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March 2018

New Champion!

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At Survival, Paige Lewis was felled for her first defeat by none other than the Dragon, Jessica Tendonin. In the process, Lewis would also lose the coveted SCW World Heavyweight Championship. While it was initially believed that Lewis would wait and seek her rematch after the conclusion between Tendonin and Alzy Hawkshaw, at Overdrive 43, Lewis announced that when SCW went through her hometown of London, she would be activating her rematch for SCW World Heavyweight Championship in a bid to reclaim the championship.

The match was set as a Hell in a Cell by Jessica, and it was all planned out. At the O2 Arena, Lewis made her way to the ring, calm as could be. But when the cell came down and the bell sounded, the SCW audience saw a side of Lewis that they had never seen. Indeed, Lewis’ intent was made clear after only a few minutes. The challenger was looking to injure the champion. Jessica got no offense in, and lost the championship in stunning fashion, and was rushed to a local emergency room, where her condition is still being evaluated.

UPDATE: 3/23/18

Paige Lewis, who is set to take on Brian Kennedy for the second time at Overdrive 45, has been fined $10,000 by SCW Owner Terel Walker, for her actions in the match against Jessica Tendonin. The reasoning for the fine is that Lewis’ intention was purely to injure her fellow superstar, which is a violation of company codes. If Tendonin’s medical costs exceeds what the company covers, she may elect to force Lewis to pay the difference. There was also a rumor of stripping Lewis of the championship, but Mr. Walker has vehemently denied that as a fiction. More to come as it becomes available.

Hyperion 2018

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In Greek Mythology, Hyperion is one of the twelve Titans, who overthrew Uranus, their father. In some translations, Hyperion means The High One.

The first Hyperion interfed tournament had one official winner. The following had a winner and a runner up. For 2018, there will be three winners. An Emperor/Empress, for first place, and a Prince(ss) for second. Third place is simply known as third place. For these three, in addition to these ranks, a total of five million dollars is available. See below.


  1. $3,000,000
  2. $1,500,000
  3. $500,000

Entry Rules

Anyone may enter. Feds wishing to have official entries  are limited to 2 sponsored entries. Handlers are limited to one character.


Prizes will be delivered via Amazon eGift Card or PayPal, depending on your preference when signing up.

  1. $50USD
  2. $35USD
  3. $15USD

Tournament Rules

  1. 2 Promo limit per character, per match.
  2. No word limits.
  3. Single elimination style, until choosing third place.
  4. Each match will have at least 3-5 voters.
  5. Feds with sponsored entrants may not vote on a match involving their entrant.
  6. Sponsorship is not required for entry.
  7. Each round will be 14 days. Each round is to have 10 days for promos, 3 days for voting, and on the 14th day, the results are posted.
  8. Early rounds are intended to be summarized (volunteers welcome). 1st/2nd, and 3rd place matches will both be fully written.
  9. All promos must be posted in designated Hyperion area (coming soon) on the SCW forums.


Information subject to change.