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Urakih’s Warning

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She’d been driving for hours. Coming down from Toledo, the trip was long and boring. But, her master had demanded her presence in Charlotte. Now, she was waiting. Urakih’s hair was wrapped in her knit hat as she leaned against her Nissan GTR. Looking up, she saw it. The livery of Jessica’s Gulfstream was quite eye-catching. The beautiful craft came in for a landing, coming down smoothly.

Urakih watched as it taxied toward her. Into the hangar the jet went. A few minutes later, a black Mustang and a Red Hellcat crept out. Jessica pulled up alongside Urakih as the Mustang took off.

Jessica: Paige will catch up with us later. You ready to cruise?

Urakih: Yeah, sure.

Jessica: You gonna be able to keep up? Is that the Alpha?

Urakih: Master?! As if I would dare bring anything else while running with you!

Jessica: Well then…keep up, kid!

With that, the redhead peeled off. Urakih gasped before quickly climbing into her car. Catching up with Jessica was no problem as she wasn’t going very fast. Urakih overtook the Hellcat and took a turn, completely flying through a red light. Jessica followed and the pair sped away from the airport. It had been too long since she’d been on a cruise with Jessica. Looking in her rearview, she was impressed that Jessica could control her car so well, having no use of her left arm. Then again, Jessica was a professional driver. This was child’s play.

Almost as if reading her thoughts, Jessica went into the next lane and sped up, coming alongside the GTR. Urakih looked over, rolling down her window. Jessica did the same.

Jessica: You’re too slow!!!

Urakih knew Jessica’s car was fast. Fast, however, didn’t describe how she took off just then. Like a rocket, in an instant, Jessica was 100 yards ahead. Clenching her teeth, Urakih shifted up to the next gear. The beast affectionately known as Godzilla roared as she tried to catch up with Jessica. After a moment, Jessica was still far ahead. Traffic lights were completely ignored as the pair weaved through traffic. Then, Urakih laughed.

Urakih: You little…you boosted that damn thing!

With one hand, Urakih closed all the clasps on her harness. Changing hands, she grabbed her helmet. Now, it was time to get serious. A kid on a bike was crossing the street. Urakih was going too fast stop. Tapping a button, her second horn blared. The kid, perhaps 15 or 16, jumped off of his bike. Urakih swerved around the bike, and continued through the intersection. They were out moving towards a residential area, now. She didn’t like driving this through populated areas. Ahead, Jessica had come to a stop suddenly, and Urakih groaned as she inched to the next lane and then slammed on her brake. Jessica was laughing uncontrollably. Then, she saw the helmet with Urakih lowered her window again.

Jessica: Scared, dear?

Urakih: This is an Alpha 12, Jessica. You’re fast, but I’m faster. I’m also more careful.

Jessica: Oh really? Why don’t we head back to the airport and put that to the test?

Urakih: How much money you got on you?

Jessica: Oh hush, you know I’m good for it…IF you win…

The Paraguayan was antagonizing her, she knew, but Urakih was already worked up. Now, she really DID want to race. Jessica looked at her watch.

Jessica: You know, we might have to do this later. The show started 10 minutes ago. I want to get a clip of you riding down the interstate. Then, we have to actually show up.

And so, the pair headed for the interstate. It took a bit, but they got the clip finished. Jessica sent it in, then she made a call. It was answered after several rings.

Jessica: Hey. It’s Jessica.

Neela: How can I help you, Mrs. Tendonin?

Jessica: I’m on my way in. I’d like to have a camera crew waiting for me backstage.

Neela: Done. They’ll be ready and standing by.

Jessica: Thank you!

The call ended, and Jessica looked over at Urakih with a pleased nod. Urakih smiled back.


The camera was on, but there was no illumination. Only darkness. A strong gust of wind revealed whoever was working the camera was inside some structure, not out in the elements. In the distance, the sound titanium tipped stiletto heels striking the concrete arose. There was a confidence in the footfalls as they came closer. A confidence that was rooted in fact, experience, and not an unearned inflation of the ego. As they drew closer, a new sound joined. The sound of scales sliding over concrete. A light above the camera was turned on, but it wasn’t very bright. The silhouette of a woman was seen as she approached. As they came into the light, Adatu Urakih was revealed. Slithering at her heel was a boa constrictor.

Urakih: Well now…in time, some of you will realize just how dire your situation has just become. For those of you who may not know who I am, my name Urakih, and I am here to hurt people. I could go on and on about what that means, but I think it will be more fun to show you in time. For those sitting on the edges of your seat, running through your memories of all the horrendous things I’ve done…I want to address a really annoying rumor.

They say I’ve grown soft. The reason ranges from marriage, motherhood, time away, and about a dozen other things. Let me be very clear; it’s all bullshit. I’m still that bitch. I will still fuck any and every person up. I will wade through a river of your blood to reach my goal. And right now, I have one goal.

The Japanese woman was wearing a form fitting red dress, her long dark hair curling over her shoulders. Urakih’s dark eyes stared into the camera, an unnerving stare. With an evil sounding whisper, she turned her face toward the snake. It reacted by biting her in the leg. Her one side of her mouth pulled upwards as she grinned.

Urakih: Larissa…you know, you’ve been confusing from day one. First of all, Larissa Kim? But you’re Chinese royalty? I won’t pretend to be expertly versed and knowledgeable about my Asian neighbors, but isn’t Kim a Korean family name? And being Chinese royalty is like being a member of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Being born doesn’t impress me. You know what does impress me? The fact that you’re still breathing.

But at Survival…oh yes, what a fitting name, because you will be lucky if you survive. You broke my masters arm. Such an offense will not go unrewarded. This is about more than just the International Heavyweight Championship. This is about you disrespecting a legend. Disrespecting a pillar of this organization. You didn’t just take her championship, Larissa. You broke her goddamn. You hindered her ability to navigate daily life.

Her husband has to help her dress everyday, help her shower, and when she gets tired, even feed her. And don’t get me started on her three babies. You can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to see how frightened they are when they look at her arm. She can’t roll around in the floor with them like she likes to. No chasing them around the house. No working out between matches.

She whispered to the snake again in that weird tone, and as before, it bit her in the leg. Now, it began slithering up her leg, and then wrapping itself around her waist.

Urakih: Plain and simple, Larissa, you fucked up. And typically, you’d have just had to deal with Jessica later, after she healed. But you’ve pissed her off. I’m not just going to take the SCW International Heavyweight Championship, Larissa. I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to introduce you to levels of pain that you never would have dreamed existed. You’re going to be bloody. You’re going to be broken.

When I’m done with you, you’ll have to crawl to the ring to face Paige Lewis. There is not a single person in this company who can run the gauntlet against the pair of us, and you’ve angered both of us and must face us both in one night. You’re going to have a very bad night, Larissa.

Turned, Urakih began walking away, that same confidence coming from her steps as they faded. The boa had slipped back down to the flood now and was slithering alongside her. The light flickered off, and now only those footsteps were heard…and then, not even them.

Ascension Into Chaos

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“We all shall Ascend”


The scene opens in a dark and destroyed building. Barrels of fire are staged throughout the building illuminating its sheer destruction. Footsteps are heard getting closer and closer to the camera. It then stops shy of revealing the person.




The man moves closer to the camera still shrouded in darkness.




The man moves even closer to the camera. The flames from the many fires now begin to light his face.




The man fully enters the light and shows himself to be none other than Cash Allan. A sinister smile spreads across his face as he lowers his hood and stares into the camera as if right into the souls of those who partake in watching.


“For too long I have been dormant. I have been pushed aside and let to waste. For too long I have been shrouded in my own darkness. But no longer shall I be. No longer shall those who are weaker than I be allowed to ascend to greatness. I am not going to allow that any longer.”


Cash walks a bit closer to the camera and now you can see his face fully. It is marred by blood and soot. He smiles as he laughs wickedly.


“Upon my face is the blood of those who dared to step before me and not give me their undying obedience. This is a symbol of their lack of loyalty. This is their final gift to the darkness that resides within and around me.” Cash chuckles eerily. “You see I once had believers to drown out the disbelievers. I had a following that no other man or GOD had ever before. But they grew weak over time. They failed to impress me. So I did what only I could do. I destroyed them and drained them of their souls. Heed their fallacies for they will be your destruction.”


Cash raises his hand and opens it in front of the camera. There lies a rosary. He looks down upon it and smiles once more before looking back into the camera.


“This right here is a sign of weakness. A belief in something that never has come nor will in our lifetimes. This right here is a belief in a higher power one that man created and one that man destroyed. We see their golden chalices filled to the brim as an offering to a ghost that never was. They preach togetherness, love and compassion and yet cast those with blackened souls to the depths of hellfire instead of offering them a hand to raise them up. They preach and preach and preach some more only to fill their coffers with the money of the poor. But I am different. I reach those who are fallen. I give them life when they want death. I am their saviour. I am their God. And soon we will rise and take what is rightfully …. mine!”


Cash walks away from the camera and go to one of the barrels on fire and holds the rosary over it.


“Into the fire the good shall go and be reborn into the darkness that consumes their souls. No man is above the brimstone and hatred that lies below. We are all broken, destroyed and shattered. We are all but dust in the greater scheme of things. No man is better than another. No man deserves more than another. Those who have fallen shall rise proclaim themselves THE PLAGUE! Humanity will crumble before us and we shall leave a wake of devastation.”


Cash drops the rosary into the fire and the flame becomes more intense.


“Come SCW Survival there is only one man worthy of the rewards offered and that is I, The truth, The almighty, the woken. I am coming to take what others are to weak to hold. I shall ascend to the Heavens only to tear it down and revel in its destruction. I shall see you soon and to those who dare defy my ascension you will be laid to rest…”


Cash begins to laugh as all the fires begin to rage blanketing the building with smoke. And then there is silence.