the world, I have assembled one of the greatest factions in our industry. I look at each of you, and I know you can get the job done when I give you a directive.

The redhead pulled Urakih into a hug, clapping her on the back.

Jessica: Some of you know this…but I often keep Urakih on a VERY tight leash. Truth is, Urakih is dangerous. I know it sounds cliche. The crazy unstable Asian chick. That’s not even the half of it. I keep Urakih under wraps because if I let her go all out, all the time, we’d constantly be wading in the blood of her victims, and I really mean that.

Urakih beamed at this description. She even blushed a bit. Jessica grinned and rolled her eyes as she handed her the microphone.

Urakih: Thank you, master, for that most wonderful description. I have my orders, and I will fulfill them. Make no mistake, people. My goal is to win the SCW International Championship, but my mission? My mission is to beat Larissa to within an inch of her life, and make sure sure that after Paige here competes against Emily Desmond, she doesn’t have much work to do.

I know everyone thinks my master just gives me these cute nicknames just because. War Dragon, Death Dragon, the Dragon of Danger, and all the others. Truth is, if Jessica didn’t hold me back, there would be a much large pile of broken bodies behind me. Sadly, my master chooses to muzzle me most of the time. But tonight, Jessica says do what I have to do. What I have to do?

Let me tell all of you what I have to do…I have to teach that runt a lesson about fucking with the Order of the Dragon. Jessica is angry. Do you know how angry she has to be to have me in to clean something up? And then, to tell me to do whatever I want? Larissa has made big mistakes. First, she intentionally injured my master. And then, she taunted her. You do NOT taunt the Dragon. So, tonight, I’m going to break Larissa. I’m going to introduce her to planes of pain that she couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares. I’m going to redefine her understanding of the word suffering.

Tonight, I am going to teach Larissa, and indeed everyone else, what happens when you get on Jessica’s bad side. For too long, Jessica has taken it easy on people, and instructed me to do the same. But tonight, I’m going to Larissa a broken heap of flesh for Paige to toss in the back of the ambulance. Tonight, Larissa has to pay for what she did. Tonight, when we leave the building, we will have at least 2 singles Championships. Tonight…nobody survives the Order of the Dragon. Now…on me.

With a smile, Urakih looked around the room before making her way for the exit, Candice Kingston behind her.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested as a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, and it is for the SCW International Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, hailing from Shanghai, China, she is the reigning and defending SCW International Heavyweight Champion, weight in at one hundred and ten pounds…LARISSA!!!

The Chinese National Anthem sounded now, and a few seconds later, Larissa confidently walked out onto the stage. With her nose in the air, the champion adjusted the belt around her waist before strutting towards the ring.

Allie Queen: Larissa is very confident in herself, and if she were facing anyone else, I’d say that confidence is well placed. But you cannot get ahead of yourself when facing an opponent like Adatu Urakih.

Wayne Miller: This match was over the moment Neela accepted Urakih as the alternate.

Sliding into the ring, Larissa sneered around the arena as she removed her belt and raised it in the air. The referee took the belt from her and began attaching it to the hook. The crowd was booing loudly as Larissa strutted around the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, weighing in at one hundred and fifty five pounds, from Musashino, Tokyo, Japan, she is the 4th and Beloved, the Japanese Machine, ADATU URAKIH!

Behemoth by SVDDEN DEATH spun up over the PA system and the crowd began cheering. As everyone turned towards the entrance area. When Urakih didn’t appear, Larissa shook her head in the ring, and the fans in the arena looked confused. And the, the camera panned. Urakih was coming through the crowd.

Allie Queen: Urakih opting for the fan entrance tonight.

Wayne Miller: I think I see several pits forming! Imagine headbanging and then becoming a champion.

Allie Queen: Urakih might not have to!

Urakih had stopped to interact with several fans. Someone pushed her into an opening where several fans were already forming a pit. Instead of looking for who pushed her, Urakih joined. Whipping her head back and forth, the Japanese Dragon had fun as the crowd began dancing along. After a moment, Candice pulled her out and pointed to the ring. Urakih nodded and continued to the ring.

Wayne Miller: There will be plenty of time for moshing after the match.

Allie Queen: You know, I bet Larissa still isn’t quite taking Urakih serious. We’ve talked about how dangerous Urakih is, but to be honest, we’ve only seen a tame Urakih.

Wayne Miller: That’s correct, and tonight, Jessica has told Urakih to do whatever she wants.

Urakih climbed over the barricade and began vibing to the music again. This time, since she had space, she became more animated with her movements. After a moment, she climbed into the ring and moved to the center. As her music died down, the crowd was chanting “Urakih’s Gonna Kill You!” repeatedly. The Japanese woman had a wide grin on her face as she turned to Larissa.

Wayne Miller: Larissa simply doesn’t stand a chance. Her goal needs to be surviving, not winning.

Allie Queen: But that is a tall order when facing Urakih.

The two competitors went to their corners and a moment later, the bell rang. Larissa began strutting toward Urakih. Urakih bolted out of the corner and nailed Larissa with a spear that turned the champion inside out. The crowd roared with approval.


Allie Queen: Larissa needs to watch herself! Urakih is here to fight!

Larissa groaned in pain as Urakih picked her up and whipped her into the ropes. As Larissa rebounded, Urakih crouched, and then popped up, shoving Larissa upwards for a Back Body Drop that sent the champion over the top rope and out of the ring.

Wayne Miller: Larissa is airborne!!!

Allie Queen: And she lands in a heap outside the ring! What a display of strength by Urakih.

Urakih slid out of the ring just as Larissa was getting up, and drove one of her knees into the champions face, busting her open. The challenger then picked up Larissa and drilled her into the floor with a DDT. Urakih then got back to her feet and pulled a table from under the ring, setting it up between the ring apron and the barricade. Setting up a pair of chairs under the table, Urakih turned back to Larissa and grabbed her by the hair.

Wayne Miller: What’s she planning with the table and chairs there?

Allie Queen: I have a feeling Larissa isn’t going to like it!

Pushing Larissa into the ring, Urakih rolled in after her and threw her into the corner. After several lefts and rights, Urakih’s hands were covered in Larissa’s blood. Larissa went limp in the corner, and Urakih thrust her onto the top of the turnbuckle. Urakih leapt upwards onto Larissa’s shoulders. Larissa countered by Powerbombing the challenger through the table and the chairs below.

Wayne Miller: Larissa gets in her first bit of offense by putting Urakih through a table!

Allie Queen: And there goes Larissa!

Larissa had launched herself at Urakih, in similar fashion to when she took Jessica out, sans the chair. Urakih rolled out of the way, and Larissa crashed and burned. Larissa groaned as she got to her feet. She began trading lefts and rights with the challenger now. Urakih, instead of continuing to throw fists, kicked Larissa in the side of her knee. Larissa dropped to her hands and knees in pain.

Wayne Miller: Larissa is trying to get back into this match, but Urakih has had control since the bell.

Allie Queen: This event is called survival, and that needs to be Larissa’s game plan.

Urakih grabbed Larissa by the hair, and pulled her to her feet. The challenger Irish Whipped the champion into the turnbuckle, and when she tumbled away, Urakih grabbed her from behind and nailed a German Suplex through the broken table. Getting to her feet, Urakih went to the corner of the ring area, getting a ladder, bringing it back near where Larissa was still laid out. Then, she began rummaging around under the ring, pulling out half a dozen chairs.

Wayne Miller: That’s a lot of chairs, I wonder what she has planned.

Allie Queen: And there goes another table.

Larissa was stirring now, and Urakih hadn’t noticed as she was setting the table up with the chairs on top of it and under it. Larissa reached into her tights and pulled out a set of brass knuckles. When Urakih turned around, Larissa struck her across the face and the challenger was knocked out. The crowd thundered with a mix of shock and anger. Larissa stomped on Urakih’s face several times, busting her open.

Wayne Miller: Larissa is cheating!

Allie Queen: If this was a normal match, sure! I doubt the referee will do anything here! This might be Larissa’s only chance of escaping this match as champion! She needs to get a ladder inside the ring right now!

Larissa seemed to have the same idea, and she grabbed a second ladder and pushed it into the ring. After sliding in and setting it up, the champion began climbing. Urakih was dragging herself onto the apron a moment later, and Larissa saw her. Larissa jumped off the ladder instead of continuing to the top.

Wayne Miller: Rookie mistake by Larissa.

Allie Queen: Urakih looks angry now, and that isn’t a good sign.

Larissa charged at Urakih, and the challenger crouched, and then popped up under Larissa before driving her into the mat with a Spinebuster. Urakih then rolled away and to her feet.

Wayne Miller: That Spinebuster would make most rethink continuing in this match.

Allie Queen: Larissa might be out of it after that.

Urakih moved to the corner and began fiddling with the ropes. After a moment, she released all three of them, creating an opening. Now, the Challenger turned as the champion was getting to her feet. Urakih charged at Larissa, but the champion sidestepped her, grabbing her from behind, and somehow taking Urakih down with an Armbar. The crowd thundered now in shock.

Wayne Miller: She said she was going to break someone’s arm! Will this be it?

Allie Queen: HOLY SHIT!

Urakih screamed out in pain as her arm snapped. The crowd went silent now, completely shocked. Larissa released the hold and got to her feet. Larissa cockily bowed to the fans while gesturing to Urakih, who was stomping on the mat in pain. Larissa turned to her, grabbing the challenger by her hair, picking her up.

Wayne Miller: My god…nobody gave her a chance against Jessica, and she won. We knew for sure she was going to lose in epic fashion to Urakih, but we’re about to see history repeat itself.

Allie Queen: If Larissa wins this, we will be witnessing the impossible. Can Larissa take down the most dangerous member of the Order of the Dragon?

Urakih dropkicked Larissa backwards, and quickly got back to her feet. Larissa charged at her, but Urakih kicked her in the gut and then in the face. With just one hand, Urakih bent Larissa into the air for a bastardized version of the Paraguayan Imprint.

Wayne Miller: She’s got her up for the Imprint! If she can manage this, she might have a chance after all!

Allie Queen: And now she’s walking across the ring!

Urakih carried Larissa to the side of the ring where she had opened the ropes, and where her table and chairs were. With no hesitation, Urakih jumped from the ring, driving Larissa into the pile of table and chairs below. The arena shook as the fans roared with excitement now. Both women seemed to be out of it.


Allie Queen: Whoever gets up first, they are walking out of this arena as the SCW International Heavyweight Champion!

It was several minutes before either wrestler moved. Urakih was on her feet, but Larissa still wasn’t moving. Dragging herself into the ring, Urakih repositioned the ladder and ascended quickly. Larissa still wasn’t moving. Looking around the arena, Urakih reached up with one hand, and removed the SCW International Heavyweight Championship.The bell sounded, but it was barely heard over the sound of the erupting fans.


Allie Queen: I can’t believe it! With a broken arm, Urakih has just defeated Larissa and reclaimed the SCW International Heavyweight Championship for the Order of the Dragon!

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and the NEW SCW International Heavyweight Champion…ADATU URAKIH!!!

As Behemoth by SVDDEN DEATH began, Candice jumped over the barricade and rolled into the ring, helping Urakih off the ladder. With one hand, Larissa raised her championship above her head. After a moment, the pair exited the ring. Larissa began stirring as they reached the top of the stage. When she got to her feet and saw the belt was gone, and that Urakih had it, she began slamming her fists on the apron.

Wayne Miller: She’d better head back and prepare for her next match, and put that frustration to better use.

Allie Queen: I don’t know how she is supposed to contend with Paige Lewis after this match.

Wayne Miller: Yeah, but Paige is gonna be in another match, as well, so she won’t be fresh. And to the point, Paige is taking on Emily Desmond. I’ll tell you one thing, we’ve seen one heartbreak tonight. No matter who wins the next two matches, there will be more heartbreak.

Allie Queen: This is surreal. Larissa kept her word on breaking another arm here tonight, but not even that was enough to stop the 4th and Beloved, Adatu Urakih. The whole point of Jessica sending in Urakih was to punish Larissa for breaking her own arm. You can bet that Jessica, while pleased to see the championship change hands, is pissed about Urakih getting her arm broken.


The camera opens inside a dark room. There is only one light shining in the room and you can barely make out the form of a person. The Man begins to speak.

Curtis: “Time has passed since I have come to this company. For this time, I have been watching and looking and learning the people of this company. Looking for all the weak links that holds the Titles in this company. Well, I notice that the North American Heavyweight title has had a list of jokes for Champions. The only noteworthy champion would be Jessica. We all know she is great and always stands on top. But this isn’t about Jessica. This is about you Rich Anderson, you sit there and claim that you hate people like Brian Kennedy and those who have greed for power. Well, I am the kind of person who will bring huge amounts of pain to those who oppose me. To those who doesn’t give me what I want. I want your title. I am coming for it and I will win. You see, I am the prince of darkness. I am chaos.

The scene fades to black with Curtis’s laughing hysterically.

Anne Carpenter: This match is a Casket match and is for the SCW Alternative Championship. The only way to win is to stuff your opponent in the casket and close the lid. First, weighing in at one hundred, fifty five pounds from London, England, she is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion…the Black Princess, Paige Lewis!!!

Swan Song by Dua Lipa began playing. The crowd cheered loudly. After a few seconds, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked out onto the stage, the belt around her waist. She makes her way down to the ring, stopping to check out the casket that is ringside. She gives it a thorough inspection, nods, then climbs in the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, weighing in a one hundred eighty five pounds from New York City, New York, and accompanied by Chris Desmond, this is SCW Alternative champion…..Emily Desmond.

“I’m Just A Girl” by No Doubt plays and Emily Desmond appears, dressed in rights that have green and purple flames, and a purple shirt. She has the Alternative title around her waist, and right behind her is Chris Desmond, dressed in a dark purple suit, and a light purple button down shirt. They both wait for a moment then proceed down to the ring, stopping to check out the casket at ringside. She climbs in the ring, keeping an eye on Paige. Chris jumps up and says something to Emily as she removes the title belt. She nods her head, and he jumps down and Emily hands the belt to the referee.

The match begins, and as we saw both women inspecting the casket that is ring side. Paige and Emily meet in the middle of the ring, nose to nose. Both have been champions for awhile now, with Emily being the one who has reigned consecutive for over a year and half. Emily won hers June 11, 2017 and no one can deny that hasn’t been impressive as Emily also delivers every time she has stepped in the ring to defend it.

Allie Queen: Would you believe that we have the two powerhouses of SCW in the ring finally? This has been a long time coming and Emily is very proud of that title.

Wayne Miller: I agree, being champion that long means alot to the company, showing your unstoppable, and while is there was a slight lapse in her reign, Paige has also shown that she is just as tough as Emily.

In the ring Emily walks away from Paige back to her corner where Chris is standing, nodding. Emily turns and charges hitting Paige with a spear, one that seem to come from nowhere. Emily gets on top of Paige and starts delivering blow after blow and seems demented right now.

Allie Queen: Emily gets up and backs off, giving a Paige a chance to get up. I wonder what Emily is thinking.

Wayne Miller: Maybe Emily was showing Paige that she can’t be underestimated.

Allie Queen: I doubt Paige needs to be reminded of that.

Wayne Miller: Good point, just seems that Emily and Chris planned out how this match will play out.

Paige sits up and wipes at a runny nose, not bloody just yet, and as she gets up she meets a big boot to the side of her face. Paige rolls over and tries to get up yet again, but this time Emily hits a dropkick that seems to come from nowhere. Emily picks Paige up and heads to the ringside that has the casket. Paige starts to fight back but Emily sets up Paige for a DDT and nails it, and continues her task of getting Paige near the casket. Emily gets closer and Paige comes around and realizes where Emily is headed, and Paige starts to struggle and squirm, getting away. Paige tries to shake the cobwebs from the mean looking DDT. Paige gets to her feet and gets in Emily’s face. Paige slaps the taste out of Emily’s mouth. Emily is pissed off for sure now, and Emily hits a kick to the hamstrings which Paige does wince in pain. But Emily falls for what Paige is doing, and Paige waits for Emily to face her….and lands a chest to Emily’s chest. Emily goes down but Paige continues to follow Emily and delivers a couple more blows, and then delivers a blasting kick to the head, dropping Emily.

Allie Queen: Paige is standing up from all the abuse yelling at Emily.

Emily throws a punch but Paige blocks the punch and Paige is now delivering her own punches and a chop to the best Ric Flair style, and another chop, and then a third chop and Emily is stunned. Paige kicks Emily in the gut and then Paige lifts Emily up and delivers a piledriver, and rolls Emily towards the the side with the casket and it doesn’t appear that Emily knows where she is in that ring. Paige taunts the crowd a bit and it’s just enough time to let Emily get a breath, and figure out where she is. Emily realizes in horror that she is way closer to the casket than she wants to be. Emily rolls out of the ring, and Chris comes around to talk to her. Whatever he’s saying, Emily is shaking her head no.

Paige waits for a few moments for Emily and Chris to break up their little meeting. Paige rolls to the outside, grabs Emily, and sends her ramming into the steel stairs with authority, and it’s obvious that it hurts. If it could get worse, it does as Paige is relentless and grabs a chair and waits on Emily. Emily rolls back in the ring, and Paige goes to hit Emily with the chair, but Emily gets both feet up to block the move. The move makes the chair nearly bounce back and hit Paige, but she manages to grab control the situation quickly. She drops the chair and charges at Emily, but Emily is thinking and steps out of the way. Paige nearly goes through the ropes but does stop herself as Emily dodges to the other side of the ring. Emily rolls out of the ring and is looking for something. Not finding what she wants immediately she gets back in the ring as Paige stalks her from the other side. Emily decides it’s better to fight htan run, and she turns on Paige and nails a standing dropkick out of nowhere! Emily picks up the chair Paige had before and manages to turn and catch Paige with it, causing the world champion to take a step back. Emily takes this as her chance to quickly end the match and goes outside the ring and opens the casket. Paige comes at Emily, but Emily neatly sidesteps Paige, and clubs Paige across the back, sending her to the canvas, stunned. Emily pulls Paige over to the corner and goes up on top rope. She sets up….and goes for a 450 splash! Emily is the first to come to her senses, and rolls Paige to the edge of the mat, then hoists Paige into the casket, but before Emily can get the lid anywhere near closed Paige kicks out and stops the momentum. Emily lands a few punches that stun Paige and Emily again goes to the top of the turnbuckle. She looks at Paige in the casket and then sets up….and hits a 450 splash onto Paige!

Allie Queen: Oh my……she might have actually just killed Paige.

Wayne Miller: But Emily has to get that lid close to win this match. And she’s not moving very quick.

Emily rolls off Page and onto the ground, but she’s feeling the full effect of two back to back splashes, and she’s holding her ribs as she tries to catch her breath. She gets to her feet and starts to get the lid down but when she still has about five inches to go….the lid is forced open the full way by Paige kicking out. She grabs Emily and bounces Emily’s head off the casket edge a couple times, sending Emily to the ground, totally dazed. Paige crawls out of the casket and looks up to see Chris Desmond directly in front of her, with Emily in between. He stops where he’s at as Paige pulls Emily up. She grabs Emily’s arm and sends her crashing into the mat edge, and then waits patiently until Emily finally turns around….to a superkick!

Allie Queen: How the hell did Paige do that?

Paige pulls Emily up and manages to get Emily in the casket. Emily tries to sit up, but Paige lands a couple very solid shots to Emily, and Emily is reeling. Paige reaches up and goes to close the lid but Emily gets a leg out, and her leg takes the effect of the casket lid slamming down. A yell of anguish can be heard, and Chris Desmond is trying to stay his distance, but the yell wasn’t normal.

Wayne Miller: I hope that didn’t injure Emily.

Allie Queen: I have to agree on that. It certainly hurt Emily.

Paige stalks around the ring at Chris Desmond but instead she should be watching Emily, as Emily has managed to get the lid back open and is slowly crawling out of the casket. She puts her uninjured leg down first, then puts down the one caught, and she winces as she puts weight on it. But she sees Paige, and goes after her. She comes up behind Paige, who is focused on Chris. Paige turns around….and Emily hits her with a stiff right that sends Paige back a couple steps. Chris moves forward to help, but Emily shakes her head no, and grabs at Paige. She rolls Paige into the ring, perhaps the smartest move as it’s also the quickest way to the casket. She pulls Paige up and goes for a clothesline but Paige is coherent enough and lands a kick to the injured leg that sends Emily down in pain. She doesnt yell out, but it’s obvious that there is a bit of injury to it. Paige comes off the ropes and catches a stiff dropkick to the upper back that sends Emily forward, and stuns her. Paige pulls Emily up and Emily wobbles on her feet when Paige backs up to the ropes and charges with a clothesline to Emily that nearly takes her head off and Emily is down and not moving. Paige rolls Emily over to the edge…..

Wayne Miller: Could this be it?

Allie Queen: I don’t want to look.

Paige pulls a still wobbly Emily out of the ring and gets her over to the casket. She lands a stiff right to Emily that would have dropped her to the floor if Paige has not been holding her. Paige gets under Emily’s weight and lifts her, putting Emily in the casket. Emily isn’t fighting back and Chris is edging closer to Paige. Paige gets all of Emily in the casket and reaches up…..

Wayne Miller: NO! She cant lose this way!

Allie Queen: Emily picked it for a reason, and it looks like she was right.

Paige pulls the lid down, closer and closer……and it closes! Emily Desmond is trapped inside the casket!


Anne Carpenter: Your winner…..and NEW SCW Alternative champion….Paige Lewis!

Wayne Miller, nearly in tears: NO! Emily………

Chris Desmond seems moved to tears to as he goes and opens the casket to get Emily out. The referee is handing the Alternative title to Paige, who isn’t too cocky about it. Chris pulls Emily out of the casket, and Emily is unsteady in her feet and may not be certain she’s lost. Chris backs up with Emily, and while Emily doesn’t say much Chris is screaming at Paige.

Chris: She’ll get it back you bitch! That title is Emily’s!

Allie Queen: We just saw…..a…..

Wayne Miller: Miracle would suffice.

Paige raises the Alternative title in the air, and the crowd is shocked at the sudden end of the nearly two year reign of Emily Desmond. Over the roaring of the crowd,

Allie Queen: This match was nasty and fast, and both are walking away with scars.

Wayne Miller: It wasn’t supposed to be pretty. I’ll tell you what, though, you have to admire the confidence of our SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and new SCW Alternative Champion, coming out here alone.

Allie Queen: Wow. I’m still shocked. Hang on, what the hell?

Two masked people jumped out of the crowd and tossed Emily and Chris into the ring as Paige’s music stopped. Paige charged at Chris, taking him down with a Spear that nearly cut him in half. When Emily struggled to her feet, Paige turned to her, kicked her in the gut, grabbed her arm and twisted her into the air.

Wayne Miller: What the hell is going on?! Oh shit, Paige has Emily set up for the Imprint, but that’s Jessica’s finisher!!!

Paige drives Emily into the mat hard and rolls away to her knees. After a few seconds, she stands and demands a microphone. Chris got to his feet, however, and charged at her. She sidestepped him, and then grabbed his arm before delivering another Imprint, driving him head first into the mat. She stood up and picked her mic up.

Paige Lewis: Now…in case anyone has forgotten, or is simply mistaken…let me make something clear. THIS is MY ring, and there is not a damn thing anybody can do about it. Larissa…YOU’RE NEXT!

The two masked men removed their masks, revealing The Ryders! The crowd exploded now, having not seen the former SCW Tag Team Champions in quite some time. They both picked up Paige’s belts and handed them to her, before holding the ropes open for her to exit the ring. Swan Song by Dua Lipa began playing again as the trio walked up the ramp.

Allie Queen: Paige Lewis just put the entire roster on notice, and laid Hellfire out single handedly!

Wayne Miller: Larissa had better hope she can stand after this match tonight. She has already been brutalized by Urakih. Paige clearly is here to prove something, especially after the first Survival. Now, Paige will get a 15 minute break before she comes out again to defend the SCW World Heavyweight Championship against Larissa.

Allie Queen: Tonight is insane. We’ll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for the main event.



Cameras are backstage at Survival and are coming up on a dressing room where it sounds like it’s being dismantled. Sean Foster motions the camera over.

Sean: Be prepared for anything and be ready to run. She’s not in a good mood.

Sean steps in and Emily is sitting as her dad is trying to get her to keep an ice pack on her knee. Besides the chair she’s sitting in, the rest of the chairs, and the bench in the room have either been overturned or thrown in the corner. It seems the legendary Brewster temper does exist in Emily. Sean carefully comes closer. She sees the mic and frowns at him and her dad, but her dad nods towards Emily. She nods and he kneels beside her, looking at Chris a bit worried.

Sean: Emily, how are you doing?

Emily: How am I doing? I LOST MY BELT!!! That bitch not only beat me, but she tried to injured me! Dropping a casket lid on my leg? And then she attacked us!

Sean: How….is the leg?

Emily: You should know. You’ve been conspiring with my dad to go to the hospital.

Emily stands up, standing on the injured leg. She winces but she stands up steady.

Emily: But since you’re here I’m going to say some things that honestly I dont give a shit if the fans like it or not. This evening out there, Paige Lewis, who has NO business going after my title given she’s also the world champion, took my title. I’m going to Neela Shizeguma as soon as I can, and not only will I schedule a rematch but Paige…I’m coming for YOUR title. Oh I know you haven’t had your match tonight but if you get beat? Then you never deserved to be world champion, and certainly don’t belong as Alternative champion tonight. In fact your actions prove to me that you’ll pull all kind of shady shit to get ahead, and hold it all. Is that the legacy you want Paige, holding all the gold? Because you’re halfway there. But don’t worry. Soon Neela will be calling you and telling you that I am getting my title back and just so it’s fair….just you and me, if you want to put up the world title at the same time, well honestly I prefer you wait. One title at a time. That way there’s no question. And no “oh you have another match first” or whatever you beg Neela to do. Although being a former champion of this company……and now the GM, Neela will be fair and see things my way. Honestly right now I hope your little bitch ass gets beat, but we can’t have your fans seeing that, now can we?

Emily picks up the chair she had been sitting in, and Chris backs up out of the picture, worried. Sean sees him, and sees Emily, and is thinking like Chris. But Emily isn’t quite done.

Emily: I AM the best champ…….I AM the BEST WRESTLER in SCW and it’s a matter of time Paige before you are beaten down at my feet. I know I can’t pick my next match type, but I know what it would be, I would take a page out of my mom’s playbook. If you or our GM want to know, give me a call. I’ll be happy to tell your bitch ass what it is, and it will make your blood run cold, because it is truly a life and death type of match. Accept the match….and your life is in your hands. Now….GET OUT!!!!

Emily throws the chair at the general direction of Sean and the cameraman as both make hasty retreats out of the locker room running into Chris outside. Sean looks back at the door that is closed, although destruction can still be heard. He looks at Chris.

Sean: What type of match is she talking about?

Chris: Your guess is as good as mine. Right now? She has even me scared.


Backstage, Jenna Carson is standing in the dressroom of Paige Lewis. The blonde champion looks exhausted but excited. On one shoulder, she held the SCW World Heavyweight Championship, and on the other, she held the SCW Alternative Championship.

Jenna: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing here with a woman who is redefining SCW, one match at a time. I’m talking about Paige Lewis, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion, and the NEW SCW Alternative Champion. Miss Lewis, how are you feeling right now?

Paige Lewis: Jenna, I’ve done this before. Stood here, holding two singles championships. But, I wonder if this moment might be bigger. Back then, I was a rookie who had walked into Spring Meltdown as the North American Champion and somehow left with it and the World Heavyweight Championship. Now, I’m two years in, and I’m mere days away from having held the world title for a year, and now, I have just defeated Emily Desmond to become the SCW Alternative Champion. How do I feel? I feel amaz-

Suddenly, Princess Kiya stepped into the frame, and Paige stepped back.

Jenna: Hey, we have an interview going here! You can’t ju-

Princess Kiya made a gesture towards Jenna, and the young woman collapsed on the spot. Then, she turned her attention back to Paige Lewis. She smiled briefly before speaking.

Princess Kiya: Paige, my pupil. I am delighted to see your success continue.

Paige Lewis: I am no longer your pupil, Kiya. And I’m not afraid of you anymore.

The Egyptian woman grinned amusedly.

Princess Kiya: You should be. You think you’re safe with the Dragon? You think she will protect you? From me, even? Surely you are not this foolish, my dear, to think she cares for you?.

Paige’s stance stiffened now, as she got upset.

Paige Lewis: You? When I was held in the desert, being beaten, starved, and sexually assaulted, did YOU come and rescue me, Kiya?! No! It was Jessica and her team. Did you deliver me safely to my mother on the runway at Heathrow? No, it was Jessica. And did you do all of this while recovering from a broken arm, Kiya? No, again, that was Jessica. So don’t you dare try to tell me that you are better for me than Jessica. You abandoned me, and she rescued me.

Princess Kiya: I searched for ages, child. You were well hidden from me.


The young blonde was screaming now as tears streamed down her face. Princess Kiya looked like she was going to speak, but instead she withdrew, and the door closed behind her with a gentle click. A few seconds later, Jenna awakened and struggled to her feet and found Paige sobbing.

Jenna: Paige? What’s going on? Are you alright?

As the scene faded, Jenna pulled Paige into a hug, trying to console her. The feed switched to the commentary team, Allie and Wayne.

Allie Queen: Ladies and gentlemen, what we’ve just witnessed is very shocking. For the first time, Paige Lewis has spoken of what she endured during the time she was abducted. And in the first major display of emotion from the young champion, she even burst into tears as she was confronted by her former mentor, Princess Kiya.

Wayne Miller: And we’ve suspected for quite some time that it was Jessica who rescued Paige Lewis, now we’ve got confirmation. This explains why they’ve been thick as thieves lately. I get the feeling Princess Kiya isn’t ready to let Paige go yet, though.

Allie Queen: We still have a few minutes before Paige is due back out here for her next match. She seemed really worked up after her interaction with Princess Kiya.

Wayne Miller: I’m sure she’ll be able to get herself together. The SCW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that Paige will do whatever it takes to leave with that championship around her waist.

Allie Queen: She just competed in an absolutely grueling match against Emily Desmond, and even though she came out victorious, you know she wants to get her next match over with.

Wayne Miller: I still can’t believe she demanded she compete in back to back matches.

Allie Queen: Paige Lewis has spent nearly every minute of her career proving a point. Tonight, she can once again prove that she is the real deal.

Wayne Miller: Sometimes, it is hard to believe that this is the same young woman who, merely two years ago, burst onto the scene and began her rise to the top of SCW.

Allie Queen: She is definitely going to go down in our history books as one of the fastest rising stars. Tonight is another chapter of her excellence, and the example she is setting for the rest of the organization.

Wayne Miller: Tonight has already been amazing. We saw Priest claim the Interim SCW North American Heavyweight Championship in very short order. And then, Larissa suffered a massive beatdown at the hands of Adatu Urakih, losing the SCW International Heavyweight Championship, but not before breaking the arm of the new champion.

Allie Queen: Mr. Walker actually told me once that this Pay Per View was originally about Paige Lewis. The idea was, could Paige Lewis ‘survive’ her encounter with Jessica Tendonin. We all know how that went down.

Wayne Miller: Every opponent she has faced since then has brought it up, but here is the thing. She has lost ONE match in her entire career. She lost that match to Jessica Tendonin. There is only one Jessica Tendonin.

Allie laughed now.

Allie Queen: Technically, there are two now.

Wayne Miller: You know what I mean. Everyone seems to think that proves that everyone can suddenly defeat this unstoppable woman. All it proves was that Jessica could beat her. Tonight, two get the chance to try. One has already failed. Eventually…we just have to say it.

Allie Queen: Say what, exactly, Wayne?

Wayne Miller: If Paige keeps things up the way she has…she could just build one hell of a legacy for herself.

Allie Queen: Unless Emily Desmond gets her way.

Wayne Miller: I’m getting word that it’s time for the main event. Larissa should be out here shortly, and they are already backing the ambulance out here.

When the ambulance was parked, Anne stood in the ring.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship! It will be contested under Ambulance Match rules, and the only way to win is to lock your opponent in the back of the ambulance. Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Shanghai, China, she is the former SCW International Heavyweight Champion, weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds…LARISSA!!!

The Chinese National Anthem sounded now, and a few seconds later, Larissa confidently walked out onto the stage. With her nose in the air, the challenger began strutting towards the ring. Larissa walked with a noticeable limp, and her face was bruised up, but she still looked confident as she climbed into the ring.

Anne Carpenter: And her opponent, weighing in at one hundred, fifty five pounds from London, England, she is the SCW World Heavyweight Champion and the new SCW Alternative Champion…the Black Princess, Paige Lewis!!!

Swan Song by Dua Lipa began playing. The crowd cheered loudly. After a few seconds, the Champion walked out onto the stage, the belts around her waist. She makes her way down to the ring, moving slowly as she eyes Larissa.

Allie Queen: Tonight, Paige Lewis will be leaving with at least 1 championship, but if she can defeated the already battered Larissa, she leaves with 2.

Wayne Miller: Paige made a very clear statement after winning the Alternative Championship here tonight, and she seemed to get a bit emotional with Princess Kiya, but if she can hold it together, she will set yet another precedent here in SCW. Or, Larissa could slip through the cracks and find herself the SCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Paige Lewis paused on the ramp, looking around the arena, smiling. As she continued, she stopped at ringside, where her parents were. Usually, she would simply wave or kiss them. Now, she climbed over the barricade and pulled both of them into a massive hug. The crowd cheered at this.

Allie Queen: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone consistently bring their parents to events like Paige does, and she always shows them the greatest affection. She clearly has a lot of love and respect for them, and her fans love it.

Wayne Miller: Tonight, Paige has repeated history already. Paige Lewis is the first of only two people to ever hold two singles championships concurrently in SCW, and the only person to have done it twice. Jessica Tendonin is the other. Tonight, if Paige can stop Larissa and toss her in an ambulance, she will finally achieve her goal of being SCW World Heavyweight Champion for a year. She has taken on every challenge put in front of her. In a feat that rivaled her decimation of Jessica Tendonin, tonight Paige has captured the coveted SCW Alternative Championship, a prize that has been the envy of many.

Paige had signed a couple of autographs and took some pictures after hugging her parents. Now, she was climbing back over the barricade.The dual champion pulled herself up onto the apron and launched herself over the top rope. After handing over her belts, she was checked for weapons. A moment later, the bell rang.

Allie Queen: And we are underway, in what has the potential to be a career ending or career making match for Larissa. Can you imagine if we all wake up tomorrow to the fact that Larissa is SCW World Heavyweight Champion?

Wayne Miller: I try not to think about my nightmares.

Larissa and Paige clashed in the center of the ring. Larissa went down a clothesline, but Paige ducked it and sent her into the ropes with a Dropkick to the back. Larissa sprung out of the ropes into a massive Spinebuster that dripped her into the mat. Paige them mounted the challenger and began wailing on her. By the time the referee managed to pull Paige off of Larissa, the challengers face had be smashed open.

Allie Queen: We know Paige has been getting boxing training, and she already knew how to use her hands. I don’t think Larissa is going to want too many more of those shots.

Wayne Miller: Yeah, but the goal isn’t just to beat the other person up. You’ve gotta incapacitate them and lock them in the ambulance.

Larissa struggled to her feet, and Paige charged at her, driving the pair tumbling out of the ring. Paige was back on her feet quickly, and grabbed Larissa by the hair, slamming her into the ground, face first. Paige reached under the ring, pulling out a steel chair. Opening it, she placed it in the open and picked up Larissa.

Allie Queen: What’s she got planned here?

Wayne Miller: I don’t know, but it can’t be good for Larissa.

Paige picked Larissa up by the hair and drove her knee into her gut a few times. Larissa blocked the last one, and then took control of Paige, and slammed her face into the seat of the chair several times. The champion was busted open now. The crowd reeled in shock. Larissa whipped Paige into the steel steps and the champion tumbled over them.

Allie Queen: Larissa taking control here. We know momentum can swing like pendulum.

Wayne Miller: Paige can take a great deal of punishment, though, we’ve learned that time and time again.

Paige was getting to her feet when Larissa kicked her in the face, making her recoil and fall to the ground. Larissa picked the champion up and began striking her in the midsection. Paige instinctively put her hands up, guarding her head. Larissa got several good shots in before Paige lashed out, catching her chin. With Larissa out cold, Paige began walking towards the ambulance.

Allie Queen: Larissa is out cold!

Wayne Miller: Those boxing lessons have been paying off!

Paige reached the ambulance and opened the rear doors. Pulling out the stretcher, she checked it to make sure it was stable. As she turned to the ring with it, Larissa was struggling to her feet. Paige shoved the stretcher down the ramp and a few seconds later it collided with Larissa.

Allie Queen: Oh my gosh, right in the face!

Wayne Miller: Ever since Paige came back, we’ve seen a more destructive side to her. A real meanstreak, if you will, and honestly, I’m loving it. Paige has always been too nice and docile, and I’m liking seeing her take charge and remind everyone just who the hell she is.

Paige padded down the ramp and began stomping away at Larissa before picked her up. Between shots to her midsection, Paige spoke to Larissa.

Paige Lewis: So, you like breaking arms, bitch? I’m gonna break your whole damn body!

Allie Queen: And I think we’re seeing Paige snap!

Wayne Miller: Oh my, there she goes!

Paige suddenly took Larissa into the air and then drove her through the chair with the Imprint. Larissa went limp again as Paige stood. Looking around the arena, Paige began smiling. Picking Larissa up, the champion rolled the challenger onto the stretcher and strapped her onto it.

Allie Queen: Oh here it is! We’re in the endgame now!

Wayne Miller: It’s not over yet!

Paige gestured towards the stage area, and a moment later, the Ryders came out, carrying a ladder that hand to be 50 feet long. The crowd exploded as the twins brought the ladder to the ring and began setting it up inside of the ring.

Allie Queen: That is the biggest ladder I’ve ever seen! Wait, is she gonna climb it?!

Wayne Miller: She said she was gonna break Larissa’s body, but this just might break both of their bodies!

When the ladder was set up, Paige rolled into the ring and began climbing it while the Ryders held it stead. Reaching the top, the champion steadied herself before looking down at Larissa. By now, Larissa had come around and was screaming as she looked up and saw Paige. Paige held up both middle fingers and then jumped. With flips and revolutions, the young champion seemed to fall in slow motion, even though it only took a split second.

Allie Queen: OH MY GOD!!!

Wayne Miller: That looked like a Corkscrew Swanton, and from that height, Larissa has to be done for!

Paige came crashing down on Larissa like an avalanche. The stretcher collapsed to the ground as Paige nearly split the challenger in half. Paige was in pain, but she only too a moment to get back to her feet. The stretcher was destroyed, so she grabbed one of the straps and began dragging it to the ambulance.

Allie Queen: Paige Lewis has this one in the bag!

Wayne Miller: I have to agree with you now. There is no way Larissa can come back from this.

Paige reached the ambulance and climbed in, yanking the stretcher halfway inside. Climbing out, Paige shoved the stretcher the rest of the way inside before slamming the door shut. As the bell rang and her music began, she collapsed to her hands and knees. Anne began making the announcement.

Anne Carpenter: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, and STILL SCW World Heavyweight Champion…PAIGE LEWIS!!!


Wayne Miller: They said she couldn’t do it again. But tonight, Paige has proven she can still compete in two matches in one night. And what’s more, she did it back to back. At this point, Paige Lewis has done the impossible.

As Paige was still on all fours, Jessica Tendonin walked out onto the stage. Paige looked up at her and jumped to her feet, pulling the Paraguayan into a close embrace. When they stepped back, Jessica pointed to the ring, and they began walking down the ramp. The crowd exploded seeing the pair together. When they reached the ring and got to the apron, the Ryders held the ropes open for them.

Allie Queen: Paige and Jessica, united once again. I have to say, this is a dangerous thing for everyone looking to come at either of them.

Wayne Miller: The idea behind the first Survival was asking if Paige could Survive Jessica. Now, seeing Jessica escort Paige back to the ring at the second edition of this event, there is something poetic. Tonight, Paige didn’t just survive; she thrived.

The referee handed Paige her belts and she smiled as she held them in the air. The Ryders lifted her onto their shoulders and confetti began falling from the ceiling. A moment later, Urakih, the new SCW International Heavyweight Champion walked out onto the stage, her arm in a cast, the championship around her waist. As she got to the ring, Jessica held the ropes open. The Ryders put Paige down and Urakih looked at both of them, and then smiled at one, pulling him into a kiss. Kennedy ran a hand through her hair as he pulled her closer.

Allie Queen: Urakih and Kennedy have finally been reunited! Remember, The Ryders were also under Princess Kiya’s control!

Wayne Miller: That’s our show, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight has been insane! Thank you for watching!

The Pay Per View ended with a shot of the five wrestlers standing in the ring.


War Journal: Chapter 4

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Her routine was simple. She would wake up around 7, go for a run, get home and have breakfast, and then relax in the bath. If, by noon, none of her mates made plans with her, Paige Lewis would lounge about her home. She would read, watch television, and sometimes even go for another run in the afternoon. It was a good routine. At least thrice a week, she met up with her parents for lunch or even dinner. Sometimes, she spent the night. Her old bedroom was exactly as it was as she was growing up. She enjoyed going home to her parents and hanging out. Especially when her baby brother was awake.

But today was different. Paige was awake at 5 AM. Instead of her normal 4 kilometers, she had set the lofty goal of going for 10. Her body ached, but she got it done. When she made it home, her father was waiting for her, and after a quick shower, she changed into another set of workout gear, and went to the home gym he’d set for her a few months ago. He had her start with weights. Paige could deadlift around 100KG without an issue. John made her go for 120. It was a struggle, but she managed it. After another hour of weights, he had her get on the treadmill. The goal was to get her maximum speed while under physical stress.

38km/h. It was a respectable number, she thought. John told her to aim for 40 next time. The hardest part of his wild training regimine, however, was that after all of this, she had to wrestle with him. John Lewis was a big strong man. That paired with him being well rested made for quite a challenge for the young blonde. He overpowered her easily, every time. Much as they both expected. By noon, she was exhausted. They wrapped things up and each had a shower before having lunch. They had been doing this twice a week for about 3 weeks now. Paige was still not able to overpower her father and pin him, but she was getting closer.


Sitting on the floor of her living room, Paige Lewis was finishing up her afternoon yoga as the cameraman finished setting up. She returned to a natural position and opened her eyes, looking into the camera.

Paige: Emily Desmond. This day has been coming for a long time. And now, it is here. I know SCW has always been a place with strong women who can really handle themselves. But, I think the only other time we’ve seen SCW be headed with a pair like you and I is many year ago, when Jessica was where you are, and Neela was where I am. We both have very big shoes to fill. So far, you are the longest reigning SCW Alternative Champion of all time, and I’m working on being the best world champion this company has ever had.

It’s only natural that at some point, the pair of us would meet each other in the ring. I want to say at the beginning that I have a great deal of respect for what you’ve accomplished for yourself. You and I started on similar footing. Both rookies looking to make a name for ourselves. Both wanting the world, and doing everything in our power to achieve it. And we’ve both been successful. I know you come from good stock, and are surrounded by wrestling relatives. I can’t say the same. But I can say that I am proud to be part of the same class of SCW rookies as you. You’re a very strong and determined champion, much like myself.

You never back down from ANY challenge. You take everything someone throws at you, and do the best you can. And often, your best is more than enough to get the job done. But as I said weeks ago…I can’t allow your reign to continue. I know all about the Alternative Championship. If you leave Survival, you’re eligible to trade the championship in for a shot at the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. You often talk about having this goal of hold the belt for a specific amount of time. But ask yourself…can you honestly say that the allure of the grandest championship in the company can be denied?

I promise, it can’t. When Jessica took it from me, I endured 77 days of heartbreak. I couldn’t wait to have it back. I know it’s not the same, since you’ve never felt the 20lbs of gold around your waist. But if you were in my shoes, could you really stand walking around with a very visible bullseye on you? I know I’ve got a target on my back as the World Heavyweight Champion, but only one person can actually DEMAND a match of me, and get it, whenever they want, and that is the Alternative Champion.

Paige stood up and and was handed the SCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Paige: I have watched your bit, Emily. You begged me not to lose to Brian Kennedy. That’s a very easy task to accomplish at Survival 2. Brian Kennedy has never beaten me, for starters, and then I’m not even scheduled to face him, for the SCW World Heavyweight Championship or any other match. You said you were going to not get ahead of yourself and focus on the here and now, but you don’t even know what the main event is. That’s a really discouraging thing to find out, to be honest.

But nonetheless, our time has come. I want you to understand something very clearly, Emily. My only goal is to take the Alternative Championship. I have no malice for you. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to end your career. I don’t want to maim you. But, if that is what it takes, that is what I’m going to do. I will do what it takes to beat you into submission long enough to place you in the casket and slam it shut. I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to the day we met for a while now. Even if the strap wasn’t on the line, I know you and I will put on an amazing show.

You are without a doubt one of the toughest people in SCW, Emily. There is a natural toughness about you that can’t be taught. It can only be bred. I can’t let my excitement of facing you cloud my mind, though. I’m on a mission, and I can’t fail. As for my captors and their agents…I can assure you, it will not be a factor again. You say many people think I’m the only person capable of being a double champion. That’s very kind of you all to catch up. At Spring Meltdown 2017, I left as the SCW North American Champion and SCW World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve done it before. In fact, on several occasions, I’ve pulled double duty. Don’t worry, Emily. I can handle myself in two matches without an issue.

Just then, a snicker is heard. Adatu Urakih steps into frame at Paige’s left. Candice Karicia Kingston then joins on the right. And then, Jessica Tendonin herself steps into the frame.

Paige: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying these three will be helping me in matches, but rather they will be watching my back from now until…well…let’s just say there isn’t a force on earth that can get to me. Win or lose, understand that you have my respect before this match, and you’ll have it after, as well.

The scene faded now as the four women bowed their heads.

From the Magic Kingdom-Emily vs Paige Alternative Survival 2019

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Off Camera[/u]


Emily is looking out her window over the lake outside the Grand Floridian hotel. Some might wonder why Emily chose to stay at “the happiest place on earth” , as Walt Disney World is referred to, but it was a place Emily has always liked. Although this is the first time she has ever stayed in one of their suites, and she was definitely liking the idea. Sure she could have stayed near the arena, she could have stayed anywhere she wanted, but this place had always brought back memories of when she was younger, when it was her with Lynn and Chris, and with Marie. Now they were scattered across the globe. Chris was meeting her and Alzy at the arena, Lynn and Marie were in Tokyo, and even Cam wasn’t there, having stayed in Savannah to deal with some issues with his mother. But Emily had arrived a couple days ago, and had been able to explore the parks in relative anonymity, which was a pleasure after being recognized at every turn. The view from her balcony was relaxing, the weather comfortable, and only a handful of things could make this stay better. She takes a deep breath and stretches, and then pours a large glass of ice water, and takes a healthy drink of it. She knows the camera crew will be arriving soon, and then later she’ll be headed to the arena, taking on perhaps one of a few who really does stand the chance of beating her. She sits down, and props her feet up on the edge of the balcony, thinking of Paige Lewis. There was no denying the girl was extremely talented, like herself, she had to be to beat Jessica Tendonin. But Emily wonders can she truly focus when she’s taking on Larissa for the World title as well. Although Emily can tell Paige what kind of threat Larissa is, but then Paige hasn’t bothered to ask. If she did Emily would provide all the information she knew from having face Larissa herself, but right now Emily’s train of thought isn’t Larissa, but Paige, a woman who granted was extremely talented, but Emily would be one of two matches Paige has, while Emily has just the one match. But Emily knows she can’t take Paige lightly.


Emily hears a knock on the door, and then hears Sean talking to someone. She stands and looks into the room and it’s the camera crew. She goes in and approaches the person who appears to be in charge of this small group. She shakes hands and then looks around.


Emily: Where would you like to set up?


Camera Man: Um……let me look.


He glances into the other room (a bedroom with a king size bed), and then steps onto the small balcony. He comes back in and looks around the room they are all standing in, and Emily is trying to stay extremely calm.


Camera Man: I think out on the balcony would be the best. I think we can find a position that would work perfect.


Emily: Ok you set up, I’ll take like five minutes to get ready.


The crew nods and pushes between Sean and Emily, and they both watch the three men. Emily finally looks at Sean.


Sean: You ok?


Emily: I think so. Although if these damn butterflies get much larger I’ll need a FAA license for them.


Sean: Just take a deep breath, and try to concentrate on this match, and nothing else. Paige is the one who’s pulling double duty, not you.


Emily looks at Sean and gives a weak smile. She kisses him on the cheek and goes in the bedroom to change and get ready. Not five minutes later she reappears wearing a light pink silk shirt, blue jeans, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she has with her the SCW Alternative title. She starts towards the balcony but Sean stops her. She looks at him, confused until he leans in and kisses her.


Sean: Just stay calm. You’ll do fine.


Emily nods and then a member of the camera crew pokes his head in the room, looking for her.


Camera Man: You ready?


Emily:  As I’ll ever be.


Emily follows him outside to where the director of this little clip is waiting.


Camera Man #2: I’m thinking you sit there next to that table, and um… want that on the table?


He’s gesturing towards the title belt over Emily’s shoulder.


Emily: I’ll put it in my lap, thanks.


Emily takes a seat in the chair that not half hour ago she occupied. She takes a drink of water trying to chase away the case of dry mouth she is trying to get. She gets comfortable, places the belt in her lap and tucks a stray strand of hair behind her left ear. Emily remembers what she had been told, talk to her opponent, make them believe she had it all, and was ready.


On Camera


The camera opens to show Emily sitting on the balcony of her hotel room. In the background is a lake of some size, and trees blowing in the breeze. Its sunny, but not scorching hot as it can be in summer, and Emily Desmond seems relaxed. But one shouldn’t think she doesn’t care about this match because she does care, and she does care who she’s facing. This match will, one way or another, lead to the next step in her career.


Emily: Paige Lewis, I have to wonder where you are. I would say friend but I don’t know you that well, to say you’re a friend. But you are a worthy opponent, and I won’t deny that. You’ve taken on some of the best not just in SCW but one of the best in the industry. That’s quite impressive, especially at your age. I do hope that this is indeed the start of an incredible career that will span not just years, but perhaps decades. I admit I would like to be able to say twenty years from now “Paige Lewis? I knew her when……” and have people look at me with astonishment. I would hope you would want something similar with me. I mean you’re…..I think 26, and I’m 21. We’re in the beginnings of what can be, and we both are starting in the best way, as champions.


But there is something I do have that you don’t…..well two things. First has to do with the title I have right here, the SCW Alternative title, something I’ve held since June 17th of 2017. Do you realize in just a few months it will be two years? And I’ve defended it against some of the best SCW has to offer, names that I think even you can’t deny they are worthy opponents. I’ve faced my own tag partner Alzy, took care of Kennedy in quick order with a ladder match. Hell look at how I won this belt, I got Priest to say “ I quit”, not necessarily easy to do. Hell even last pay per view I took on Johnathan Mills in a cage….and I added weapons! I made a match that would play to his strengths, and instead they were his demise. See when I designed that match I was…..ok I admit I was inspired by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. It’s one of my…..guilty pleasures. You can thank my mom, she watches some strange things, and I’ve come to love them. So I was thinking of Thunderdome but I didn’t think I wanted to add a top to it, so I even gave Mills a chance to win, a larger chance to win, and he couldn’t do it. I am still the Alternative champion.


Emily reaches for a bottle of water, and she takes the cap off and takes a long drink. She sets the bottle back on the table, but without the lid.


In fact, with the exception of Alzy, only one man has come THIS close to beat me, and that match was a non-title match, and that was Requiem, a man who had to take care of family business. I do hope to one day see him return, but I’m also not counting my chickens before they hatch. But Requiem took me to the time limit on our match, and I honestly thought he had me beat a couple times during that match. But I walked out of that match with a draw, and for me? I know that for now it’s the closest I’ve come to losing, and he’s an extremely worthy adversary. At least until Survival 2019. See I’m facing someone who… in the same realm as Requiem, and that’s you Paige.


You’ve accomplished a great deal in your life, not letting your …..well handicap slow you down at all. Trust me, I’m not going to go easy on you because of it, and I don’t think you would want me to go easy. I also know that many see you as being perhaps the one person in SCW who can do…..well what others couldn’t, and that is become a dual champion, holding the SCW World Heavyweight championship title AND the SCW Alternative champion. They see you as the person to end my reign, and I’ve had a lot of challengers, a list that I keep up here…..


Emily points to her head.


And if you said “what was it like to face…..” all you have to do is name them. Priest? I beat him to win this title and what has he done since then? He comes and goes, and is like some annoying insect that buzzes around your head. You swat at him, and he goes away, or he gets his feelings hurt and he sulks off. I’m not saying that losses dont smart, because they do. Believe me, I’ve had them when Alzy and I have come THIS close to the tag titles, only to have the win taken from us. So I get that feeling. Kennedy? The man can’t come near a singles title if his life depended on it. His only claim in SCW is the tag championships, and if it wasn’t for Jessica he would have lost them long before now. Jessica is what keeps that team on the correct side of the tag titles, but like Priest, he can’t get shit done on a singles title. We’ve talked about Alzy, and I had two matches that would make …..ok I’ll say it. One of those matches I took from her, and she got it from a man she has nothing but the utmost respect for. See Paige, maybe I should have asked for this match to be a chairs and cuffs, and no….I wanted something else, something more. Something that Alzy….Kennedy…..and even Priest hasn’t seen in SCW and that was a casket match. I would have thought that of all the people there are, Priest would have called for one before now, but then you have to stay in a fed long enough to make these type of requests.


Emily stops to take another long drink of water, then she replaces the lid this time, slowly turning the bottle around in her hands.


A casket match is surely different, and I’m sure you’ve done your homework so you know the general idea of how they work. See Paige, you have to get me to the point I barely know which way is up, get me out of the ring one way or another, get me IN the casket…..and here is where some people differ on their approach. Some would say that at this point you would win. But nope, we’re not stopping there Paige. You have to get the lid fully closed. THEN you win, and if YOU manage to do that, you become the one to take my title. But look at all those variables Paige, and tell me, and please be honest, can you pull it off? Can you honestly say that you can control all of those and be the one? Its asking a lot of you Paige, plus you have to think about the after. IF, and that’s a mighty big if, if you do win are you ready to try and defend the World Heavyweight AND the Alternative?


But then while I’m not looking too far in the future, I know what my future will be, and if you think this will be our one and only time we will compete against each other, please rest assured….you’re wrong. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


I’m ready for Survival, and I know it means a great deal to you, because I know when you lost to the Jessica, it was at Survival on December 30, 2017 and I know that if you lose to me, people will think that you and this date are cursed. In a way they would be right, because I have a great deal of faith, and perhaps a few dollars down on you defeating Larissa. However I hope you didn’t put money on yourself, or tell your friends to put money on you beating me because Paige you are not walking out of  Survival with both belts. You will have to pry it out of my cold hands. This title means a great deal to me, and I am not going quietly into the night, and I will go down fighting with my last breath. So I’m prepared…..are you?


Camera fades to black.


Double Champion

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Larissa’s Reaction

Larissa had just finished wrapping up her second tenant for Rolling Acres 2.0 and now had some in ring business to attend to. As she finishes listening to Paige’s promo, she speaks, clearly not amused by what she had heard.


Larissa: So, Paige thinks I’m a fluke. Well, where were you when your precious Jessica was getting injured? Let me answer you. You saw me injure Jessica and ran. Ran because you wanted none of me. But here’s the thing. No one cared you were gone except DEA. No one referenced you anywhere. You were an afterthought. You may be champion, but no one cared you were gone, especially not me.

Larissa grew even more confident by the second. She knew this match was hers to win and she would do what it took to do so. She did no less of that anytime she was in the ring. She knew that this was her night and she was about to potentially walk out double champion.

Larissa: The fact is that you’re not keeping that title long. I’ll do to you what I did to Jessica and what I promised I would do and will to to Adatu. Paige, your arm when I am done will be twisted and mangled to the point of you not being able to use it anymore. And no, it wasn’t luck or a fluke. I did what I had to to beat Jessica and rid SCW of her for now. And when she returns, I finish the job. but right now, I finish you.

This promo was now ready to be finished. Larissa had other things to get done prior to the match right here at Rolling Acres. She had some business with tenants and vendors and other things to do. But this came first right now, as it was something she had to take care of.

Larissa: The fact is that you are wrong. The one that won’t be walking out of Survival is you. I’m running you out for good. So I have one piece of advice. Do what you did for months on end. Run and run far away. You want nothing to do with the queen of the Armbar. And when I snap that arm and you tap like the idiot you are, no one will ever care about you again, if they did before. But when I am done, you will be nothing more than an afterthought. And that’s a promise. But enough has been made about you, as you got undeserved attention by vanishing and now I am tired of feeding your ego by giving you more. So this promo ends here.



Part 2: Mall Stuff

The mall was taking shape quite nicely. In the past weeks, Rolling Acres had acquired Stonehenge Games, Chili’s and Best Buy. And also she was close to bringing Target in. She had been negotiating with them for some time, and was waiting on the call. But what she didn’t expect is a surprise visit from him. As he startles her, he speaks.

Target CEO. sorry, Ms. Kim. I’m Lance Bryan, Target CEO. Instead of calling, I thought I would come by and see what the new Rolling Acres has so far. I was part of the original and I’m excited to see you trying to restore it. I see you got some stores already and are in need of another anchor store and I think we are the store you need. Target draws money and we will for years to come if allowed to be part.

He looked not a day over 22 and sported a black sport coat, jeans and sneakers. He was clean shaven standing about 5’7″. He had a rather normal build for a businessman but didn’t look like he was out of college yet. As they shook hands, Larissa turned to him and spoke.

Larissa: Call me Larissa. And you have me sold. That was a hell of a pitch. Welcome to Rolling Acres. You may move in whenever. But we open Feburary 2nd, when all my stores are in here. But I look forward to doing business with you. Come to my office, let’s sign the contract. Welcome aboard.

They would walk into her office with Lance sitting across from Larissa. As she puts the contract on the desk, Lance looks it over and moments later, signs it. Larissa looks it over and signs as well, making Target and official part of the mall and an anchor. Each store had to remain in the mall for three years, which wasn’t an issue as this mall looked gorgeous. The floors were made of hardwood and the area itself was huge and ripe for expansion. There were elevators on each end and two escalators, an up and a down, on each end of the mall. It was a huge place.

Lance: Thanks again, Larissa. I’ve looked over the contract and signed it and I am happy to be part of this mall, as I said, it’s a nice return as we were part of the original before it was closed and abandoned. Love what you’ve done with the place.

Larissa then smiles at this, taking in the compliment. She was a relatively sweet girl till you got on her bad side, which only happened in ring. But outside, she was calm and collected most of the time, which paired with her high intelligence and business knowledge, having a business degree, made her a very intelligent businesswoman to deal with. As she speaks, she keeps the smile on her face.

Larissa: Thank you. But we must end here as I’m going to lunch then have some more meetings to attend to. Again, welcome aboard and I wish you success in your endeavors here at the mall and in everything you do. May God bless you.

She said, offering a hand, which he shook. As he is led out of the office, Larissa smiles again, heading off to lunch, as the scene fades off.

Larissa’s Downfall

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The blonde wasn’t accustomed to be driven around. She enjoyed driving herself. But, Jessica had insisted. And so, when the Cessna Citation X+ sent by the Paraguayan to Heathrow to pick her up landed at Hopkins, there was a car waiting. But not just any car. The black Mercedes-Maybach S650 was an impressive vehicle. Not quite as long as the Pullman line, and lacking a few of the exclusives, but it was definitely a high society vehicle.

Paige Lewis relaxed in the back seat, looking out the windows as her driver silently drove. After a while, he asked if she would like to play some music of her own. She smiled and paired her phone. Turning the sound up, her phone played “I Know” by D Savage. Paige was really enjoying more American hip hop lately. She closed her eyes as she danced in her seat.

Paige: Catch me crusin’ through the 9, posted at the corner store!

Paige had fun on the ride. It was nice to cut loose a bit. She wasn’t quite sure what Jessica wanted, but Jessica had made things very clear on the Gulfstream weeks ago. When she called, it would be within Paige’s best interests to move heaven and earth to be there when request. And, so, when Jessica told her that the Cessna was en route and would be touching down in Heathrow within an hour, the SCW World Heavyweight Champion tore across London in her Mustang.

A short while later, the S650 arrived at Tendonin Manor 4. The driver opened her door and Paige slowly climbed out. Lucius Tendonin opened the door, and stood waiting for her. As the SCW World Heavyweight Champion walked in, the big man put his hand on her shoulder.

Lucius: Alright there, Paige?

Paige: Yes, thank you. How are the kids?

Lucius: Growing, and fast. I’m still shocked that they are 5 years old already.

The blonde smiled, seeing that twinkle in his eyes. This was a man who adored his family. Her other father had the same look, she knew, when speaking of her and her baby brother. He led her to Jessica’s study, where the Paraguayan was waiting. Even with her arm in a cast, her hair in a messy bun, and wearing eyeglasses, Jessica Tendonin was still formidable looking. Hearing them enter, Jessica looked up and smiled as she rose.

Jessica: Paige, dear! You made it!

As the redhead embraced her, Paige relaxed. Jessica was an intense person often, but she had a very kind side. Paige was happy to have seen both sides.

Jessica: There’s someone here I’d like you to see.

Paige looked confused as she stepped back, and then Jessica pointed in the corner behind her. Paige turned, and with a squeal ran across the study to hug Lt. Brown. He looked like shit, but there he was, in the flesh. As she collided with him, he spilled a bit of the brandy he’d been sipping.

Lt. Brown: Now now, Paige.

Paige: I thought you were dead!

Lt. Brown: I can’t imagine why.

The blonde turned to Jessica now, her eyes narrow.

Paige: Wait, it was YOU who told me he was dead.

Jessica: Nay. I said he hadn’t been seen in weeks. I never said he was dead. As it stands, he’s been loaned out to help with the cause. He’s going to be part of your guard. As well as Urakih and Candice. You’re now under the protection of the Order of the Dragon, Paige. You will never have anything to fear, ever again. There is not a force on this planet that can touch you.

Paige: But Ki-

Jessica: I will deal with Princess Kiya myself, when the time comes.

Paige: But she-

Jessica: Is no longer your concern. Now, you have a pair of matches to prepare for.


A few hours later, in Jessica’s studio, Paige Lewis was sitting on a grand chair. It almost looked like a throne. He golden locks fell around her facing, framing a very concentrated looking Paige. She was dressed in all black, wearing new ring attire. Her SCW World Heavyweight Championship was around her waist. She sat up straight before speaking.

Paige Lewis: Larissa, you’ve gotten bold. You’ve got one win on your record worthy of praise, and it’s a fluke. Now, you’ve let it go to your head. You suddenly think you are untouchable because of it. You may have defeated Jessica Tendonin. You may have put her on the shelf. You may have taken her coveted International Heavyweight Championship. But rest assured, by the time you crawl your scrawny ass down the ramp, and pull yourself into the ring to face me, you’ll realize that all of that was a matter of luck.

You’re a rookie who got lucky on the best night to do so. You’re not ready to be where you are, and it very clearly shows. I am the premier of SCW. You are a greenie who is riding a wave of luck. That wave will crash and break when you step into the ring with Urakih. And then, after she breaks you, I’m going to continue it. You somehow believe you are capable of beating not just one, but both of us? In one night? Impossible.

The champion began tracing lines on her championship, looking down at it. For a moment, she was silent. When she looked up again, she was smiling.

Paige: I’m actually looking forward to this match, Larissa. I want to get a good look at the only other person to defeat Jessica Tendonin in two years since SCW reopened. I took her to the limit for an hour before falling. And then, I beat her in 5 minutes. I didn’t have to take a cheap win, and cripple her. So, when you run your mouth about how you beat Jessica, I can’t help but laugh. Yeah, I suppose you did. But this notion that you are suddenly this amazing wrestler and ready for the big leagues is amazing to me.

You see, Jessica could have named anyone as her replacement. She called up the Machine from Musashino, because Urakih is the most dangerous Dragon in the Order. Even more than Jessica. That is a very clear and concise message being sent, Larissa. And you’re blinded by your own pride that you can’t see it. The cards have been laid, and they all show your demise. Urakih alone is going to hurt you. And then, I’m going to send you packing back to whatever tiny hole you crawled your way out of.

On the miniscule chance you manage to get passed Urakih, I can assure you, you are not leaving Survival with MY SCW World Heavyweight Championship. I am not leaving this event empty handed again. I learned an important lesson a year ago. Perhaps you will eventually learn that lesson. But for now, I’ll have to settle for watching you get taken out. Because make no mistake about it. Those are our marching orders, Larissa. If you are still able to walk by the end of the night, Jessica will be very cross with us, and we do not want to be on her bad side. We are going to do everything in our power to cripple you, since you think that shit is so cool. At Survival, you won’t survive.

With that, Paige flipped her hair as the recording faded to nothing.

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